Top 5 US Travel Agencies for Argentina


Are you considering a trip to Argentina but are unsure which US travel agency to choose? You no longer have to waste time exploring the internet and filling out several contact forms.

Have you always wanted to experience Argentina’s rugged and rocky terrain? Do you want to have the experience of a lifetime while being safe and informed, with the help of a top-rated US travel agency?

Argentina is best known for its dances, particularly tango. The country is the origin of the world-famous tango and a popular tourist destination for those who appreciate the arts.

You can also see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls, in all of its magnificence. Your stay in Argentina will be packed with great memories and breathtaking things to view.

While traveling to Argentina, there are several options to enjoy the nightlife, take city tours and participate in other enjoyable activities.

For the reasons stated above, we have compiled this comprehensive guide of the top US travel agencies for Argentina.

Everything you need to know is listed here!

Top 5 US Travel Agencies for Argentina

1. Brazilians in Ushuaia

Brasileiros em Ushuaia is an Argentina-based travel firm in the US that offers high-quality tours of the Patagonia region. For more than a decade, the organization has provided exceptional vacation packages in Argentina.

Mario and Janaina Barros began their quest with a simple Facebook page sharing images of Ushuaia, which later blossomed into a mission to connect foreign travelers with Patagonia.

What began as a simple idea has since turned into a profitable business. Brasileiros em Ushuaia has established itself as Tierra del Fuego’s leading tourism organization, hosting over 20,000 visitors by 2023.

They currently have 30 hardworking people and nine cars at their disposal. Their passion to make your trip to Argentina unforgettable remains as strong as ever!

Brasileiros em Ushuaia offers a wide choice of day trips and special packages. You can join their Ushuaia Winter Package.

Phone: + 54 297 447 3361


2. Biking Buenos Aires

Biking Buenos Aires is one of the best US travel agencies for Argentina.

They have a lively community that is driven by a deep purpose that values variety, connection and a distinct approach to self-organization.

They are an eco-tourism service that will take you on bike trips to help keep their city pollution-free.

Their enthusiasm for Buenos Aires drives a dedication to building genuine relationships with visitors, motivated by principles of transparency, sustainability, proactivity and adaptation.

They are committed to building enduring relationships, embracing diversity and sharing love, respect and peace.

They are committed to creating unforgettable experiences for anyone visiting the exciting city of Buenos Aires. Biking Buenos Aires offers various eco-friendly cycling tours of the capital city.

Their most popular tour is the Ultimate City Tour, which was awarded one of the top ten experiences in Argentina by TripAdvisor.

Bike across the city of Buenos Aires for 7 hours and 20 kilometers, taking in all of its local highlights.

If you adore art, you should not miss out on Buenos Aires’ urban graffiti. You will be accompanied by a guide who will explain the city’s history while you admire the beautiful murals painted on the walls.

You have the option of creating your own bespoke tours. You may decide when to start and when to quit.

These are better suited to families with children, corporate groups, student organizations and photography lovers.

  • Phone: +54 911 5056-8756
  • Website:

3. Trout and Wine Tours

Trout & Wine Tours is one of Argentina’s major trip operators. They have a dynamic team that specializes in personalized wine tours and fly-fishing trips around Argentina.

They do not adhere to commercial tourism, instead opting for a small, impactful approach. They provide tailor-made packages of the finest quality.

Their strategy prioritizes wine tasting over spectacular architecture, ensuring that each trip is an authentic, engaging experience that combines superb wine, laughter and cultural information.

Their staff, made up of locals and foreigners, combines firsthand expertise with worldwide standards.

They guarantee an interesting and unforgettable adventure through Mendoza’s vineyards and beyond.

Trout and Wine Tours provides the best wine-tasting and fly-fishing tour packages. Take a journey to Uco Valley and sample some wonderful high-altitude wines from several producers.

You will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide and served a five-course lunch. In the same Uco Valley, you can enjoy horseback riding in the Andes.

