10 Different Types of Food


If you’re a lover of food and you love experimenting with different types of food, then this article is for you.  In this article, we’ll be talking about the different types of food, from traditional cuisine to well known everyday food.

There are different types of food and each has their own unique ingredients, taste and appearance that make them distinct from others. Some food could be served hot, cold, and some could be sweet, sour or spicy.

Food is very important in our daily lives. Apart from eating food to give us energy and our body nutrients, food can also be a very important part of culture. It can be a way for people all over the world to connect with their culture and learn about their cultures from others. Some types of food can be traced to a particular tribe or culture.

Food can also be a way for people to connect with one another and to add color to different occasions and events, such as weddings, birthdays, holidays or parties. During special occasions, like Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas event, the different types of foods served make it worthwhile to attend.

There are some traditional foods that are specific to a particular region and are also made for special occasions, like the dumplings of China. This would be an interesting read for you, as in this article we’ll be talking about the different types of food.

10 Different Types of Food


1. Doro Wat

On the list of types of food, the first type of food we have here is Doro Wat.  Doro Wat is a very delicious traditional Ethiopian food that is prepared with chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and a spicy traditional sauce called berbere. The Berbere sauce is made by mixing some local spices with a blend of chili peppers, paprika, and cardamom. This sauce gives the dish a very rich taste with a unique flavor.

The Ethiopian dish Doro Wat simply means Chicken stew and it is usually paired with injera, which is a traditional spongy flatbread that is made from teff flour. The flatbread is used to scoop up the doro wat, and when both are eaten together, it gives a delicious mix in the mouth. Doro Wat is like the national Ethiopian dish and it’s often served on special occasions like weddings and holidays.

2. Jollof Rice

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Jollof rice is a common dish among West Africans. It is a unique and tasteful food that is common in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal.  In short, for the past few years, there have been  “Jollof Wars” on social media with each country defending their distinct cooking methods and flavors of the food. Up till now, they have not been able to agree on what is a “Perfect jollof rice” as some of the countries prefer a more softer, stew-like consistency, while others prefer a drier, texture. Whatever your preference Jollof rice is indeed an enjoyable meal.

Jollof rice is also commonly called  “Party Rice,” as it is served at all kinds of events. Some of the ingredients used in making Jollof rice include rice, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, spices like curry,  Thyme, etc.  Ingredients used in preparing Jollof rice can differ from one region to another.

3. Sushi Rolls

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On our list of types of food, we have Sushi rolls, or makizushi, which has its roots in Japanese culture. Sushi is a popular type of Japanese cuisine; it has spread from Japan to all other parts of the world.

Sushi rolls are made by rolling vinegared rice, vegetables, fish and seafood, in seaweed (nori) or soybean paper. The rolls are then sliced into small pieces and they are served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

4. Kimchi

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We’re still looking at the different types of food. The next on our list is Kimchi.  Kimchi is a traditional Korean food. It is a spicy and tangy fermented cabbage. Kimchi originated when different ways of preserving vegetables were being experimented with during the long winter months in Korea.

Kimchi is made from salted and fermented Napa cabbage and Korean radish, and it’s often served with gochugaru,  a Korean chili pepper flakes, which adds more spices to it.  Other ingredients include garlic, ginger, scallions, and fish sauce or salted shrimp.

Kimchi is a well-loved food among many Koreans because it is very delicious and highly nutritious. It is also very rich in Vitamin C and very low in calories. So if you’re trying to shed off some fat,  Kimchi is a great food choice for you.

5. Pasta

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Pasta is a food that is native to Italy but is now eaten in different countries all over the world.  Pasta is made from a mixture of durum wheat flour and water, and it comes in different shapes, sizes, and textures.

To prepare pasta, all you need to do is bring it to a boil and then proceed to serve with stew or sauces and other ingredients, such as tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, cheese, and meat. Pasta is quite a simple and easy-to-prepare meal.

6. Loco Moco

The next we have on our list of different types of food is Loco Moco.  Loco Moco is a  Hawaiian dish that originated in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1949. Loco Moco is a popular food among Hawaiians and is made of rice, topped with fried egg, a hamburger patty,  and brown gravy.

Loco Moco is a simple and affordable filling dish, especially for teenagers, that helps to satisfy one’s cravings. It has since spread from the Hawaiian Islands to the US.

7. Tom Yum Soup

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Tom Yum Soup is a very popular Thai dish that is filled with a lot of flavors. It is a spicy yet sour food.  The word “tom yum” simply means “boiled” and “sour,” which perfectly shows the spicy and sour flavors of the soup.

Some of the major ingredients used in making Tom Yum Soup are lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, chili peppers, galangal, chicken, fish sauce and shrimp.  All these ingredients add to the spicy and sour but very rich flavor of the soup. If you’re a lover of soup,  then the Tom Yum Soup is a must-try for you.

8. Hummus

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We’re still looking at the different types of food and the next is Hummus. Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip. It is a creamy, garlic spread that has its roots in Mediterranean regions like Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. Hummus has spread from this region to different parts of the world.

Hummus is prepared in a simple way by blending chickpeas and making tahini, which is sesame paste, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. All these ingredients are combined together, which gives a tangy, tangy dip that can be eaten with the local pita bread and vegetables, or can just be eaten with a soup.

9. Macaroni and Cheese

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The popular Macaroni and cheese, which is commonly called “Mac and Cheese” is a creamy, cheesy food that is now commonly eaten in all parts of the world. The Macaroni and Cheese meal has been said to originate in the United States.

Mac and Cheese is traditionally made by mixing cooked macaroni with a cheese sauce made from milk, cheese, butter, and flour. You can use any type of cheese to prepare the cheese sauce, but Cheddar, Gruyere, and Monterey Jack cheese are the most common types of cheese that are popularly used in preparing Mac and Cheese.

10. Gyro

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The last meal on our list of different types of food is gyros. Gyros is said to have its roots in Greece, where it’s usually served as a fast food, but it has become very popular in many other parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Gyro is a type of sandwich that is peculiar to the Greeks and is made of meats like beef, pork, or lamb, that’s been prepared on a vertical rotisserie. The cooked meat is then thinly sliced and wrapped in pita bread together with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki, which is a kind of yogurt and cucumber sauce. Sometimes the Gyro is mistaken for Shawarma by non-indigenes.


In this article, we’ve looked at the different types of food from different countries and regions of the world.  They all have their own unique ingredients and special methods of preparation.

Food is a very important part of life. They not only connect us together but they also help to reflect our culture and lifestyle. There are different factors that can influence the different types of food we can see in a particular region. The local ingredients available, the climate of that region, and the culture of the people can have a great impact on the types of food available.

If you’re a lover of food, there are thousands of different types of food in the world. Whether you prefer fast food, a simple, easy-to-make meal, or even a richer, more complex dish, there’s something out there that would suit your needs and preferences.



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