20 Foods That Defy Explanation in Their Discovery

Cooking history is fascinating, raising questions about how people found out what to eat and made recipes. This thread explored these mysteries with funny and interesting points. Scroll down to read the full discussion.

1. The first person to eat an oyster- how hungry was that?

“Hey guys, I found a loggie in tis slimy rock!

Want some?”

The oyster’s first taste-tester: bravery or just plain hunger? “Guys, found a slimy rock with a surprise inside! Fancy a bite?” Appetite, meet adventure!

2. What the _ was bread guy doing?

What compelled him to collect tiny piece of grain

The bread pioneer: a curious soul indeed. What drove him to collect grains? Was it hunger or just a love for crumbs?

3. Cashews and chocolate are my big two how did you all figure it out and why

So many steps

Cashews and chocolate: the dynamic duo. How did humans unlock this divine combination? A culinary mystery with delicious results.

4. My favourite! “Sorry, your uncle just died after eating that fish you prepared

Fish dish fail: when cooking goes wrong. “Sorry, your uncle just got a taste of my killer fish dish.” Whoops, that’s a recipe for disaster!

5. Blue cheese… someone left that out for too long, looked at it, shrugged their shoulders and went for it

Blue cheese: the result of culinary indifference. Left out too long? Let’s eat it anyway! A brave—or foolish—choice.

6. I imagine a lot of food discoveries came down to: “Do i eat this weird looking thing or starve to death?

Then they enjoyed it and told their friends

Food discoveries: a battle between hunger and curiosity. “Eat this weird thing or starve?” Turns out, it’s a delicious win-win!

7. The legend is that a goat header saw his goats eat the coffee berries and then get all hyper

Coffee, the fuel of hyper goats. Legend has it: goats go wild after coffee berries. And thus, humanity’s caffeine addiction was born!

8. The amount of effort you have to go through to make cashews edible

The cashew conundrum: from toxic shell to tasty snack. Who knew so much effort went into making cashews edible? The ultimate nut challenge!

9. All mushrooms are edible. Some just once

Mushroom roulette: all mushrooms are edible. Some just once. Bon appétit…or not?

10. Almost every edible mushroom. Lots of trial and error there, I bet

Edible mushrooms: a tale of trial and error. Every bite could be your last! Who knew foraging could be so risky?

11. What is a food that makes you thing, “How did humans discover this was edible?”

Culinary curiosities: foods that make you wonder. What brave soul first sampled these oddities? A taste test for the brave!

12. Almost every edible mushroom. Lots of trial and error there, I bet

Mushroom mysteries: a game of chance. Every meal is an adventure with these fungi. Trial, error, and hopefully no poisonings

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