What Chris Pratt Has Learned from ‘GOAT’ Father-in-Law Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt has a laundry list of iconic roles under his belt, and now he’s adding Garfield!

He sat down to dish with “Extra’s” Melvin Robert on the new animated adventure and says his son Jack loved it!

Pratt said of voicing the character, “I don’t get too nervous, no, especially with Garfield. Our director Mark Dindal hit me up and was like, ‘Man, I’ve been doing this movie a couple of years and I just always pictured your voice coming out of Garfield.’ So I was like, ‘That’s pretty easy, actually.’ I can do my voice pretty easily — I’ve been doing it now for 44 years.”

Chris also spoke about his “GOAT” father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger and what he’s learned from him.

He joked, “Not everyone can say that their father-in-law is the Terminator, but mine literally will terminate me.”

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On a more serious note, Pratt continued, “He has the experience of raising kids in the spotlight and being an actor, a well-known person, and a celebrity, and it’s really great to have the wisdom of his experience to go to and to talk to about certain things that normally I would talk to my brother or my cousin or people that I grew up with and they might not be able to relate with certain things.”

He said having Schwarzenegger to turn to has “been a real blessing,” adding, “I’m telling you he is a smart, articulate dude, and he’s got a really great point of view and it has definitely enriched my life.”

Arnold’s best advice?

Chris joked, “He says anytime you’re doing an interview, you always go back to the film that you’re talking about, ‘Garfield,’ which opens May 24.”

Praising Arnold’s professionalism, he said, “Nobody ever sold a movie like him… He knows how to sell himself… He’s a one of kind. He is a GOAT, a legend, and there will never be anyone like him again.”

Getting back to “Garfield,” Chris said the movie explores the cat’s relationship with his father.

Pratt said, “Samuel L. Jackson voices a character called Vic, and Vic is this really scruffy outdoor cat and you of course got Garfield, who is this lasagna-loving, Monday-hating indoor cat. He meets Vic and unexpectedly it’s his biological father, and he’s swept up in this epic outdoor adventure.”

He added, “It’s got a lot of heart, man. It is one of those movies that will really pull at your heartstrings and the relationships are pretty profound and moving.”

As for son Jack, 11, whom he shares with ex-wife Anna Faris, Chris said, “He loved it. He’s a big fan. He loves the movie; he thinks it is funny. He loves the third act. It becomes like a ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie. It is a big heist movie… He’s fighting on top of a train. It is like an epic action-adventure film. He was swept up and he loved it.”

Chris also shares daughters Lyla, 3, and Eloise, 2, with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Melvin asked what he knows about fatherhood now that he didn’t know before having kids.

He shared, “Oh, man, just how beautiful every little discovery is for them. The feel of wind, the look of a bird, the sound that a paper bag makes when you crumple it. These are all things that kids become fascinated with as they’re learning them for the first time, and in a way it allows you to re-experience everything in the world all over again through their eyes, so that’s been extraordinary and it is why I urge everyone get pregnant — just kidding. Have babies. Have babies — it’s the best thing in the world.”

“Garfield” is in theaters May 24.

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