Quinta Brunson on Submitting Bradley Cooper on ‘Abbott Elementary’ for an Emmy

On Tuesday morning, Quinta Brunson hit the ABC Upfronts to promote her hit show “Abbott Elementary.”

“Extra’s” Tommy DiDario spoke with Quinta, who discussed submitting Bradley Cooper for an Emmy nomination.

She raved, “Bradley came in and did a really stunning job… I don’t think it’s easy to play yourself. It’s actually really not easy to do and I think he did a fantastic job, coming into our world.”

“We submitted him,” Brunson emphasized. “He did not submit himself.”

Quinta noted that a submission doesn’t guarantee a nomination. She also said they submitted Bradley and several other guest stars of the show.

Quinta commented, “I think all of our guest stars, this year, have done incredible work. We submitted most of them.”

Showing love for guest stars like Casey Frey and Cree Summer, she said, “To me, it’s always people who just seem like outstanding and fantastic this year. We had someone named Casey Frey who’s a friend of mine, who has done so much fantastic, like, weird work, and I just think he’s fantastic… Cree Summer was someone we had this year. That was a dream of mine to work with.”

As for who else she wants to guest star on “Abbott Elementary,” Brunson answered, “Giancarlo Esposito. I think he’s somebody that I would love to see in our world because I just love him.”

Quinta revealed how she keeps one-upping herself with each season of “Abbott Elementary,” saying, “I’m always thinking about the audience experience.”

Tommy also spoke with Quinta’s co-star Lisa Ann Walter, who reacted to Bette Midler wanting to play her mother on the ABC show.

She commented, “It’d be a dream come true, it’s not up to me. I don’t make the decisions, but being someone who grew up idolizing her and going to all the movies and owning her albums and going to her stage shows… I’d have to take a couple of days to relax, I think.”Lisa has “no idea” if Bette guest-starring on the show will happen, saying, “Quinta, you know, the one thing to remember is that she has found people that nobody knew before they were on ‘Abbott.’ I know she balances that with also juggling phone calls from really famous people, saying, ‘Hey, how about I come on your show?’ It’s up to her, but everything that she does, I support.”

She also said she’d “love” to reunite with Lindsay Lohan and said there’s been talk about a possible “Parent Trap” sequel!

Lisa shared, “I was just talking to her publicist yesterday. She’s going back to do ‘Freaky Friday’ and they were talking a little bit about another ‘Parent Trap,’ like segueing into the next thing and, ‘Oh there would be a part for you.’ I said ‘That’s great, but I also have to put my best friend Elaine Hendrix in the movie.’ Because the mean Meredith needs to have redemption, and she’s my best friend in life, so I’d love to play with her in something.”

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