Prince William shares update on cancer battle after bystander inquires, ‘May I ask how Princess Kate is doing?’

Prince William gave an update on how his wife Kate Middleton is doing while visiting a hospital. He looked happy when he met people there. The hospital is on an island where the royal family likes to go for vacations. William said Kate is doing well, and their kids are a bit jealous that they couldn’t come with him. He might bring them to the island later.

Kate hasn’t been seen in public since she told everyone she has cancer. It was hard for the family to talk about it, especially with the older kids. A friend said the couple is having a tough time. William is focused on his family and is determined to stay strong.

Meanwhile, his dad, King Charles, is also fighting cancer. Prince Harry briefly visited the UK but didn’t see his family. He and Meghan went to Nigeria after that.

The royal family tries to keep their personal lives private, but it’s tough with all the attention on them. People were wondering where Kate was after she had surgery in January. William was upset about it, according to someone who used to work for him.

William is known for being strong-minded and sometimes stubborn. That, along with his love for his family, will help him get through this difficult time, according to a royal reporter.

As William and Charles continue their royal duties, they’re also dealing with their own health issues. Harry, on the other hand, seems to be focusing on his own life with Meghan. They recently went to Nigeria together.

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Overall, the royal family is facing challenges, but they’re doing their best to support each other through it all.

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