Sites Similar to WatchSeries: Top 10 Free Similar Sites


Movie streaming sites like WatchSeries are people’s go-tos for a free and quality online movie-watching experience.

With features like a user-friendly interface, absence of subscriptions, regular updates on new content, multiple streaming servers, a vast collection of movies and series, etc.

Users have had access to a vast collection of movies on WatchSeries, which can be filtered using the reviews left by other users, all for free.

This quality is ideal for you, especially if you’re always on the go. You can choose to stream movies on the bus, on the train, or simply in the comfort of your home, without the hassle of TV subscriptions and payments.

Centered primarily on series, WatchSeries enabled lots of users to binge-watch their favorite series and movies without stress.

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you sites similar to WatchSeries, including other things you need to know about movie streaming sites. So, let’s go!

8 Recommended Sites Similar to Watchseries

Sites Similar to WatchSeries
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Having looked into the shortcomings of WatchSeries, I have taken the liberty of sourcing for eight sites similar to WatchSeries.

Not to worry, these are movie streaming sites similar to WatchSeries only in content and not its shortcomings. However, they may differ in the operations and legality of movies and series.

And yes, most of these recommended sites are legal and free.

It will also interest you to note that these sites have been proven to provide top notch streaming services for your viewing pleasure.

They are some of the best similar sites to WatchSeries you can find on the internet today. WatchSeries may have been amazing in its service provision, but these similar sites have a lot to boast about too.

The 8 sites recommended for you are:

1. Crackle

Crackle is quite a popular site owned by Sony Pictures. It is one of the similar sites to WatchSeries, which offers a wide range of movies and TV series of high quality.

It also has an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It contains short ads, but offers a smooth streaming experience nonetheless.

2. Popcornflix

This is a legal streaming site with lots of exciting features. It requires no signup and is home to quite a number of classics, originals, and web series.

Popcornflix boasts a user-friendly interface and a search box to help you filter through categories and genres for any particular movie you desire.

Most of its movies have subtitles. However, you will need to watch advertisements in order to view full-length movies.

3. Tubi Tv

Tubi is also a legal streaming site with lots of videos available for streaming. It boasts subtitles for most movies. Tubi also boasts parental controls; it has a section for kids.

You will have to sign up to enjoy special benefits like creating watch lists and being able to resume playbacks across devices.

But if you can do without the benefits, then you are free to watch without signing up. Also, your preferences are taken note of when you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ movies that you watch.

4. Pluto Tv

This is slightly different from others in that it also offers many live channels. It has lots of on-demand movies and TV shows to choose from.

The best part? It is legal and free. The disadvantage? There is no playback option for live shows.

5. Free Movies Cinema

This site does not require any registration. You can simply select and play what you want to watch.

6. PrimeWire

This is an ad-free site. It is also very easy to navigate and use. It boasts of advantages like; being home to a vast collection of Tv series,

IMDB ratings, Free access to its contents; the option to filter suggestions. Overall, it is a great alternative site for lovers of WatchSeries.

7. Fmovies

Fmovies is an ad-free site, with lots of HD quality movies and series available for streaming. It offers the choice of signing up so it can keep track of what you watch.

It also features recommendations based on your search history. You can also decide not to sign up; the free mode has its limitations, though.

8. YouTube

YouTube is mostly popular for its shorts and user-uploaded contents. But through its Movies and Shows section, YouTube has made new and popular movies accessible to the public.

YouTube offers both free and premium options. Its free option contains ads.  Unfortunately, it is not easy to differentiate between free and paid movies. You will have to dig around a bit to get your desired results.

N:B: These alternatives may not read ‘WatchSeries’ in their names, but they provide just the right movies and series that are sure to leave you asking for more. Through these sites, you also have the opportunity to browse through different categories and genres. What better way to try something new?

But are these sites free?

Yes, they are. Some, however, offer premium options for some of their movies and series.

These sites have some similarities in common with Watchseries in:

  • Ads.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Vast collection of movies, TV shows and series.

These listed similarities are aimed at making you feel at home on these recommended sites.

Other Sites Similar to WatchSeries

There are also amazing streaming sites that did not make it to our list because of their requirements. But if you are willing to pay for and enjoy quality movies and series, the following two sites are also recommended:

9. Amazon Freevee

Formerly known as IMDB TV, Freevee can be accessed on their website and apps. It is home to lots of movies with subtitles organized by genre.

Its interface is easy to navigate. However, you are required to have an Amazon Prime account in order to access Freevee.

10. Vudu

Vudu is a legal site that offers you the option of watching free and premium movies and series. It also offers the option to buy or rent blockbuster hits for your viewing pleasure.

It is a great site to watch recent movies for a fee or for free, depending on what you choose to watch.

N:B: These 10 recommended sites have been carefully sourced and listed based not only on their similarity to WatchSeries, but also to provide you with an opportunity to stream movies and series legally without fear. They may not necessarily be series-centered, but they have a great deal of movies and series that promise to glue you to your seat. Indulging at these sites will help keep boredom at bay, without stress.

Online Streaming Disadvantages

While some of these recommended sites, similar to WatchSeries, are free and legal and have amazing qualities, it is not without caution to note that online streaming has its disadvantages.

Four of the disadvantages are listed below.

  • Restrictions

Some sites restrict a good number of countries from accessing their contents. The vast collection of movies available on such sites will not be enjoyed by citizens of the banned regions and countries.

This counters the advantage of on-the-go movie watching that streaming sites are known for.

  • Copyright Infringement

Movie streaming sites do operate in a gray area, as they do not have legal rights to host some of the movies found on their sites.

Some may argue that laws are only broken when movies are downloaded from such sites. But to be safe, it is advisable to avoid such sites entirely.

  • Threat of Virus Attack

It is often advisable that visitors to movie streaming sites install antivirus software to guard against virus attacks. A compromised site is a disaster waiting to happen. It is therefore necessary to beware of sites being visited and streamed from.

  • Presence of Ads

This makes for a less-than-smooth streaming experience. It is distracting, to say the least, and can redirect a viewer to a malicious site.

It is important to note, however, that some of these free sites require ads in order to keep their sites afloat. A good way to avoid being bombarded by ads is to go for sites that are ad-free or pay for the premiums of movie streaming sites.

These disadvantages, no matter how outnumbered they are by the advantages, have proven to be disturbing and dangerous.

It is imperative to be extremely cautious when visiting movie streaming sites. Your safety should be of utmost priority before the desire to satisfy your hunger for movies.

Conclusion on Sites Similar to WatchSeries

WatchSeries plays a huge role in providing binge-worthy movies and series for its users. Unfortunately, its service provision has its limitations and less than desirable traits, which has made it unstable on the internet today.

However, there are sites similar to WatchSeries that have taken the necessary precautions to steer clear of law-breaking actions while providing movies and series to be viewed for free or for a fee.

These sites also differ from WatchSeries in that some of them are restricted to the US, thereby prohibiting some countries from accessing their contents.

In this case, users of movie streaming sites have cause to mourn the absence of sites like WatchSeries in their free and accessible state.

Users of movie streaming sites are also advised to make use of VPNs and antivirus software to protect against virus attacks. No protective action is ever too great for the unpredictable internet.

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