35 Lovely Egyptian Girl Names


Egypt has a vast history dating back 5,000 years. Many Egyptian girl names date back to ancient times and were inspired by notable female pharaohs, queens, and goddesses. Others are more modern, with Arabic influences.

Whether you want something from the past or the present, this list of Egyptian names for girls will certainly have something for you!

Next, we’ll look at each name’s origin, popularity, and style to help you identify the greatest possibilities for your Egyptian princess.”Lion cub”.

It was the name given to the daughter of Umar Bon Al-Khattab, a renowned Muslim leader.

Egyptian Girl Names

1. Hathor

This lovely Egyptian-origin name represents everything wonderful in life, including art, dance, and music. Hathor, which means “the estate of Horus,” has been worshipped from the early dynasties.

2. Heba

It means “gift from God” and is a lovely name that your baby girl will like when she grows up. It has Arabic roots and is a variant of the Greek word Hebe.

3. Heqet

In ancient Egypt, Heqet was regarded as a fertility goddess. Its name appears to come from the word “heqa,” which means “ruler.”

4. Ife

This is a Yoruba word that signifies “love.” When choosing a name for your daughter, a name full of purity and grace will undoubtedly become your favorite.

5. Isis

Isis is the Egyptian name for the goddess of motherhood. She has a good character and was one of Ennead’s nine gods.

6. Jomana

It is a variation of the name Jumana, which translates as “silver pearl.” It has an Arabic root.

7. Keket

This is a powerful Egyptian name meaning “goddess of darkness.” Giving your daughter this name will help her grow into a strong leader and self-sufficient individual.

8. Khepri

This is also a significant Egyptian name because it is the name of the Egyptian god of the movement of the sun, as well as “to create”. Your young girl with this name will certainly do fantastic things as she grows.

9. Kissa

Kissa is an African name that means “born after twins” or “first daughter”. It’s the ideal name for your baby girl if she’s your first fruit.

10. Lapis

This is a Persian name for “azure blue stone”. This name symbolizes who your daughter is to you: a treasured diamond.

11. Lateefah

Lateefah means “gentle” and is of African/Arab origin. It will be an amazing name for your baby because people with this name are expressive, whether singing or writing in public.

12. Layla

It is an Arabic/Egyptian name with multiple meanings, including “night” and “a child born at night.” A lovely name for your little damsel with a feminine feel.

13. Lotus

This word is Greek in origin and refers to an exotic flower. It represents grace and purity, which accurately describe your beautiful daughter.

14. Maibe

This name has Egyptian roots and means “grave”. This is a soulful name for your little girl.

15. Mandisa

Mandisa means “sweet” and has African and Egyptian origins. It’s a cute way to address your little damsel.

16. Mariam

It is a biblical baby girl name and the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name Miriam, which refers to Moses and Aaron’s sister. It is also of Arabic origin, meaning “rebellion.”

17. Marik

A lovely name with an African origin is the ideal name for your child if she was born during the rainy season since it means “baby born in the rain.”

18. Maye

Maye is an attractive name for babies born in May because it means “the month of May.” Maye has both Norman and French roots and is said to bring happiness to individuals who wear the name.

19. Nailah

This Arabic name means “to attain”.

20. Neith

This name is Greek in origin and was the name of an Armenian goddess of wisdom and war.

Neith, an Egyptian name meaning “divine mother,” is an excellent choice for your infant girl. The Egyptian goddess of femininity is also known as Neith.

21. Nenet

Another powerful Egyptian name translates to “goddess of the deep”. It is a bold name with a hint of mysticism that emphasizes a woman’s inner beauty.

22. Nephthys

Nephthys is of Greek and Egyptian origin, and its meaning is “lady of the house”. In various Egyptian cosmologies, the “useful goddess” is also known by this name.

23. Nour

The name is Nour comes from Arabic and means “light”. It’s the perfect name for your baby girl, as she will be the light in the house, brightening your day whenever you see her face.

24. Nubia

An Egyptian name that means “from Nubia”. People with this name are thought to be nice and quiet.

