Attention Millennials: Can you actually pass this impossible quiz?

Think you know your way around old-school gadgets and tools? This quiz might make you think twice. Take a trip down memory lane and test your skills by identifying these intriguing relics from bygone eras.

1. What’s this?

In a mix-up of signals, a school intercom system suddenly connects to drive-in speakers, broadcasting lunch plans to a startled audience. Chaos ensues as students debate the merits of spaghetti tacos and pickled popsicles.
A. Measuring tape.
B. Birth control
C. Cap gun ammo
D. Candy tape.
7. What did this do?
In a classic sitcom moment, Dad’s attempt to change the volume on the record player with the TV remote led to unexpected tunes blaring from the living room speakers. The family’s dance party ensued, much to Dad’s confusion.
A. Turned lights on and off
B. Controlled the temperature in the house
C. Controlled the TV
D. Changed the volume on a record player.
8. What would you use this for?
Grandma’s mix-up with a spell book turned chaotic: she cast spells to learn to spell, accidentally summoning addresses on the TV. Hilarity ensued in the living room.
A. Learning to spell
B. Addresses
C. Children’s toy
D. Casting spells
9. These used to be found in every car. What were they for?
In a humorous throwback, these items were once used to light cigarettes in every car. Today, they’d be more likely to start a surprise “smoke show” than the engine.
A. Powering the radio
B. Lighting cigarettes
C. Working the AC
D. Starting the engine manually.
10. What would you use this for?
Jim mistook the gear shift for a recliner lever while adjusting in the driver’s seat. The car lurched forward, leaving him reclined and bewildered.

A. To recline in a chair
B. To loosen a screw
C. To shift a car into a different gear
D. To open a window.

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