Diddy’s Sons King & Justin Present in L.A. …For Chance’s Graduation

Diddy‘s family members were out and about in Los Angeles this week to celebrate one of his children’s graduation, including his two sons who were involved in the West Coast raid.

The hip-hop mogul’s family partied Thursday night, following his teenage daughter Chance’s high school graduation ceremony — and while Papa Bear was not present, you could argue he was there in spirit.

Diddy’s Sons King & Justin Present in L.A. ...For Chance's Graduation
Photo Credit: myfancychance/Instagram

Justin and King Combs were among the students who assaulted Mr. Chow after graduation; as you can see, they were not concealing or shying away from anything. They appeared cheerful.

King was the only one who spoke to the cameras — aside from Quincy, who was also present and having a good time — and when asked how Diddy was doing, he replied his father was well, although a grand jury had been called.

Justin, on the other hand, was a little more reserved about the matter; he didn’t say much when asked about his father, but the fact that they’re out there speaks volumes.

Recall that previously, Diddy had informed his family that he would not be attending Chance’s graduation, and he had also missed his twin daughters’ prop a few weeks prior. Well, his family members seem to have represented him well as everyone was seen happy and having a great time.

Since the raids, he has kept a low profile in Miami. Speaking of raids, Justin and King were caught up in the Los Angeles one, where they were pulled by federal officials and jailed. And yet… there’s no care in the world here.


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