17 Embarrassing Americans Who Posted Complete Nonsense Online

Once something is put on the internet, it stays there forever. Sometimes we share things we’re not proud of. Some, however, have no clue when they’re wrong and remain unapologetic.

So, let’s take a fun look at Americans who posted complete nonsense online, reminding us all to think before we click “post.” We’ll see funny screenshots of Americans saying silly things. These snapshots highlight instances that might make you laugh or shake your head at the same time. We’ve selected some of the best ones to share.


1. Observing Of The Columbus Day

Hatecraftianhorror: I”Il keep celebrating the discovery of our country by a guy who didn’t discover our country… and was also responsible for the brutal torture and slaughter of countless members of the native population. … because its what they taught me in grade school.


2. If You Are White You Cant Speak Spanish

This person seems to have taken a rather narrow view of who can speak Spanish based solely on race. But the response humorously highlights the flaw in this argument by pointing out that Spanish is, in fact, the official language of Spain, a country predominantly inhabited by white people.


3. Rest Of The World Didn’t Become Free Till We Reformed Half The World In Our Image

Galaxy_Ranger_Bob: The biggest problem is those being educated don’t pay attention. The claim made by the !d!0t isn’t taught in school. All that was learned from propaganda they watched after leaving school.

There is also no penalty when a student learns something for a test, then forgets it for the rest of their life.

There are a lot of people who complain, “They should teach this in school!” lgnoring the fact that they do teach it (whatever “it” may be) in school and always have.


4. Can Anybody Tell Me If Portugal Has Running Water Like In The States?

The question about running water in Portugal triggered many savage and funny responses from users. They showed their cleverness and sharp wit through their biting comments, which corrected the misunderstanding.


5. Spain Doesn’t Exist, It Is A State Of Mind

6. Mount Everest Has Relocated To South Dakota

Well, apparently, Mount Everest must have gotten tired of the cold and decided to cozy up in South Dakota. Who knew mountains could pack up and move?


7. Travels To A Country In Another Continent, But Expects To Find The Same Brands That Are In The US

This is so weird to me. One of my favorite things about being abroad is walking around the supermarket and picking up interesting foods I haven’t tried before.

Isn’t that one of the main reasons to go on holiday? To experience another country’s culture, customs, food and drink, weather, etc.?


8. July 4th, which is how I hear the Majority of people say it 

Is this majority in the room with us right now?”

Wow, that’s a serious burn. Love it.


9. Our music is by far superior

There are so many artists he could have chosen to prove his point, but he picked these ones, and several of them aren’t even American.


10. 42% Is The Majority

“42% is the majority.”

Is that an electoral college joke, or did math take the day off?


11. Don’t You Just Love It When Someone Tries To Correct Your Already Correct Spelling

It’s like the saying goes:

If you think everyone else is weird except you, then maybe you’re the weird one.


12. You’re gonna mansplain Ireland to me when i’m Irish?

She’s basically saying he’s being condescending, but his first reply wasn’t condescending at all.

Her reply, however, is really condescending, especially with the eye-rolling emoji.


13. The Entitlement Of Some Of These Tourists


15 American Expressions That Confuse Non-Americans: What do they mean?

10 funny memes of how Russians believe that Americans view them

10 funny memes of how Russians believe that Americans view them


#14. American Jesus

Well, someone gave the president a big ego boost, comparing him to Jesus and all. But then, reality hit hard when someone reminded them that Jesus wasn’t American.


15. He looks very white for a Spanish guy

Messy_puppy_: America is obsessed with ppls race. Like really obsessed. Why even comment on the persons skin at all.


16. Your Little European Sport Where You Kick A Ball With Your Foot Is Called ‘Soccer’


17. Hopefully This Hasn’t Been Shared Before

Oh, you mean American Jesus? Nope, that’s just Ron, the guy with the blue car across the street. Jesus didn’t write any of the Bible, actually.


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