10 Top Family-Friendly Resorts In Costa Rica


Family-friendly resorts in Costa Rica are places where families spend their holidays or vacations for a specific period of time in order to have a new and memorable experience. Costa Rica is located in central America. It is a resort surrounded by different beaches, rainforests, biodiversity and cultures.

A resort in Costa Rica is a place where you can enjoy a lot of activities with your family. Examples of such resorts include Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Forest Resort, Westin Golf Resort, Peninsula Papagayo, Hotel Punta Islita and lots more.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 family-friendly resorts in Costa Rica, factors to consider and the reasons why Costa Rica is a regular place for families.

10 Top Family-Friendly Resorts In Costa Rica

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There are different types of resorts at which one can have a vacation, depending on what you want. Nevertheless, there are top family-friendly resorts, among others. The following are the top 10 family-friendly resorts in Costa Rica:

1. Westin Golf Resort

This resort engages in a lot of activities in order to make our vacation memorable. Some of the activities you get to enjoy at the resort include swimming in pools, enjoying the natural view of the beaches, partying at  clubs, etc.

2. Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

This resort is based on nature, which has to do with wildlife experience. This resort is for people who love to increase their knowledge and discover new things about nature.

A review by Dan Beekhuizen “The Most Wonderful Place In the World to View Monkeys, Beautiful EcoLodge, Great Food, Vegetarian Menu as Well as Regular Menu, the Views Are Incredible, Villas Have Everything You Need, The Staff is Dedicated to Your Enjoying Every Minute, Macaws, Toucans, All Right in the Trees by Your Room”

3. Peninsula Papagayo

One of the major things you enjoy in this kind of resort is the national park. It also has other facilities, like a swimming pool and a club.

4. Hotel Punta Islita

It is a resort that is related to adventure and culture. about their culture. It is a place of new discovery that so many families would love to experience.

A review by Clane Gessel Studio “An AMAZING wedding venue and backdrop. WOW. We’ve shot weddings and events in over 55 countries and this one truly stood out. The personalized service at Punta Islita, Autograph Collection, sets it apart as a top-tier wedding destination”.

5. Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Forest Resort

It is close to Quips Beach. It has a forest where diverse animals can be found, like monkeys.  Family members can engage in activities like going hiking around this resort.

6. Barceló Tambor

This resort occupies a larger part of Costa Rica. There are various activities, like night shows, clubs and swimming pools. For your comfort, it is best to go with important essentials like a cardigan, swimming wares, shoes, shocks, water, extra clothes, etc.

A review by Marcela Fonseca “Great food! Various activities (we played volleyball, mini golf, tennis, ping pong) and spent a lovely time during our family vacation”.

7. Dreams Las Mareas

This resort is set on a beautiful beach and has a lot of water sports for both kids and adults. There is a water slide provided mainly for kids and a pool for adults.

8. JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort

This resort is set on Mansita Beach, where you can sit a little close to the beach so as to view the Pacific Ocean. There is provision for restaurants, clubs, sports, etc.

9. Tabacon Thermal Resort

This is mostly for kids and teenagers to visit La Fortuna Jungle. It is necessary that the kids come along with sandals or jungle boots.

10. Costa Rica

This is a resort that provides museums of art and architectural work. It is a place where you can learn new things relating to architecture.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Resort

Going to resorts in Costa Rica has become a family-friendly experience that has taken over every other frequented place. It is one of the popular places many people love to go for a vacation.

It is so evident that the level of exposure there cannot be overemphasized, but rather it is best to experience it yourself, specifically in Costa Rica.

In the course of your vacation in Costa Rica, you will not only engage in fun activities but also be educated on different things around the place: wild life, where you learn more about animals; adventure, where you discover new things; language, where you learn how to speak the Costa Rican language; and culture, where you learn what their culture is all about.

To choose a resort in Costa Rica, there are some factors to consider, such as having a pleasant and memorable vacation experience. The following are factors to consider:

1. Amenities For Resort

Research on the kind of resort that provides all the amenities for families in order to make yourself and your family comfortable during your stay in Costa Rica

2. Safety And Security

Your safety should be a priority when deciding on the resort you want for you and your family. Make sure that there is a lifeguard and safety measures around the place.

3. Dining Option

This is another factor to be considered. You need to check in for their dining option and ensure they have different accommodations for children.

4. Budget Consideration

This is an important factor to consider before choosing a resort. Your budget will determine the kind of resort to use and also guide you on how to spend your money.

5. Location And Accessibility

Despite the fact that all resorts in Costa Rica have beaches, It is still important to select a location for yourself and your family that can be easily accessible, especially for the children.

6. Language And Culture

Consider if the resort provides cultural experience so as to enable you to learn a new language and culture of Costa Rica. This can be a new experience for your family.

7. Activities For All Ages

This is another factor you need to consider before deciding on the resort.

12 Reasons Why Costa Rica Is A Regular Place For Family-Friendly Resorts

Costa Rica has become a frequent and popular place used for resorts due to the numerous experiences one can find there. Examples of those experiences are wildlife encounters, cultural experiences, adventure, relaxation, etc.

The following are 12 reasons why Costa Rica is a regular resort:

1. It Has A Stunning National Park

Costa Rica has become a national park for diverse countries due to its percentage of world biodiversity. One of the national parks is Tenoria Volcano, where you can see the stunning biosphere water fall by taking a hike.

2. It Boasts Active And Dormant Volcanoes

These are places where small rocks and stream surfaces erupt into the earth. One of the reasons Costa Rica is used regularly is as a result of hiking activities that require climbing from one rock to another.

3. It Offers Wildlife Experience

This is another reason why Costa Rica is a family-friendly resort. You get to see a variety of animals living in a reserve in Costa Rica. During your resorts, you will have the ability to see even animals that are not so common in the environment.

You will also have knowledge of some important things to know about animals, e.g., the type of food, their sex, their characteristics and their reproductive process.

4. Its Surrounded With Different Birds

The existence of birds in a particular environment can add to its beauty. In Costa Rica, you can watch and identify different types of bird because you are surrounded by them.

5. It Is Used For Adventure

Costa Rica is a place for any kind of adventure. This adventure helps you learn and discover more about a particular thing. You can go on adventures like hiking, surfing, zip-lining, scuba diving, etc.

6. It Is A Place For Foodies

In Costa Rica, you cannot lack food due to the availability of seafood, which has made it a suitable and comfortable place to stay.

7. It Has Beaches

Costa Rica is a pleasant place for vacation because it is entangled with a lot of activities. It is a place where you will find different beaches of your choice. It has different beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

8. It Is Recognized As The Best Resort

People see the place as the best resort where one can have a vacation due to the various activities provided.

9. Potent National Beverage

It has a beverage like sweet liqueur, which is made from sugar cane.

10. Good Coffee Drink

During your resort, you can get coffee inside the place without going throughout.

11. Convenient Vocational Location

The location of Costa Rica is one of the major reasons it has been chosen for a resort. It has a very conducive and convenient environment for one to have his or her vacation.

12. It Is A Happy Experience

A family-friendly resort in Costa Rica is an experience that brings happiness. It is a place where you relieve your mind of all burdens.

Final word

The resort in Costa Rica is indeed a memorable place for families that have gone there for vacation. It provides so many activities based on the one you want to explore. With recent feedback on a family-friendly resort in Costa Rica, you can’t afford not to experience it too. For a perfect guide on resorts, there is a need to read it all over again.


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