40 Lovely Winter Boy Names


The winter months come with a rare beauty with a covering of pristine white snow. Giving your child winter boy names is an inspirational way to express the elegance of the winter season.

It is a great idea to give your unborn child a name with a winter theme if they are due in the winter.

Considering how well-liked some of these winter baby boy names are, it’s safe to assume that the colder months have served as inspiration for many parents.

This piece gives a list of names to pick from if you want to give your child a name that is inspired by this cozy season.

Winter Boy Names


Here are some of our favorite winter boy names:

1. Agdluak

Agdluak is a Greenlandic term meaning a fishing hole in the ice. If you are passionate about ice fishing, it could be a great middle name for your child, even though it might be a bit too exotic for people without Greenlandic ancestry.

2. Alban

The name Alban is Germanic in origin and signifies white. The Latin word albus, which means “white,” is the ancestor of this name and the root of several other words, including albino.

3. Albus

The Ancient Roman name Albus means “bright” or “white.” This is a name that fans of Harry Potter will already be very familiar with. Harry’s tutor and the headmaster of Hogwarts is Albus Dumbledore.

4. Alpin

The name Alpin is Scottish for “white.”The Picts used the Gaelic name Ailpein, which has been Anglicized to Alpin. The Picts were a Celtic people of the Iron Age who inhabited what is now eastern and northern Scotland.

5. Andri

The Old Norse name Andri means “snowshoe.” In addition, Andri is an Icelandic contraction of Andríður, which means rival; an Albanian translation of Andrew, which means manly; and a Swiss variation of Henry, which signifies house ruler.

6. Aquilo

North was denoted by the Ancient Roman word Aquilo. The Roman god of the north wind was called Aquilo. It was said that his icy breath blew winter over the planet.


Frost or dry, chilly air, is the meaning of the Turkish name Ayaz. Ayaz’s fame in Turkey has surged dramatically since 2009.

He started at the bottom of the charts and reached as high as number 7 in 2015. It is still hardly ever used by non-Turkish-American households, nevertheless.

8. Bai

The Chinese name Bai has various connotations. The characters chosen to write Bai determine its precise meaning. It could refer to pure white. Other characters have meanings such as one hundred, many, a cypress tree and cedar.

9. Barys

Boris is a Belarusian counterpart named Barys. More often than not, Barys is associated with Barys Nur-Sultan, a professional ice hockey team based in Kazakhstan that was one of the original teams in the Kontinental Hockey League.

10. Béla

Béla means “white” in Hungarian. This was the name of four Hungarian monarchs, pronounced BEH-law. Most people agree that it’s derived from the Slavic word belu, which means white. However, it may have originated from the Hungarian word bél, meaning guts or bowels.

11. Blanchard

Blanchard is an Old Germanic name that denotes hardiness or whiteness. Five infant boys were given the name Blanchard in 1883; on the only other occasion, it appeared in the top 1,000 boys’ names list in the United States. As a result, it was the 892nd most chosen option for that year.

12. Boreas

The Greek name Boreas means “north wind.” The Greek god of winter and the chilly north wind was called Boreas. Every year, it was said, he blew the winter out of the planet. Often portrayed with unkempt hair and facial hair, he was rumored to possess an intense rage.

13. Boris

The Russian name Boris means “wolf” or “snow leopard” in short. Surprisingly, Boris rose to such popularity in the United States in the 1960s that it was listed among the top 1000 boys’ names.

14. Boro

The Serbian and Croatian forms of Boris are called Boro. For boys, Boro is a lovely one-syllable snow name. Additionally, it can be a great option if you like to acknowledge any family of Serbian or Croatian ancestry.

15. Caecius

Caecius means blinder in Latin. Caecius, also spelled Kaikais, was a lesser Greek god who is seen clutching a shield of hailstones on The Tower of Winds monument in Athens.

16. Canelo

Canelo is an archaic Spanish word meaning cinnamon and winter bark. Canelo is a frequent nickname for people with red hair in various Spanish-speaking nations; therefore, this is a great name for your redhead youngster to have in the winter.

17. The Columban

The Irish name Columban means “white dove.” Irish baby names with a white meaning or connotation are frequently recognizable due to the element BAN. Bán means white in Irish.

18. Conven

Conven means “white warrior” in Breton. The Roman Catholic Church does not formally acknowledge Saint Conven. But the Breton people, who are from the Brittany region of France, call upon him to heal pigs that are ill and to cure headaches.

19. Delwyn

The Welsh name Delwyn means “pretty and white.” Given the meaning of the name, those who are not familiar with the Welsh language may wrongly assume that Delwyn is a girl’s name.

In Welsh, names that finish in “wyn” are considered masculine, whereas those that end in “yth” are considered feminine.

