Will Kevin Costner come back to “Yellowstone”? The actor has finally spoken up.

Yellowstone’s final season has been clouded by drama, overshadowing its production and even the series itself. The tension appears to stem from a clash between the show’s lead, Kevin Costner, and its showrunner, Taylor Sheridan. This has led to speculation about Costner’s future on the show, despite there still being six episodes left to film.

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Costner recently spoke out about his potential return to Yellowstone. While he expressed a desire to come back, he acknowledged challenges preventing his return. He originally thought the show would have seven seasons, but it was cut short to five. Costner mentioned ongoing disputes and the multitude of Yellowstone spin-offs as factors complicating his return.

Regarding his character’s conclusion, Costner shared his thoughts but emphasized his deference to Sheridan’s creative direction. He expressed openness to reprising his role if the opportunity arises.

As for the release of the second part of Yellowstone’s fifth season, it has faced several setbacks, including disputes involving Costner, production delays due to industry strikes, and scheduling conflicts. Despite these hurdles, the second part is set for a November 2024 release, with filming scheduled for spring 2024.

In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding Yellowstone, Sheridan hinted at the possibility of additional episodes beyond the originally planned finale. This offers some consolation to fans eagerly awaiting the series’ conclusion.

Speculation abounds regarding Costner’s departure from Yellowstone. While official statements attribute it to his focus on directing and starring in Horizon, rumors suggest disagreements between Costner and Sheridan. These disagreements reportedly revolved around scheduling conflicts and creative differences.

Photo credit :Warner Bros. Pictures

Costner’s testimony in his divorce trial shed further light on his exit from Yellowstone. He described negotiations to return for three more seasons but indicated complications that ultimately led to his departure. While scheduling issues played a role, creative disagreements also factored into his decision to leave the show.

Costner’s mention of potential legal action adds another layer to the unfolding drama surrounding his departure. The situation remains unresolved, leaving fans and industry insiders alike curious about the fate of Yellowstone and its beloved characters.

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