16 Top Market Research Companies In The World


I know you are curious to know about the top market research companies in the world. We’ll explain what market research is before delving into the top companies. Market research entails digging out the needs of the people, finding what makes them excited, looking for things that will create arousal to touch their wallet, and lots more.

As a market researcher, you deploy tools like questionnaires and surveys to be able to know the needs of your audience. Here’s a list of some top market research companies in the world: Gartner, Kantar, NewtonX, IRI, GfK, Ipsos, IQVIA, and lots more.

In this article, we’ll expound on the top market research companies in the world, some reviews of the companies, and the benefits of market research.

16 Top Market Research Companies In The World

Your company might not strive well if you don’t know what your customers want as business personnel. You might not be able to satisfy their basic needs and wants; this brings market research to action.

Market research entails a thorough analysis and survey of the market structure, competitions, desires, needs, downfalls and services of your consumers or audience. Several companies and firms help achieve successful market research; they get all their information from consumers without bothering them.

Here are the 16 top market research companies in the world:

1. Ipsos Market Research Company

Have you heard about Ipsos before? They are one of the top market research companies in the world. They specialize in providing accurate data and information about the market, people, and society at large.

Furthermore, Ipsos uses surveys, interviews, and focus groups as their data collection methods, which helps to provide market trends, public opinions, and a valuable understanding so that clients can make an informed decision.

Additionally, they also provide a lot of research solutions, which include innovation and product research, advertising and brand research, public affairs research, social intelligence analytics, and customer experience research.

A review by Crovie “I enjoy completing the surveys, as I feel my opinions and thoughts may help others to get the service or goods they deserve. The rewards are great helping me buy those little extras I might not usually feel I should spend my cash. ”

2. Fieldwork Network

The Fieldwork Network is another top-market company in the world. They partner with the Insights Association, ESOMAR members, the American Society of Trial Consultants, and women in research to provide qualitative project management services throughout the world. They also provide diverse market research services, which include face-to-face interviews, telephone polls, and online surveys.

They indulge in diverse services, which include recruiting services, focus groups, online market research, transcription services, and venue management.

3. Kantar

They are in charge of end-to-end market research solutions. Kantar market research creates significant knowledge of how people think and act. This firm also strategically brands your business and improves your sales.

Additionally, they are known for three distinct combinations: advanced analysis, profound research products and strong brand-building expertise. Kantar helps their clients understand what happened, why it happened and how they can shape the future.

4. Gartner

This organization provides services in different aspects, which include finance, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, education and strategic planning.

Their services aim to help marketing leaders understand their target consumers better, stay competitive and make informed decisions by providing research, benchmarks, and tools.

5. B2B International

B2B means business-to-business, and they specialize in business research, segmentation, buyer personal development, and sales enablement support. They assist their clients in making smarter decisions, ensuring growth.

Likewise, here’s a list of services rendered by B2B International: brand and communication research, customer research, pricing research, opportunity research and leadership research.

6. Forrester Research

It was founded by George F. Colony in July 1983. Its headquarters are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This research company provides research, consultation and events to help organizations excel with technology and exceed customer demands.

More so, the Forrester market research company provides services such as Forrester Decisions, which delivers a 259% ROI and accelerates revenue growth by 4%, aiding in aligning teams and functions, improving expertise and confidence, and understanding challenges and priorities.

7. Dynata

The Dynata market research company assists its clients in survey design, recruitment, and analysis. They conduct phone surveys and online surveys to get their information.

They offer both internal and external panels as sources of survey respondents. Dynata is a large and serious company, and they are often referred to as the largest first-party data provider globally.

8. IRI

One distinct uniqueness of IRI market research companies is that they solely specialize in data analysis. They began operation in 1979 in Chicago, intending to provide consumer shopping, retail market surveys, pricing strategies, predictive analytics, revenue growth management, and consumer packaged goods.

9. GfK

They offer comprehensive market intelligence solutions covering areas like customer experience, brand tracking, product testing and shopper behavior analysis. The company has a strong presence worldwide.

10. RTI Research

RTI Research is a specialized market research consultancy that is dedicated to understanding human behavior and decision-making processes. This firm works closely with clients to develop targeted research programs and actionable recommendations.

A review by a client “Good company that prepares you for your role. Great communication and understanding for its employees. I felt like they wanted me to succeed with them.”

11. Nielsen

Nielsen Market Research has gained ground and a voice in the market research space. They are dedicated to giving the best services to their clients across the globe. Nielsen offers data analytics and audience measurement, which shape the future of media. They also get to understand the motivation and needs of their audience.

A review by Mayowa Agboola

“One of the leading market research organizations on consumer products in the world”.

12. Marketing Maven

It was founded in 2016 and was awarded the winner of marketing in transparent pricing and no bull in the Midwest.

Services offered at Marketing Maven are a design agency, aerial footage, advertising design, project management, and marketing agency.

A review by a client

“Marketing Maven has a distinctive, modern feel, and uses best practices in marketing. They see the big picture and make it so much better than you can imagine. The level of professionalism is next level. You guys are putting out first-rate service and quality products that stand on their own in any arena.”

13. Bixa

This firm provides market research and consulting services that are primarily focused on Latin America. They help their clients understand local markets and consumers by leveraging proprietary tools and methodologies. The following services are provided by Bixa: Market Research, Marketing Strategy,  Business Consulting,  Product Marketing, and UX/UI design.

14. STAM Research

A top organization that prioritizes boutique research and focuses on B2B software as a service wants to grow its revenue. They also research the hospitality, automotive, travel, and beverage sectors.

A review by paralect

“STAM Research is full of astute and experienced researchers who understand business and dig deep to bring forth value from their work. I have enjoyed working with STAM Research on multiple projects and will continue to do so.”

15. Vision gain Research

Among the top market research projects in the world is vision-gain research. Vision Gain research specializes in energy, life sciences, and defense. They engage both qualitative and quantitative methods of research to build standard reports.


IQVIA Market Research Company deals with real-world evidence and clinical trial outcome data using device-agnostic questionnaires. This data supports pharmaceutical and biotech organizations in making informed decisions regarding drug development and commercialization strategies.

Benefits Of Market Research

There are several benefits of market research, including:

1. Identifying Opportunities

Market research helps in identifying opportunities in the marketplace, which has enabled businesses to adapt their offerings to suit their audience.

2. Clarity In Market

Many businesses have been boosted because of market research. It helps to understand the market and its target audience. And it also provides grounded knowledge that will enhance their position.

3. Minimize Investment Risk

By investing in market research, companies can reduce investment risks and make informed decisions.

4. Focus On Customers’ Needs And Demands

It helps in understanding customer needs and demands, guiding improvements in products or services.

5. Evaluate Success

Market research supports in evaluating business success against benchmarks and also highlights areas for growth and improvement.

6. Strategic Planning

Market research encourages strategic planning by providing evidence-based understandings for effective decision-making.

7. Competitive Analysis

It helps in understanding both your own and your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, guiding strategic planning

8. Establish Trends

Regular market research allows companies to establish trends, helping them adapt and grow in response to market changes. Furthermore, it also helps them stay updated on industry trends, so businesses can spot emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

9. Customer Understanding

It provides a better understanding of customers’ demands, which enables businesses to plan marketing campaigns effectively and minimize losses.

Final Words

Market research is a valuable tool that not only guides business decisions but also helps companies stay competitive, adapt to changing market conditions, and identify growth opportunities. I believe that with this article, you’ll be guided carefully by the 16 top market research companies in the world to make a good decision for your businesses.

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