15 Top Travel And Tour Agencies In Ghana 


Ghana is a beautiful country with a lot of attractions and adventure sites, and travel and tour agencies in Ghana play a vital role in making these adventures possible. They help travelers plan their trips, book flights, find accommodations and organize exciting tours, making it easier for both locals and tourists to explore the country’s rich culture and beauty.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top travel and tour agencies in Ghana, highlighting the services they offer.

Before then, let’s have a peek into a brief history of travel and tour agencies in Ghana.

The beginning of travel and tour agencies in Ghana can be traced back to the mid-20th century, when the tourism industry started improving. In the past, travel agencies mostly arranged transportation and accommodation for travelers visiting the country for leisure or business purposes without the additional benefits of personalizing a guide. However, things evolved into the more versatile travel industry Ghana boasts now.

Services Offered by Travel and Tour Agencies In Ghana

Travel and tour agencies offer various services that help tourists enjoy Ghana’s attraction sites with ease. These services promote the travel experience and lights Ghana up as a unique tourist destination. These services include:

1. Booking Accommodations

Travel and Tour agencies are responsible for helping tourists find suitable accommodation options, from budget to luxury lodgings, boutique guesthouses or eco-lodges.

2. Transportation Arrangements

They arrange transportation services like airport transfers, private car hires, guided tours and group excursions to ensure a stress-free journey for their clients between various attractions and destinations.

3. Planning Itinerary

Travel and tour agencies in Ghana help tourists plan their personalized itineraries by recommending must-visit attraction sites, cultural experiences, and other sight-worthy destinations based on their interests, budget and duration of stay.

4. Offering Guided Tours

Travel and tour agencies offer tours led by guides who are well acquainted with cultural, historical, culinary and natural attractions like heritage sites, wildlife and other places.

5. Cultural Experiences

Some agencies may organize cultural activities such as a workshop, (visiting traditional villages, music and dance performances, and local art exhibitions) to interact with the local community members and give tourists a better understanding of Ghanaian culture.

6. Safety and Support

Travel and tour agencies are responsible for the safety and well-being of tourists; they provide assistance in case of emergencies, give access to customer support at any time  and provide travel insurance.

Types of Travel and Tours Agencies In Ghana

Types of travel and tour agencies in Ghana can be categorized into inbound, outbound, domestic, and niche-focused agencies. These agencies play key roles in arranging various travel experiences within and outside Ghana, catering to diverse interests and preferences.

1. Inbound Agencies

These agencies focus on organizing tours and travel arrangements for foreign tourists visiting Ghana. Examples include Landtours Ghana and Landtours Africa.

2. Outbound Agencies

These agencies focus on Ghanaians traveling abroad. They organize tours,  assist with visa processes and provide other travel services. An example is Satguru Travel & Tours.

3. Domestic Agencies

These agencies focus on arranging tours and travel within Ghana for both locals and foreigners. Ashanti African Tours and Jolinaiko Eco Tours are notable examples.

4. Niche-Focused Agencies

These agencies focus on a specific interest or demographic, such as adventure travel, cultural tours, or eco-tourism. Examples include Adventure Junkies Ghana and Green Bug Adventures.

15 Top Travel and Tours Agencies In Ghana

1. Landtours Ghana

Landtours Ghana is a leading inbound travel and tour agency in Ghana, offering a wide range of services including cultural, historical and wildlife tours across Ghana.

2. Jolinaiko Eco Tours

Jolinaiko Eco Tours is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices in Ghana. They offer eco-friendly tours promoting conservation, community engagement and responsible travel.

3. Jubilee Travels and Tours

Jubilee Travels and Tours is one of the best travel and tour agencies in Ghana. They offer lots of your packages at a bonus rate, have a quick online booking service and are members of the International Airline Transport Association.

4. Satguru Travel and Tours

Satguru Travel & Tours is a travel and tour agency in Ghana with global presence, specializing in outbound travel and offering services such as visa assistance, flight bookings and holiday packages to various destinations worldwide.

5. Akwaaba Travel and Tours

“Akwaaba” means “Welcome” in Ghana’s local language. Akwaaba is one of the many travel and tour agencies in Ghana. They are known to provide warm hospitality and personalized services to travelers.

6. Ashanti African Tours

Ashanti African Tours is a Ghana-based tour operator committed to ethical travel in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, and other African countries. They offer fully inclusive tours in Educational Student Travel, Culture, History, Wildlife, Bird Watching, hiking or walking, Biking and showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Ashanti region or kingdom.