20. Edur

The Basque name Edur means “snow.” This name, which is pronounced eh-DOOR, is essentially unknown in most of the world. Given that it implies snow, it might be a fitting name for a Basque family.

21. Fannar

The Icelandic name Fannar means “snowdrift.” This name, which is pronounced fur-NAH, is known but not particularly well-liked in Iceland. It is neither common nor rare. It would make a wonderful winter baby name for an Icelandic-descent household.

22. Findlay

The Scottish name Findlay means “white warrior.” Another fantastic option is Fionnlagh, the name’s original Gaelic form. Nonetheless, a lot of people choose Findlay since it is simpler to spell and requires less explanation when pronouncing.

23. Fingal

The Scottish name Fingal means “white stranger.” Fingal’s Cave is a sea cave located in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, on the island of Staffa. Known for its unique acoustics, it was called Fingal after the protagonist of a poem by James Macpherson.

24. Fionn

Irish mythology gives it the name Fionn, which means white. Fionn Whitehead is an actor best known for his roles in the Netflix interactive film Bandersnatch and the film Dunkirk. He was named after the legendary Irishman Fionn mac Cumhaill.

25. Flurry

Flurry means “king of princes” in Irish. Although this name doesn’t have a particularly icy connotation, we appreciate the concept of adopting a well-known nickname that has a connection to snowy conditions—in this case, snow flurries.

26. Frediano

Frediano means “cold” in Italian. This uncommon Italian name is derived from the Latin frigidus. The Latin root of the English words frigid, which means extremely cold and refrigerate, which means to make cold, is the same.

27. Gwenneg

The Breton name Gwenneg means “white.” A Breton crowdfunding company goes by the name Gwenneg. They have raised and given out more than one million euros to businesses and initiatives in the area since 2015.

28. Hemant

The Indian name Hemant means “winter.” This name is derived from the Sanskrit term हेमन्त, meaning winter. Hindi-speaking people, as well as people from Bangladesh and the Punjab region of both India and Pakistan, use it most frequently.

29. Himesh

The Indian name Himesh means “Lord of Winter.” In Sanskrit, Himesh is composed of two words. The first is 뤹뤿뤮, or himá, which denotes winter, cold, or snow; the second is 뤈뤶, or īśá, which means ruler, lord or master.

30. Isa

The Frisian name Isa means “ice.” Friesian names originate from Frisia, a coastal region that borders the North Sea on Europe’s west coast. It includes what is now the northwest of Germany and the northern parts of the Netherlands.

31. Isbert

Isbert is a Germanic name meaning “ice” that starts with the letter I. Isbert was first used as a forename before being adopted as a surname. It has returned to being a first name due to the recent practice of adopting surnames as forenames.

32. Isbrand

The name Isbrand is ancient German and means “ice sword.” Dutch anatomist Isbrand van Diemerbroeck was born. Anatome corporis humani, the last known new book about human anatomy to incorporate material regarding the soul, was published by him in 1672.

33. Izotz

The Basque name Izotz means “ice.” This name, which is pronounced “ee-SOTS,” may work well as a winter moniker for a family that has ties to the Basque country of France and Spain.

34. Jack

John evolved into the English boy’s name Jack, which means “God is gracious.” A personification of winter from Western Europe is Jack Frost. He was blamed for leaving patterns of frost on windows that resembled ferns.

35. Jökull

The Icelandic word for glacier ice is Jökull. The last year we have data for, 2016, had 25 babies born with the name Jökull, ranking it as the sixth most popular boy’s name of that year.

36. Lasta

The Quechua word Lasta means “snow.” One of Serbia’s leading bus service providers is called Lasta Beograd. The word “Latesta” (swallow) in Serbian alludes to the bird that is also the company’s emblem.

37. Morozoko

Morozoko is a Russian name that translates to “Father Frost.” Father Frost is a Russian fairy tale about a good, selfless, giving girl who is cast out into the severe weather by her stepmother, tormented by her, and saved from certain death by Morozoko.

38. Nevada

The word Nevada, which means “snow-capped,” is Modern American. The name Nevada is pronounced nah-VA-dah by non-Nevadians, and it means “snow-capped” in Spanish. The state name is pronounced nah-VAH-dah by the locals, nonetheless.

39. Nicolas

The English name Nicolas signifies “victory of the people.” The actual Saint Nicolas of Myra served as the model for Santa Claus. A Christian bishop from the fourth century, he anonymously and covertly donated presents to people in need.

40. Pyry

Pyry is a Finnish name meaning blizzard or snowstorm. This short and charming winter boys’ name, which is pronounced PUY-ruy or PIE-rye, can be a beautiful choice for a little child born in the middle of a snowstorm.


Here are winter boy names for your male child. You mustn’t have a baby in the winter to give your child these names. If you love the winter, giving your new baby a winter name could be attractive. You can choose any of the names in this list.



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