25. Onofria

In Egyptian mythology, Onofria is a god’s name that also means “always glad”. It’s the type of character you want your child to associate with.

26. Rabia

Rabia means “spring” and has an Arabic link. It also represents number 4.

27. Rana

This is a sweet-sounding Arabic-original name with the lovely meaning “eye-catching.”

28. Rehema

This name, which means “compassion” in Swahili, has African roots and is ideal for your newborn.

29. Safiya

Safiya, which means “pure”, is a lovely feminine name with Arabic roots that perfectly captures what your bundle of joy means to you.

30. Sara

This is a variant of the Hebrew biblical name Sarah, which means “princess”. This is the perfect name for your little princess.

31. Shani

This wonderful Hebrew name, which means “marvelous,” is ideal for your lovely child because she is truly marvelous.

32. Tanit

This name comes from Punic mythology and is the name of the goddess of love and fertility.

33. Tauret

Another significant name comes from Egyptian mythology, since it refers to the goddess of pregnant women. Those who carry this name are said to have charming personalities.

34. Thema

You’ll appreciate this African-inspired name for your newborn girl because it means “queen.”

Tiye originated in Ancient Egypt as the name of a queen and mother of Akhenaten. Blessing your daughter with this name will help her grow into an adventurous and independent woman in life.

35. Zuberi

This is an ancient Egyptian name that means “strong.” You’ll undoubtedly want to consider this name for your little girl because people with this name are thought to have great leadership abilities.

Egyptian Queen Names

There were many great queens in ancient Egypt; therefore, any of the following would be an inspiring and empowering name for your baby girl:

  • Ankhesenamun: She was Egypt’s queen and the wife of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose name means “her life is of Amun”.
  • Aya: Aya was an ancient Egyptian queen whose name has recently gained fame.
  • Cleopatra: Cleopatra, one of history’s most famous female monarchs, was known for both her brains and her beauty. You couldn’t find a stronger female role model.
  • Hatshepsut, whose name means “foremost of noble ladies,” was one of ancient Egypt’s most successful pharaohs and is remembered for her vast building projects.
  • Merneith, meaning “beloved of Neith,” was one of Egypt’s earliest known queens and served as a strong regent for her son.
  • Mutnedjmet was Egypt’s queen and the wife of Pharaoh Horemheb, with the name meaning “sweet mother”.
  • Nefertari, Neferteri, or Nefertiri: Meaning “beautiful companion,”  she was Pharaoh Ramesses II’s cherished wife, famed for her beauty and cleverness.
  • Nefertiti: She was Egypt’s queen during the time of Pharaoh Akhenaten, and her name means “the beautiful one has come.”
  • Nitocris, which means “daughter of the gods,” was a fabled Egyptian queen and strong monarch.
  • Sobekneferu, which means “the beauty of Sobek,” was Egypt’s first known female pharaoh, ruling during the 12th dynasty.
  • Tawosret was a queen of Egypt’s 19th dynasty, whose name means “she who is powerful like the goddess Wosret.”
  • Tiye, which means “great royal wife,” was Egypt’s queen during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and was well-known for her political power.


Egyptian girl names are extremely important in Egyptian culture, representing the Nile Valley’s ancient history and spirituality. These names are frequently inspired by the mythology of gods and goddesses, historical figures, or natural elements, lending them a distinct and meaningful identity.

In Egyptian culture, names are more than just labels; they serve as a link between the individual and the civilization’s collective history. Egyptian female names are full of meaning, reflecting qualities like power, beauty, knowledge, and endurance.

Furthermore, the linguistic beauty of these names, which are frequently based on the exquisite sounds of the Arabic language, adds to their appeal.

Naming is a deliberate and detailed process that incorporates family values, religious beliefs, and child-specific goals. These names serve as a medium for cultural identity, bringing generations together while preserving Egypt’s rich heritage.

Whether you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind and meaningful name or simply enjoy the sound of Egyptian, you’ll find plenty of alternatives.

From Nefertari to Isis, there is a name for every future monarch. So, mama-to-be, make your choices thoughtfully, and know that whatever you choose, your child will be a true goddess.

Happy naming!

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