7. Doscar Travel and Tours

Doscar travel and tours, Accra is one of the most reliable travel and tour agencies in Ghana, offering packaged tours within and outside the country for individuals and small groups. They also provide immigration services, flight and hotel reservations, airport and arrival protocol and car rental services to ensure your holiday is memorable.

8. Green Bug Adventures

Green Bug Adventures specializes in eco-tourism and nature-based adventures. They offer tours that highlight Ghana’s biodiversity, including surfing and volunteering.

9. Secure Travel and Tours

Secure Travel and Tours is one of the leading travel and tour agencies in Ghana. They provide world-class travel services, excellent customer service, and superior benefits.

10. Stellar Travel Ghana

Stellar Travel Ghana provides comprehensive travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations and customized tour packages, catering to both domestic and international travelers.

11. Sunseekers Tours

Sunseekers Tours offers a variety of tour packages, from cultural excursions to beach vacations, allowing travelers to explore the diverse landscapes and attractions of Ghana.

12. Kenpong Travel and Tours

Kenpong Travel and Tours is one of the top accredited travel and tour agencies in Ghana. They offer various travel services, such as flight bookings, hotel reservations, vacation packages and tour arrangements. They provide customers with convenient and affordable travel options for both business and leisure purposes.

13. Emitrade Travel and Tour Limited

Emitrade Travel and Tour Limited is an award-winning travel and tour agency in Ghana known for its efficient customer service. They offer services such as your packages, airline reservations and ticketing, hotel bookings and other travel options.

14. Adventure Junkies Ghana

Adventure Junkies is one of the travel and tour agencies in Ghana, providing luxury tours at budget prices to adrenaline-seekers. They organize thrilling adventure activities such as hiking, biking, and water sports for adventure enthusiasts.

15. Kumasi Travel Agency

Kumasi Travel Agency is the pioneer travel and tour agency in Kumasi, Ghana and the first to attain accreditation from the International Airline Transport Association in Kumasi. They provide services such as travel insurance, airline ticket sales, hotel booking and reservations, and lots more.

Challenges Faced By Travel and Tours Agencies In Ghana

There has been so much improvement in the industry in Ghana but there are also several challenges. Since we are still on the topic of travel and tour agencies in Ghana, let’s discuss the challenges travel and tour agencies in Ghana face.

  • Inadequate transportation and accommodation facilities exist in some regions, which limits access to some beautiful  destinations.
  • The number of tourists decreases due to the season of the year. This can pose challenges for agencies because lack of consistency can reduce cash flow.
  • Competition for customers and market share is fierce due to the increase in the number of new travel and tour agencies.
  • Some compulsory regulations and requirements like licensing, permits, and taxation, can be challenging for agencies, especially smaller operators that are still growing.
  • Conserving our environment is very important, so balancing tourism with environmental conservation and sustainable practices is a challenge for most agencies, especially in destinations where too many tourists can affect the local ecosystems.

Steps to improve in Ghana’s Travel and Tour Industry

We’ve discussed the challenges of travel and tour agencies in Ghana and these challenges can be addressed. However, addressing these challenges requires collaboration between the government, stakeholders in the travel industry and local communities in order to develop strategies to ensure the sustainable growth of Ghana’s tourism sector and the success of travel and tour agencies.

  • Increasing passion for eco-tourism and creating eco-friendly tour packages, such as nature walks, birdwatching excursions and visits to traditional villages, can attract environmentally conscious travelers.
  • Travel agencies can collaborate with local communities to create an inclusive tourism experience like homestay programs, artisan exhibitions, wildlife exploration, etc. that can benefit both local residents and foreigners socially and economically.
  • Tech-savvy travelers should have easy and user-friendly booking systems, mobile apps, and virtual tours. This can improve customer experience and make navigation easy.


In conclusion, there are several travel and tour agencies in Ghana and these agencies are important because they play a role in providing essential services to both domestic and international travelers in Ghana. They help tourists go through the complex means of travel, like booking accommodation, transportation and organizing activities for the visitors.

Travel agencies also contribute to promoting cultural exchange, portraying Ghana as a beautiful tourist destination and enhancing the growth of the country’s economy.

Therefore, these travel and tour agencies in Ghana should improve as much as they can to make sure that future generations can continue to enjoy the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.



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