60 Powerful Goddess Names for Girls


Goddess names for girls exude the beauty, strength and divine qualities attributed to different legendary figures held in high esteem.

These names provide a sense of timeless grace and majesty. Naming your female child after a goddess is a way of appreciating their rich cultural and mythological history.

Many parents want to incorporate strength and power into their baby girl’s name. That is why they choose ancient goddess or celestial names for their newborns.

These names could be the names of Roman Goddesses, Greek Goddesses, Norse Goddess names, and several other cultures that value such legendary names. In this piece, we’ll see some goddess names and their meanings.

Goddess Names for Girls

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1. Aaradhya

In Hinduism, the name Aaradhya implies worship. So it means “God’s Daughter.”

2. Aarya

Aarya is another name for Goddess Parvathi, also known as Goddess Durga. It represents faithfulness, wisdom, auspiciousness, benevolence and honor.

3. Aditi

Aditi, a Hindu goddess, is of Vedic origin. She is sometimes referred to as the Goddess of the Sky, Earth, and Unconsciousness. This name means “boundless” or “innocent” in Sanskrit.

4. Aglaea

Aglaea is one of the three daughters of the Greek deity Jesus. In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of brightness, grandeur, magnificence, and beauty.

5. Aine

The name is of Irish origin and means “radiance.” Aine is a Celtic goddess who is believed to be the goddess of wealth and summer.

6. Al-Uzza

Al-Uzza is the name of an Arabian goddess who existed before Islam. The name itself translates as a goddess in Arabic.

7. Alala

According to Greek mythology, Alala means “war cry.” This goddess’ name comes from the onomatopoeic Greek word ‘Alale.’

8. Alectrona

Alectrona implies brilliant, iridescent and amber. She is a Greek goddess recognized as the goddess of the sun.

9. Alethea

Alethea is the name of an ancient Greek deity, also known as the goddess of Truth. The name means truth in Latin.

10. Alilat

Alilat is a sibling of the Arabian Goddess Al-Uzza. She is often referred to as the Goddess of War and Peace.

11. Allat

Allat is related to the Greek goddess Athena. It also has Islamic roots, as Allah’s daughter.

12. Allatum

Allatum, the goddess of the underworld, has Persian origins. It refers to immortal spirits.

13. Amalthea

Amalthea translates as “tender goddess” in Greek mythology. The name also appears in Greek mythology as the name of a goat that nursed the young Zeus and protected him from his father, Cronos.

14. Ambrosia

According to Greek origin, the name Ambrosia signifies immortality. They knew her as the Goddess of Immortality.

15. Ambuja

Goddess Lakshmi is known by various names. It means “born from Lotus.”

16. Anahita

The Persian name means “river and water.” Anahita is also known as the goddess of water, fertility and wisdom.

17. Anisa

This name has Dominican, Haitian, and Puerto Rican origins. Anaisa is the Goddess of Fertility. She is also referred to as the goddess of love, happiness and wealth.

18. Andarta

According to Celtic mythology, Andarta is the war goddess of victory. The name is also associated with the goddess of love in the Dominican and Puerto Rican cultures.

19. Angelia

The name means “messenger of God” or “angel” in Italian. She is regarded as the goddess of the moon.

20. Anjea

Anjea is the fertility goddess or spirit in Australian aboriginal mythology.

21. Anatheia

Anthea, according to Greek mythology, is the goddess of floral wreaths and flowers.

22. Aparna

Aparna is another name for Goddess Parvati. The word translates to “leafless” in Sanskrit since she is recognized for her ability to live without eating leaves.

23. Aphea

The feminine name is of Greek origin and means “truth.”Aphea is a well-known name in England since the 18th century. She is also known as the Greek Goddess of truth.

24. Aphrodite

She was the ancient Greek goddess associated with beauty and sexual love. The name comes from the Greek word Afros, which means foam, because it is claimed that Aphrodite was born from white foam.

25. Arubani

Arubani is an old mythological deity from the Middle East. She was known as the Fertility Goddess.

26. Archie

The name is Greek in origin and means initial principle or starting.

27. Ariadne

The name translates as the Holy One. Ariadne is the daughter of a Greek King named Minos.

28. Artemis

Artemis is the goddess of wilderness, the moon, virginity and wild animals. She is Zia and Leto’s daughter, as well as Apollo’s twin sister.

