58 Beautiful Cherokee Girls Names


Cherokee names often have powerful meanings and connotations, making them a great choice for parents looking for strong and meaningful names for their little ones.

Cherokee girl names are no exception, with so many of them honoring the beauty of nature. Unlike other Native American names, Cherokee names are more often singular in concept than the compound names like Running River or Flying Butterfly that you’ll find among other languages and naming traditions.

Despite being the most authentic of American names, they rarely rank on the baby name popularity charts today. Even though these appellations are not used often, they provide beautiful options to celebrate your heritage and pass it down to the next generation. Let’s take a look at some Cherokee girl names for inspiration.

Cherokee Girl Names and their Meanings

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Cherokee girl names that come from animals, plants, and other natural aspects sound beautiful and have lovely meanings. You could choose a natural name for your little girl based on how she looks or acts.

1. Yona

Yona, sometimes spelled Yonah, is a Cherokee name for girls that means “bear.” This is a completely accessible appellation that sounds as beautiful as its meaning.

2. Adsila

Adsila is pronounced ahd-SEE-la. It’s one of the gorgeous Cherokee girl names with a botanical meaning of “blossom.”

3. Euna

Euna is one of the evocative Cherokee girl names that means “waterfall.” This is such a beautiful meaning associated with a stunning name.

4. Gola

Pronounced GOH-lah, Gola could be the perfect name for a winter baby. The appellation means “winter.”

5. Walela

In the Cherokee tradition, hummingbirds were once considered healing entities that came to the aid of those in a medical crisis. Walela is a name that means “hummingbird.”

6. Agasga

Pronounced ah-GAHS-ga, this is one of the Cherokee girl names that’s perfect for a baby born on a stormy day. This name means “rain.”

7. Kamama

Kamama is a percussive and beautiful option among these wonderful Cherokee girl names. It means “butterfly.” What’s not to love about this beautiful name?

8. Ahyoka

One of the Cherokee girl names with a meaning that’s impossibly stunning is Ahyoka, which means “she brought happiness.” The appellation is pronounced ah-YOH-ka.

9. Guwisti

Pronounced goo-wee-stee, Guwisti is one of the names that holds a lot of symbolism. The name means “sieve,” which symbolizes women and regeneration in Cherokee culture.

10. Hiawassee

Hiawassee comes from ayuhwasi, a Cherokee word that means “meadow.” The generous name is considered to mean “large meadow.”

11. Sasa

Another one of the extremely accessible Cherokee girl names, Sasa, is pronounced SAH-sa. The name means “goose.”

12. Salali

To correctly pronounce this Cherokee name, put emphasis on the second syllable, LAH. This playful-sounding name has a fun meaning to match “squirrel.”

13. Noya

Noya is a Cherokee name that means “sand.” And it’s also an extremely popular Hebrew name in Israel that means “beauty.” It’s a multi-cultural name with an excellent meaning, no matter how you translate it.

14. Usdi

Pronounced OOS-dee, Usdi is such a darling Cherkoo name for girls. It means “baby.” How precious is that?

15. Woya

Cherokee girl names really do have some of the most rewarding meanings out there. Woya is pronounced WOAH-ya and it means “dove.”

16. Ama

Ama is a name for girls that means “water” or “water master.” Naming records in the US were first recorded in 1880. Ama was a popular choice back then, ranking in the top 1000 from 1881 to 1885.

17. Tsula

Another one of the Cherokee girl names that might be mispronounced is Tsula, which is pronounced JEW-la. The TS is pronounced as a “J.” This attractive name means “fox.”

18. Tayanita

This name is pronounced as ah in Cherokee and the pronunciation of names will be much easier. Tayanita is pronounced TAH-yah-NEE-tah, with emphasis on the first and third syllables. This name means “young beaver.”

19. Citlali

Pronounced sit-LAH-lee, Citlali is one of the dreamiest Cherokee girl names, as it means “star.”

20. Unega

Unega is pronounced oo-NAY-gah. It’s one of the Cherokee girl names that refers to a color. It means “white.”

21. Immokalee

This name is pronounced with a long “E,” Immokalee is such a peaceful-sounding name. Its meaning is equally evocative, meaning “tumbling water.”

22. Amatha

The name Amatha would be a lovely choice for a baby girl born in the coastal regions, as it means “fish.”

23. Chenoa

Chenoa has variants in Chenoah, Chen, Chenoha, Chinoa, Chenowa and Noa which means ‘white dove’. Chenoa is a city in Illinois, and this name may have originated from a Cherokee word for the Kentucky River.

