Air France Cancellation Policy


Air France has likely surfaced in your airfare searches if you are planning a trip to Paris or elsewhere.

Perhaps you’ve even discovered a fantastic deal on an international ticket, but you’re not sure you’ll be able to take the trip because of your job schedule and other obligations.

Before you click “Purchase,” make sure to read the following information regarding Air France’s cancellation policy:.

Air France Cancellation and Refund Policy

Certain cost types, such as Flex fares, enable cancellations of tickets on Air France; however, nonrefundable flights are not.

You might even be charged a price, depending on the booking class, to cancel your ticket; some fare types only allow you to make itinerary or travel date changes, not cancellations in full.

Remember that you have to get in touch with the travel agency you bought your ticket from to receive a refund from Air France. Make direct reservations with Air France.

You only get a refund for the taxes and fees if you haven’t used the ticket and it is no longer valid.

Which Air France Tickets Allow for Cancellations?

1. Tickets booked in the last 24 hours

The Air France 24-hour cancellation policy permits the free cancellation of any ticket booked within the last 24 hours if your plans change soon after reserving a flight. This is a regulation from the US Department of Transportation that applies to all flights that have US origins.

You must schedule a flight at least seven days in advance of the outbound flight’s departure for the policy to be applicable. Should your flight depart earlier, cancellation costs can still apply.

2. Tickets booked in select fare classes

According to Air France’s cancellation policy, if you booked a specific type of ticket, you can qualify for a refund after 24 hours.

You can cancel any of the following ticket categories for free if you’re traveling within Europe:

  • Business class is fully flexible.
  • Economy class is fully flexible.

Additionally, the following booking classes are cancelable if your trip involves international travel:

  • Business class is fully flexible.
  • Premium economy is fully flexible.
  • Economy is fully flexible.

On intercontinental flights, certain booking classes can also be canceled for a fee, such as:

  • business class.
  • Premium economy fare class S.
  • Economy flexible.

The Air France flight change policy takes effect if your fare class isn’t listed and the ticket cannot be canceled outright.

In this instance, a nonrefundable, nontransferable coupon will be sent to you.

Since the money may only be used by the airline and is never returned to the original payment method used to purchase the ticket, it technically isn’t a refund.

Changes to most fare categories are subject to a charge. The original value of the unused portion of the flight cost will be deducted from the change fee for Air France, which varies.

Tickets Changed, Delayed or Canceled by the Airline

You are entitled to a free ticket cancellation if the airline modifies your itinerary before departure.

Even if you’ve already completed at least one leg of the itinerary, you can still cancel the unused portion of your ticket for a refund if you’ve already arrived at the airport and the flight has been delayed by at least five hours.

The same holds for Air France’s flight cancellations. If you choose not to rebook your trip, you can receive a refund as you are unable to fly a canceled flight.

Additionally, since Air France is a European airline, you are also entitled to additional compensation if the company’s control resulted in a delay or cancellation of your flight, such as technical problems or a crew shortage.

How to cancel an Air France flight

  • Go to “My Bookings” after logging into your Flying Blue account if your reservation was made directly with Air France. Select the flight you wish to cancel, then adhere to the guidelines.
  • Click “View ticket conditions” for further details if you’re unsure if you qualify for a travel voucher or a refund for your flight.
  • Online refunds can be completed in a little more than 30 days and are done at no extra cost.
  • Call 1-800-237-2747 or 1-711-833-2072, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., if you would like to cancel over the phone. Eastern Standard Time.

How to Cancel a Flying Blue Award Ticket

Using the Flying Blue loyalty program, you can modify or cancel your Air France award ticket by calling the Flying Blue customer support line at 1-800-375-8723.

For flights booked with Flying Blue miles, there is a change and cancellation cost of around $53 (50 euros).

The miles can be redeposited into your account for a nominal fee. Because the airline uses dynamic pricing, it is always conceivable that the redemption rate of the award has decreased after your purchase; therefore, it would be worthwhile to cancel and rebook a ticket.

Air France cancellation policy, recapped

While most Air France tickets are only eligible for travel credits, some are eligible for refunds. As long as you cancel your ticket within the 24-hour window, you can do it for free on Air France.

In all other situations, please review the tariff conditions on your ticket before proceeding. If you purchased an award ticket, there will be a cost to modify it or cancel it and receive your miles back.


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