29. Asia

According to Greek mythology, Asia is one of the oceans. This name means “sunrise.”

30. Asteria

The name Asteria means “star” and is of Greek origin. She is also known as the Goddess of Justice and Innocence.

31. Astraea

According to Greek mythology, Astrea is the daughter of Eos and Astreaeus. She is a virgin goddess who represents purity and perfection. The name alternatively translates as starry night or star maiden.

32. Astrapa

In Greek mythology, Astrapa is recognized as the goddess of personification and lightning. She is Zeus’ servant and Bronte’s sister.

33. Atlanta

In Greek mythology, Atalanta is recognized as the goddess of running. The name means “equal in weight,” and she is a well-known heroine from ancient Greek stories.

34. Athena

The Goddess of War and Wisdom. The name is of Greek origin and is a popular female name. It has several connotations, the most prevalent is someone who is wise.

35. Aura

This name is of Latin origin and means “breath or wind.” Aura is the Titan goddess of chilly air and early morning breezes.

36. Aurora

Aurora is known as the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. The Latin term Aurora means “dawn.”

37. Ayesha

This Arabic name means “womanly,” “prosperity,” and “victory.” The Swahili meaning of this name is “life.” Ayesha is referred to be the Arabic moon goddess.

38. Badoura

It is a Muslim name that translates as the goddess of beauty.

39. Bakairi

Bakairi is the goddess associated with day and night. She is known as the Keeper of Dreams and the Sun. They also call her Evaki.

40. Bani

This is one of several titles given to the Hindu goddess Saraswati. The name means “earth.”

41. Batul

The name is Arabic in origin and denotes a real woman devotee to Allah or spotless.

42. Belinda

The name is of German and Spanish origin. It refers to the pretty one. You might have heard of this name from Alexander Pope’s renowned poem, The Rape of the Lock.

43. Bhaskari

Bhaskar is another name for the Hindu goddess Durga. Its meaning implies “radiant like the sun.”

44. Bhavani

Bhavani is one of several names given to the Hindu goddess Parvati. It also refers to the sword presented to Shivaji and the name of a river. The name means “giver of life.”

45. Bia

Bia, in ancient Greek mythology, refers to a tremendous force or raw energy. She is sometimes referred to as the Goddess of Strength.

46. Brigid

Brigid is an Irish/Gaelic feminine name that denotes strength, virtue, and power. The Celtic Goddess Brigid is also regarded as the goddess of healing and agriculture.

47. Brinda

The name Brinda means tulsi or basil in Hindi. It is an alternate name for the Hindu goddess Radha.

48. Bronte

The name Bronte originates from Greek and means “thunder.” It is also known as the goddess who personifies thunder.

49. Caelestis

It means heavenly. Caelestis is the Goddess of Divine Balance and Justice.

50. Caliope

Calliope is the goddess of singing, music, and dancing. She is also regarded as the source of eloquence and a passion for poetry.

51. Callyrhoe

According to Greek mythology, it refers to a beautiful flow. Callirrhoe is the daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys.

52. Calypso

The term Calypso refers to the one who conceals. She is revered as the Goddess of Beauty and Strange Power. According to Greek mythology, Odysseus detains her for more than seven years.

53. Ceres

Ceres is recognized as the Goddess of Harvest. She is also known as the mythical Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture. The name means to grow.

54. Cerridwen

Cerridwen is the Celtic mythological goddess of knowledge, regeneration, and inspiration. She is a shape-shifter and one of the underworld’s most powerful goddesses. The name means “blessed.”

55. Chakrikaa

The Hindu goddess Lakshmi is also known as Chakrikaa. It represents prosperity.

56. Chandra

The Hindu goddess Durga is known by several names, including Chandra. It refers to someone who is formed like a bell. In Sanskrit, it also means the moon.

57. Chandrapura

Chandrapura means “the invincible one.” This is another name for the Hindu deity Parvati.

58. Charis

Charis, in Greek mythology, is the goddess of charm, benevolence, life, and grace. She is also the wife of Hephaestus.

59. Chloe

This name is of Greek origin and means “fertility or blooming” in Greek. She is also known as the goddess of Demeter.

60. Chumash

Chumash is the Goddess of Earth. This Indian name also refers to the goddess of flowers called Dhatura.


These goddess names for girls are excellent ways to appreciate the strong women in our mythology from other nations. It’s great to see these names used in our present time.


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