Travis Kelce Calls Taylor Swift’s Revamped Eras Tour with ‘TTPD’ Set ‘Unbelievable’

Travis Kelce is singing Taylor Swift’s praises after seeing her revamped Eras tour in Paris.

Chatting with his brother Jason Kelce on their “New Heights” podcast Travis shared, “It was fun, it was a blast. I had a blast at Tay’s show. Her new rendition of the Eras tour, I suggest everybody go see it. It has her new ‘Tortured Poets Department,’ a handful of those songs in the new show, which means there’s a new segment and new lights and new dancing, new everything to the f**king show. I suggest everybody get out there… It is absolutely unbelievable.”

The Kansas City Chiefs player has been to several Eras shows, and later added, “I don’t know if they’re just getting better or if I keep forgetting how they are. It was electric in there… I’m happy for everybody that’s in the Eras tour, from the dancers to the band, and obviously Taylor. It just looks like they’re having so much fun up there.”

Kelce was spotted at the Paris La Défense Arena on Sunday, dancing the night away in a suite with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

Kelce told his brother, “I got to see some familiar faces… I got to see Gigi and Bradley,” calling them “amazing.”

Jason wondered if Travis and Bradley talked about the Philadelphia Eagles, considering Bradley is a big fan and Jason used to play for the team. Travis insisted, “Of course.”

“It was an all-around lovely night,” he said.

It was the 87th show of the Eras tour (Travis wears No. 87), and Taylor donned a red and yellow look for her “1989” section, a nod to the Chiefs’ colors. Taylor even specifically called out that it was the 87th show while talking to the crowd before the acoustic set.

Taylor also playfully blew a kiss before singing “So High School,” one of the songs on “The Tortured Poets Department” that is thought to be about Kelce.

Swifties will likely be seeing more of Travis as Taylor’s tour continues.

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell crashed the podcast, Travis shared, “I’m gonna be dancing around, I’m all over the world this offseason… It’s like my ying to my yang… I gotta fly around and have some fun in the offseason.”

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