15 Nostalgic Memes from the 90s That Will Have You Saying ‘Wazzzuuuuuup’ All Over Again

Here are some hilarious memes that will take you on a nostalgia trip. From 90’s fashion to epic snack moments, get ready to laugh and reminisce about the good old days

1. Me; I’m hungry for an afternoon snack

My snack: You know it’s a good snack when your inner 5-year-old is doing a happy dance. Can someone pass the juice box?

2. You can keep your Crypto. This is the only currency I care about

Forget Bitcoin, I’ll take a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets and fries. That’s the real treasure here.

3. Milk and juice hit different different when you drank it from these cups

Remember when sipping from these made you feel like royalty? It’s the nostalgia-induced sugar rush for me

4. If she wore these in the 90s, she loves Allie McBeal and never missed Liiith Fair

If she rocked these, she’s got 90s playlists for days and knows every word to ‘One Hand in My Pocket

5. What she sees vs. What I see

What she sees: ‘I’m a snack.’ What I see: ‘I’m a whole buffet.’

6. 15 minutes after you get to your parent’s house for Holiday Vacation

You walk in and BAM! It’s like you never moved out. The snacks are already waiting

7. Everybody became a DJ when it came to scratching these planners

DJ Spinderella in the house, making those planners squeak like a mixtape

8. People always tell me to get a job but low key I’m already running a business

Running a snack empire from my couch. My inventory is lit

9. Our society if Beanie Babies were worth as much as we thought they’d be

We’d all be millionaires, lounging in plush Beanie Baby mansions, sipping juice from sippy cup

10. The “I only won 46 tickets” Starter Pack

Winning 46 tickets and you’re stuck with a plastic spider ring. Life goals.

11. How did you wear your Hairagami?

Did you Hairagami flip, twist, or just give up and go with a messy bun

12. Raise your hand if you were ever victimized by …

Raise your hand if glitter gel pens ruined your middle school career.

13. Interviewer: What skills can you bring to this company?

Me: ‘Expert level snack consumption and meme curation

14. Cookies expire, a sewing kit lasts forever

Cookies might crumble, but that sewing kit is the hero we all need. Forever threaded, forever mending

15. When I throw my friends empty beer can in the recycle bin

Recycling that empty can like a ninja, saving the planet one party at a time




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