Who Are the Favorites to Win Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is happening right now. All the countries that made it to the final are getting ready to perform tonight. Eurovision is known for its fun and exciting vibe, with cool music, crazy outfits, and great singing.

But this year, there’s a big argument because some people want Israel to be banned from joining because of the war in Gaza. There might be protests outside the arena in Sweden where the contest is being held.

The first semi-final happened on May 7, and some popular acts like Bambie Thug from Ireland made it to the final. The second semi-final on May 9 had more countries qualifying, including the UK, which is always in the final, and Sweden, last year’s winner.

Now, here are our top 10 favorites to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2024:

  1. Bambie Thug from Ireland
  2. Baby Lasagna from Croatia
  3. Window95Man from Finland
  4. Delegates from Luxembourg
  5. Delegates from Serbia
  6. Delegates from Ukraine
  7. Delegates from Portugal
  8. Delegates from Lithuania
  9. Delegates from Cyprus
  10. Delegates from Latvia

These countries have made it through the semi-finals and are now gearing up for the final showdown. With excitement building and fans eagerly awaiting the performances, the stage is set for another memorable Eurovision event.

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