11 Prominent Travel Agency in Manila for US Visa


Traveling to the US always brings a lot of joy to the travelers, especially when it is their first time visiting the United States. Sometimes an issue with a visa may come up and may not be easy to handle.

This is one situation in which the travel agencies in Manila could help you with the visa, and several services could make the process quicker. This article will also explore detailed information on the Manila travel agency for US visas .

Below are our 13 top picks travel agencies in Manila for US Visa

1. Lindela Travel and Tours

They offer a range of services, including assistance with different types of U.S. visas and the correct paperwork, in addition to assisting individuals with their applications.

It boasts a high client satisfaction ratio, hence dedicating it’s efforts to the delivery of quality and efficient service. To better suit the clients’ purposes, they offer a customized approach to arranging travels.


Website: https://lindelatravel.com

Phone: +63 917 822 8855

2. Pan Pacific Travel Corporation

They cover all types of visas to the United States, covering everything from completing required documents to meeting with an officer. Selling cruise deals together with holiday deals and specials as well as vacation package deals to a number of worldwide destinations.

It has enabled them to make services easy to access by allowing inquiries to be done online. Some of their links include, but are not limited to, airline partners, hotels and tour operators.

Email: info@panpacifictravel.com.ph

Website: https://panpacifictravel.com.ph

Phone: +63 2 8527 9373

3. Skynet Travel Corporation

Apart from helping individuals obtain visas for other countries such as Australia, Canada and the Schengen area, Skynet Travel Corporation also offers assistance in obtaining US visas. It has attracted many clients because of the vast services it offers, such as enhancing travelers’ experiences and offering customized travel itineraries.

It specializes in offering tour packages to different destinations around the world, such as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. They supply a whole range of travel insurance services, numerous cruise deals and individual travel packages. Clients are offered payment options to suit their needs in the delivery of the services.

Email: info@skynettravel.ph

Website: https://skynettravel.ph

Phone: +63 2 8548 1578

4. Rakso Travel

Rakso Travel is one of the most legitimate travel agencies in Manila that can provide customers with services such as visas, package tours and flight bookings, as well as travel insurance. It is a friendly company with the declared goal of offering exclusive travel services that are tailored to meet the needs of a client.

It assists with procedural US visa application requirements to guarantee that all required papers are complete and in order.

Email: support@raksotravel.com


Phone: (02) 8651-9000

5. Regent Travel

Regent Travel has been a part of the travel industry for more than 30 years, offering service for visa processing and other travel needs, as well as different types of tour packages.

The visa facilitation it provides is hassle-free for a number of countries and locations, such as the United States of America. With the agency being ISO 9001 certified, one can easily understand the quality management system and satisfaction of the customers. It also provides marine travel services to shipping and manning companies around the world, in addition to travel services to vacation destinations.

They have a variety of exclusive travel packages that can be of interest to their customers, such as golf travel services and business trips, which makes them a useful and suitable travel companion.

Email: info@regenttravelph.com

Website: www.regenttravelph.com

Phone: (02) 8812-6649

6. TravelPros

TravelPros, or Travel Proponents, Inc., is considered to be among the earliest travel agency companies in the Philippines that adopted the mall-based type of business.

It was founded in 1993, situated in Newport Sherwood, Rizal, Philippines and has been catering to clients with numerous travel services, such as US visa procurement, an essential document that clients may need when traveling, airline ticketing and tour packages.

They are walk-in centers for relocation, situated in strategic areas, operating throughout the week and ensuring that customers enjoy their moving experience.

Email: info@travelpros.ph

Website: https://www.travelpros.ph

Phone: (02) 8634-5115

7. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is the smart approach to the complex world of business travel in the multitasking world. One has to say that it is way better than the crowded, hard-to-navigate streamline standard business travel UI has become infamous for. It allows you to request flexible arrangements when you travel for business and can also apply carbon-neutral arrangements.

It not only meets the definition of an OTA, but it is also a vertical OTA that can help your team book, manage, and report on business travel. For employers, TravelPerk guarantees employees worry-free business trips on the cheapest flights possible without compromising on experience.

Email: sales@travelperk.com

Website: www.travelperk.com

Phone Number: +63 285409898

8. MR Travel Services

MR Travel Services provides consultancy for US visas and clearance to travelers; it boasts an industry experience of thirty-eight years.

They serve MNCs, embassies, governments and SMEs with appropriate travel management and reporting hospitality solutions.

Experience and professional relationships with the most popular airlines, touristic companies and hotels guarantee stable and efficient travel.

Email: inquiry@mrtravel.com.ph

Website: https://mrtravel.com.ph/

Phone: +632 8809 9072, +632 8740 5269, +632 8740 4670


Help on US visa applications, ticketing on flights, accommodation, insurance, translation, authentication of documents and PSA services.

Targets above 95% approval rate when applying for visas, individual approach to the consultations, years of practice in working with challenging cases, as well as languages other than English, Japanese and Chinese.

They offer reasonable costs and clear cooperation terms, the obligatory study of all the documents provided and the ability to have meetings through the platform of Google Meet.

Email: info@arcticket.com

Website: https://www.arcticket.com

Phone: +63 917 801 3635

10. Access Direct Visa and Travel Services

Immigration and visa services (for tourists, students, spouses, fiancés and other forms of visas), passport services, flight bookings and reservations, local and international travel and tour packages, and car rentals.

More than a decade of specialization in villa maintenance and related services; a policy of total non-deception; friendly employees; easy-going procedures.

Affordable service’s with satisfactory service delivery, credible with numerous experiences on different types of visas, including US visas and immigration consulting.

Email: accessdirectph@gmail.com

Website: https://www.accessdirect.ph

Phone: +63 2 8354 9012

11. Regent Travel Corporation

Services include visa assistance, particularly to US and Asian countries, air tickets, accommodation reservation and booking, health and travel insurance, packages for tours and sightseeing, golf touring and providing full event solutions.

It is ISO 9001-accredited, has 30 years of experience, specializes in marine travel, and is an award-winning golf tour operator.

Punctuality, customer satisfaction, and quality services are their main priorities. They have been in the travel business for more than a decade.

Email: inquiry@regenttravel.com.ph

Website: https://www.regenttravelph.com

Phone: +63 2 811 1861


Going through the process of applying for a visa to the United States, especially if it is the first time, might just be a very grueling process, but with the aid of the travel agencies in Manila for a US visa, the work cannot really be so strenuous.

These agencies are well-established and offer robust visa assistance services for travelers seeking to visit the USA. For more detailed information or specific inquiries, you can visit their websites or contact them directly.

By educating clients on the procedures, availing of applications, and other essential documents, and by opening up various services extended on the visa application, these agencies can ensure visa success rates and, in general, other travel services and perhaps packaged tourism.

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