This is how Subway prepares its steak: ‘I will never recover from this’

Subway is once again under fire for its meat.

In 2021, the fast-food chain launched a whole website called in response to a lawsuit — which has since been dismissed — that questioned the quality of their tuna.

Now, Subway is being criticized for the way it prepares its steak.

TikTok account @howfoodismade posted a video of how steak is made at Subway — which has now gone viral with 7.3 million views and 329,800 likes.

In the video, an employee cuts open plastic packaging that contains a slab of meat and dumps the contents into a large plastic container.

The worker then “scrambles it up,” breaking down the meat by hand. After it’s no longer a huge chunk of meat, it’s divided into portions that weigh out to 2.5 oz. each.

The Post has reached out to Subway for comment.

People in the comments were appalled by the preparation.

“I worked at Subway and still have nightmares about prepping the teriyaki chicken,” one person commented.

“I worked at Subway and I promise you making the tuna is worse,” someone claimed.

As someone who worked there for two years, sometimes it’s even more frozen than that,” a user said.

Even Eggo’s official TikTok account chimed in, saying, “I will never recover from this.”

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