Survivor’ couple’s ugly divorce docs allege rape attempt, cheating: ‘How dare you accuse me of being gay’

A reality TV marriage between “Survivor: China” sweethearts is ending in an ugly divorce, with allegations of attempted spousal rape, domestic violence and cheating.

Jaime Huffman, 38, filed for divorce from spouse Erik Huffman, 43, last week in South Carolina alleging he began drinking heavily and flew into uncontrollable rages during their marriage.

In one disturbing allegation, Jaime — who met Erik on the show in 2007 and married him two years later — said she once found flirtatious messages from other men on his phone.

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When she confronted him, she alleges he flew into a rage, claiming: “He snapped and began screaming, ‘how dare you accuse me of being gay, you stupid b—h?’”

She then alleges Erik attempted to have sex with her against her will.

When he was unable to perform, Erik blamed Jaime for having put on weight after becoming a mother. The couple welcomed a son, Harper, in 2010.

In another allegation in the 103-page affidavit — which appears to be backed up by eyewitnesses — Jaime claimed Erik showed up at her job at a restaurant and flew into a rage when he thought she was kissing a bartender.

She claims she was quietly admonishing the bartender about a customer complaint, which is why she was speaking to him in a quiet voice.

“He (Erik) began screaming at me and punched a hole into the wall next to my head,” she alleges in the document. “He broke multiple bones in his hand and everyone around him went silent.”

The documents also include a private investigator’s report and photos which Jaime claims are proof Erik has been carrying on an ongoing affair with a married co-worker — after he was surveilled spending hours at her home.

Erik has not yet filed an answer to the specific allegations. Neither he nor his attorneys responded to The Post’s calls or messages for comment..

The couple have been separated since a January 23 incident in a gas station parking lot which led to Erik being charged with domestic violence in the third degree.

According to a police report, Jamie allegedly found a burner phone belonging to her husband. During a tussle over the device, he allegedly hurt her hand.

Erik alleged to cops Jaime was suicidal and threatened to hurt herself — an allegation she vehemently denies.

The Post can confirm the charges against Erik were initially dropped when the arresting officer didn’t show up at a hearing — but the solicitor independently reviewed the evidence and refiled the case. That case is still pending.

The cops got involved once again on April 19, when they responded to a conflict between the Huffmans in a gas station parking lot.

According to a police report obtained by The Post, the couple disagreed about the terms of a planned child swap.

When police asked to see the custody agreement, an “agitated” Erik tried to present them with a draft agreement that was not signed by a judge. Cops let Jaime take Harper for the weekend.

It’s an unhappy ending for Erik and Jaime, who grew up 25 miles apart, but didn’t meet until they competed on Survivor: China, the reality show’s 15th season.

They quickly bonded and became the show’s sweethearts — although neither of them won. They had married in a lavish $80,000 dream wedding they won courtesy of the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The divorce case is ongoing.

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