24. Kimi

Kimi means ‘secret’.

25.  Koko

Koko belongs to the Algonquin tribe and means ‘the night.’

26. Lomasi

Lomasi means ‘pretty flower’.

27. Lulu

Originating from the Apache tribe, this name means ‘rabbit.’

28. Mika

Originating from the Sioux tribe, this name means ‘raccoon.’

29. Mitena

Mitena means ‘coming moon.’

30. Moana

Originating from the Hawaiian tribe, Moana means ‘Calm waters’ and means ‘bitter’ as per the ‘Zuni’ tribe.

31. Nazshoni

Nazshoni is a cool and unique Cherokee name that could mean “brave warrior” or “fierce protector”. It has a powerful ring to it and could be a great name for a strong, determined individual.

32. Ninovan

Ninovan means ‘our home.’

33. Odina

As per the Algonquin tribe, Odina means ‘mountain.’

34. Opa

Opa belongs to the Choctaw tribe and means ‘owl’.

35. Pavati

Pavati means ‘clear water’.

36. Pocahontas

This name from the Algonquin tribe means ‘playful one.’

Beautiful Cherokee Girl Names


37. Adawosgi

Adawosgi makes for a very beautiful name in Cherokee, which means ‘like water’. The fluidity and versatility of water are the qualities the name embodies.

38. Adsila

Adsila is a Cherokee native American name, which means ‘blossom’.

39. Ama-edohi

This Cherokee name has a refreshing touch to it. It means ‘water-goer’ or ‘rainmaker’.

40. Chea

Chea is a popular name in the list of beautiful Cherokee names for girls, which means ‘beautiful’, ‘healthy’ and ‘prosperity’.

41. Danuwoa

Danuwoa is a Cherokee name that means ‘the warrior’. It is imbued with generational honor, making it a beautiful Cherokee name for girls.

42. Enu

Enu means ‘destiny’, ‘heartfelt’ and ‘charming’.

43. Gawonisgi

Gawonisgi is a common Cherokee name which means ‘speaker’.

44. Kunokeski

Kunokeski is a native Cherokee name which means ‘young tassel’.

45. Leotie

Leotie is a common Cherokee baby name which means ‘flower of the prairie’. It means ‘beautiful’, ‘rare’ and ‘elegant’.

46. Scolaguta

Scolaguta is a native Cherokee name which means ‘leader, ‘responsible’ and ‘discipline’.

47. Nanye-hi

Famous “beloved woman”

48. Qaletaqa

This royal Cherokee name means the guardian of the people

49. Atsila

Pronounced aht-SEE-la, Atsila is a warm choice for a baby girl, as this name means “fire.”

50. Awinita

Awinita means “fawn.” This delicate yet strong appellation is pronounced ah-wee-NEE-ta; it’s a beautiful name of a girl child in Cherokee.

51. Behita

Behita, is a powerful Cherokee name which means ‘beginning of an event’ or ‘an eagle child.’

52. Dyani

Diani, Dayani, and Dyani belong to the Sioux tribe and mean ‘deer.’

53.  Enola

Enola is a popular name in the list of beautiful Cherokee names; it means ‘magnolia’.

54. Fala

Fala is a strong Cherokee name, which means ‘a crow’.

55. Istas

Istas is a favourite in the list of beautiful Cherokee names for girls, which means ‘snow’ in Native American culture.

56. Kachina

Kachina is a strong Cherokee name, which means ‘spirit’.

57. Galilahi

Galilahi is a great Cherokee name that might trip some people up but it’s totally worth it. The name is pronounced GAH-lee-LAH-hee, which sounds especially lyrical to us. This appellation means “attractive.”

58. Inola

Inola, is a popular Cherokee name, which means ‘black fox’.

Cherokee Naming Traditions

Every Cherokee child would go through naming ceremony. This typically involved being named by one of the tribe’s “Beloved” women within seven days of birth.

The number “7” carries deep, sacred meaning for the Cherokee people, as there were seven clans, and it was believed there were seven levels to the universe.

In this culture, a person’s name could change at one point in their life if they achieved or accomplished great things. The Cherokee believed that names could evolve along with a person’s identity.

Traditional Cherokee names were spoken and written in the Cherokee language and later translated into English by settlers who used the sound of the name to create an English version.

Native Names

Cherokee are traditionally reserved for members of Native American tribes. If you want to be culturally sensitive and you’re not a member of the Cherokee Nation, consider using these names only as inspiration to invent your own baby name.


While baby name fashions come and go, some fascinating and powerful Cherokee names exude a charm and elegance that will always remain in style.




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