A can of paint. Stolen license plates. Odd messages. How the FBI built a case against a man accused of abducting his wife

Around 9:30 p.m. on February 2, a man wearing a helmet went into Ana Maria Knezevich Henao’s apartment building in a fancy area in Madrid. Henao, who was on vacation from Florida, was there and planning to go to Barcelona with friends in three days.

 A camera saw the man taping the building’s lock with duct tape so it couldn’t work. He looked at the camera while spray-painting it, making it hard to see. After about an hour, he came out of the elevator with a suitcase.

Henao went missing soon after. The FBI said they caught the man who went into her building: her husband, David Knezevich, 36. He was caught at the airport in Miami for kidnapping her.
Spray paint, video from cameras, stolen car plates, and car rental records helped find him. Messages to a woman he met on a dating app and a Google search by her mom also showed his involvement.

Knezevich’s lawyer said he’s innocent and never went to Spain. They were planning to divorce, but Knezevich didn’t want to share their stuff equally.

      Henao flew from Miami to Spain the day after Christmas. When she went missing, her husband was in Serbia and had nothing to do with it, according to his lawyer.

   But records show he flew from Miami to Turkey in January and then to Serbia. He rented a car there, which was found with tinted windows and new plates. Cameras saw a similar car near Madrid where Henao lived.

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The FBI didn’t say much about the case, as it’s still being investigated. They thanked people for paying attention to the case and asked for more help.

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