“What If You Could Drink Hell?”: 20 Hilariously Spot-On Tweets About Hotels

Hotels can be strange places, and people often find funny things to tweet about their stays. These 20 tweets tell us about some of the weirdest and funniest things that have happened to people in hotels.

Think about going into your room and seeing a creepy painting, or being woken up at 3 AM by a fire alarm because someone smoked in their room. These are the kinds of stories that make people say, “What if you could drink hell?”

Each tweet is about a different funny or weird thing that happened in a hotel. Some people might tweet about a strange breakfast, while another finds something funny about the room itself.

#1. A Comedic Departure

#2. The Family Fortune Fears

#3. Hotel Math

#4. Booking Blunders

#5. Hotel Air Conditioning

#6. When Views Baffle

#7. The Truth Behind Hotel Mirrors

#8. The Photon’s Punchline

#9. The Unintended Ironing Show

#10 My Hotel Holiday Rule

#11. The Frosted Glass Oversight

#12. The Hotel Room Coffee Conspiracy

#13. Ensuring Both Thrones Feel Special

#14. A 22-Hour Room Service Affair

#15. Holy Humor

#16. When Hotel Lotion Goes Wrong

#17. The Conditioner-Lotion Confusion

#18. Repeat Offender

#19. A Peek into Hotel Life

#20. Finding Peace Away from the Pane

These tweets are like funny stories for travelers. They show that no matter how much you plan, anything can happen at a hotel. And with social media, anyone can share their funny story with the world.

So, when you stay at a hotel, remember these tweets and keep your sense of humor. You might end up with a funny hotel story of your own. Hotels are not just for sleeping; they’re places where funny things happen. So, get ready for some laughs on your next hotel visit. The best part of a hotel stay might just be the funny stories you can tell later.


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