12 Unbelievably Wild Confessions That Will Leave You Speechless

People usually keep their deepest, darkest, and most private secrets to themselves. In this piece, we present to you the most INSANE things people have confessed, which might not only reveal how twisted some minds are, but also show the consequences of those choices.

1. A friend I’ve known for 40 years shared a disturbing memory with me.

One night in his 20s, intoxicated and on drugs, he brutally attacked a man with a fence post. He left the man bleeding and unconscious in the cold. This haunting revelation underscores the weight of past actions and their consequences. – Anonymous

2. People say my secret power is making people spill their secrets.

Years ago, working at a truck stop, I met Bridget, who cleaned showers. She confessed being a devout Catholic forced to carry a calcified fetus from post-menopausal pregnancy. Then, shockingly, she revealed she once went to prom with Jeffrey Dahmer. – nastymule22

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3. I work with someone who shares way too much information.

I’ve reported him multiple times, but he keeps going. The worst things he’s shared are his plans to harm his ex-wife and details about a personal health issue. – —saraho4a20298d2

4. I once worked retail with a kind, gentle middle-aged woman from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

She shared a disturbing family story with me. Years ago, her sister-in-law’s boyfriend was caught assaulting the sister-in-law’s young child. Her husband and other male family members took the boyfriend deep into the mountains and he never returned. The family, known for kindness, kept this secret. This incident changed how I saw them; they valued protecting their own. – Anonymous

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5. At 52, I just learned my brother and I have different mothers.

We grew up together, took pictures as kids, and I never questioned our relationship despite people saying we didn’t look alike. Eventually, I found out Dad was dating my mom and another woman casually. The other woman didn’t want a child, so Dad and my mom decided to raise him as theirs. It explained why I had health issues like my mom’s side, while Dad and my brother didn’t. Realizing this truth after all these years was hard; I feel betrayed by the lifelong deception about my own family. —magicalknight55

6. During my first accounting job, I asked a coworker a bit older than me if he was planning to get his CPA license.

He shyly admitted he couldn’t. When I asked why, he explained, “Because I’m a felon; in this state, you can’t have most professional licenses if you’re a felon.” A few days later, he shared more. At 18, he joined a strict church and was part of a group that tried to bomb an abortion clinic. Thankfully, the bomb didn’t work, and they were caught. He changed his views, went to college after prison, and turned his life around. —AXJ66

7. I worked in a gift shop in an upscale area.

Once, a woman came in, so I asked if she needed help. We started talking about the items, and then she shared something unsettling. She said she had no family because her dad had killed her mom and siblings. Now she was alone with all the money. It felt really eerie. I was only 18 and working by myself in the shop. The story stayed with me, making me feel uneasy about the encounter. – Anonymous

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8.  During my time as a teacher, some colleagues shared with me without being asked that they had incurable STDs, mostly cancer-causing strains of HPV or warts.

It was unexpected and eye-opening. I want to remind everyone to get the HPV vaccine to protect themselves. This experience highlighted the importance of taking precautions and being informed about sexual health – Anonymous

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9.  A few years ago, my dad revealed that the dog we thought was given away when I was a child was actually shot by my uncle.

It took multiple attempts to put her down. Learning this was shocking and upsetting. It changed my understanding of what happened to our beloved pet from my childhood. The revelation left me with mixed emotions and a sense of betrayal, knowing the truth was kept hidden for so long. —allierowling

10. After our son was born, we chose not to have him circumcised.

During a visit to my in-laws on our way to our new military home, my mother-in-law changed his diaper and commented, “Oh, you didn’t have his little hoo-ha cut. When I had [my husband], they advised leaving it like his father’s, so he’d know how to take care of it. But I still had [my husband]’s done, even though her husband wasn’t.” That’s when I found out my father-in-law was not circumcised, revealing that my husband isn’t either. It was quite a surprising discovery shared in a casual moment. – Anonymous

11. Our Spanish teacher once shared that her husband was involved in an accident which was shocking to hear

During Spanish class, our teacher once shared that her husband had been involved in a murder, which was shocking to hear. She also had a habit of laughing in a scary way that frightened the students. It was unsettling to experience this combination of revelations and behavior in the classroom. These disclosures created a tense and uneasy atmosphere, especially for young learners. The contrast between the subject matter of murder and her unsettling laughter left a lasting impression on us. – Anonymous.

12. At my first job, a new coworker came across as someone who enjoyed partying.

They confirmed this by casually mentioning early on that they had been arrested for a DUI in college, leading to a license suspension and a mandatory driving class to regain it.

They seemed to downplay it as an “overreaction.” A year later, this same person emailed my boss, calling me “completely unprofessional” because I accidentally sent a movie trailer link instead of a needed form to another coworker (which I promptly corrected within minutes). It was ironic to be criticized by them considering their own past behavior. – Anonymous


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