Riding on Argentine Criolla breed horses, you may appreciate the distinctive scenery of hills, mountains, and volcanoes.

The horseback riding excursion will last two and a half hours, followed by lunch. Also, try fly fishing in Mendoza. You will get the opportunity to fish in Andean rivers with a guide who knows the best fly-fishing spots.

  • Address: Chile 921, M5500EOE, Mendoza, Argentina
  • Phone: +54 9 261 578-1616
  • Website:

4. Canal Fun & Nature

Canal Fun & Nature is a well-known and popular travel agency in Argentina. Since 1997, they have operated in Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia.

They offer informative tours of the area and value consumer input. They are committed to consistently improving the company’s standards and services so that its customers can immerse themselves in the best of Argentina’s experiences.

They provide tailor-made trips for any individual or group. Leave your concerns about safety and satisfaction behind and join Canal Fun & Nature for a journey through Argentina’s immense plains.

Canal Fun and Nature provides a variety of tour and travel packages. You may hike to Esmeralda Lagoon, a stunning sight in Ushuaia.

The hike will last about 4 hours and is considered moderately challenging. A guide will also be with you.

Kayaking on Gable Island and Beagle Channel is a thrilling experience. Immerse yourself in nature’s full freedom as you paddle across the crystal blue waves in a kayak.

The company will also offer you lunch and drinks throughout this excursion.

The Tierra del Fuego off-road tour is a top recommendation from Canal Fun & Nature. Travel to the far north in a 4×4 vehicle and experience panoramic views of rainforests and lakes.


5. Argentina Rafting Expeditions

Argentina Rafting Expeditions is a well-regarded US travel Agency for Argentina. The company began as a tiny endeavor by two friends, Martin Moreno and Rodolfo Navio and has expanded dramatically to become one of Argentina’s leading tour operators.

The company has been in operation for almost 22 years and upholds Argentina’s top tourism standards.

Argentina Rafting Expeditions is the first Argentine firm to receive ISO NORMS 9001 and IRAM 42540:2008 certification for rafting tourist services.

They have professional employees who put safety and customer pleasure first. Make your trip to Argentina unique by letting Argentina Rafting Expeditions guide you.

Argentina Rafting Expeditions provides a wide range of travel packages. You can go on a half-day rafting adventure in Mendoza.

Explore the exhilarating currents with no worries in mind. For this short rafting adventure, the firm will supply you with an expert bilingual guide, safety equipment and insurance.

If you prefer land-based activities, Cabras Hill offers trekking opportunities. It is a moderate-level hike that will take about 5 hours to accomplish.

On this unique journey, you will be accompanied by a trained guide and equipped with lunch boxes.

For a more challenging excursion, try a half-day rock climbing session in Potrerillos. Scale moderate-to-challenging rocks for 2.5 hours. An expert guide will be provided to ensure your safety.

  • Address: Amigorena 86, M5500 Mendoza, Argentina
  • Phone: +54 261 657-2582
  • Website:


Is Argentina welcoming to tourists?

Argentinians are known for their friendliness and they will gladly welcome any travelers. To ensure their safety, female visitors should take several precautions while traveling.

Which is the best month to visit Argentina?

The best seasons to visit Argentina are spring (September–November) and fall (March–June)

How many days are sufficient to visit Argentina?

A 14-day trip to Argentina should be enough to explore all of the top attractions and have a truly enjoyable time.

Which foods are popular in Argentina?

Some of Argentina’s local dishes include Asado, Chimichurri, Provoleta and Alfajores.

What is the best method to explore Argentina?

For a genuinely authentic taste of the country, we recommend taking the bus. For longer journeys, domestic flights are suggested.

Do US citizens require a visa to travel to Argentina?

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  • Despegar.
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How much bank balance is required for an Argentina tourist visa?

However, you must have sufficient finances to sustain yourself during your stay. These should include lodging, transportation within the country, meals, and other activities. To minimize difficulties, it is recommended that you maintain a minimum balance of approximately 1.5 lakhs per month.


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