Funny Jokes for Dads Who Love to Make You Groan

Dad jokes are funny and make everyone laugh, from kids to grandparents. They’re great for dads wanting new jokes, kids who love silly humor, and adults missing their dad’s jokes. Being goofy is a special talent.

1. OJ Simpson and a Slow White Bronco

OJ’s slow chase in the white Bronco captivated the nation. Imagine a dad narrating it dramatically, only to reveal he’s just late for a barbecue because he drove slowly to save gas.

2. The Ham is Melting, the Turkey is Suspended in Midair

Dad’s cooking Thanksgiving dinner. He microwaves the ham, which melts, and tries to deep-fry the turkey, which ends up suspended on a hook. “Well, at least it’s not burnt!”

3. What is a Physicist’s Favorite Food? Fission Chips

A dad physicist tells his kids he’s making fission chips for dinner. The kids are confused until he reveals it’s just regular fish and chips with a science joke garnish.

4. Dads Showing Other Dads Where the Cheapest Gas Is

In a secret dad club, they share maps with gas station locations and prices. One dad discovers the ultimate cheap gas spot, and they all celebrate with backyard BBQs.

5. Friend: Why Are You Laughing? Me: Nothing Brain

At a party, a dad laughs out loud. When asked why, he says “nothing,” but his brain is replaying a classic dad joke about a chicken crossing the road.

6. Egg Gorhls

Dad’s breakfast special: egg gorhls. The kids groan as he proudly serves scrambled eggs with faces drawn in ketchup, claiming they’re the latest culinary trend.

7. What Color is the Wind? Blew

Dad asks, “What color is the wind?” The kids ponder before he bursts out, “Blew!” The kids roll their eyes, and dad savors the groan-filled victory.

8. Dad’s Selfie Game is Too Strong

Dad’s selfies feature exaggerated poses and wild backgrounds. He outdoes his kids’ social media game, proving that dad humor transcends even the digital age.

9. The First Fast and Furious Movie

Dad watches the first Fast and Furious, then challenges the kids to a race on foot. He slow-mo runs around the yard, imitating the movie’s action scenes.

10. If You Know, You Know

Dad uses this phrase about the secret of perfect BBQ sauce. When pressed for details, he winks and says, “If you know, you know,” leaving everyone mystified.

11. Counting Cows Instead of Sheep

Dad’s bedtime advice: “Count cows, not sheep.” He adds, “It’s pasture bedtime!” The kids groan, but they fall asleep picturing a peaceful farm.

12. So Shanty It’s Sher Berthday

Dad belts out a shanty, replacing words with “Sher” in honor of her birthday. The family laughs and cringes, appreciating his dedication to dad humor.

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