US woman’s hilarious reaction to Australian supermarkets

A woman from the US has been left stunned at the differences between Australian and US supermarkets.

Tiffany Chen went to Woolworths, her first time at an Australian supermarket, and she said there were some things that were “shocking” to her as a woman from the United States.

Photo credit : Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

First up, she was in the biscuit aisle and was stunned to see six types of TimTams, including original, white chocolate and chewy caramel.

“I’ve only ever seen one,” she revealed, before being surprised at the different sizes and varieties of Vegemite.

“They also have gluten free and less salt,” she said.

Tiffany was also stunned that there was no kangaroo meat at the supermarket and that eggs weren’t refrigerated like they are back in the United States.

Tiffany then took aim at Kraft’s boxed Easy Mac and said it was the first time she’d seen mac and cheese she “didn’t want to eat.”

She was also surprised that Cheetos came in ball form and questioned what brands such as Twisties, Smith’s and Cheezels were.

Tiffany, who is from California, was also surprised at the size of Australia’s avocados and bananas, saying the latter was the “biggest she’d ever seen.”

The word capsicum, which Americans usually refer to as bell peppers, also threw her off.

Aussies were quick to lay some hard truths on Tiffany, with one saying; “It’s as if you’re not in America”.

Others explained that eggs don’t need to be refrigerated Down Under as the salmonella bacteria that can contaminate eggs inside the bird isn’t present in Aussie eggs.

“Who’s going to tell them there’s more than six TimTam flavours,” one added.

One said: “Trust me that is the best mac and cheese you’ll ever eat.”

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