List Of Fake Travel Agency Names In Nigeria and How to Identify Them


Are in search of a comprehensive list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria? You are in luck! In this article, you will find out all you need to know about them, including the ways to detect which travel agency is legit or fake.

Although these fake travel agencies are online and have real social media accounts and phone numbers, that doesn’t mean they are real. There are certain travel agencies that have been reported for their fraudulent activities. They include Genuine Visa Consult, Continental Travel and Tour, and a bunch of others.

Nigeria is such a beautiful place but it is not void of those who delight in defrauding people. They come up with unrealistic offers that make you wonder how true they are. Unfortunately, many people still fall prey to their criminal schemes. Let’s go on to the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria.

List Of Travel Agency Names In Nigeria

It is important to know the list of travel agency names in Nigeria to avoid falling victim. It is better to be informed so it will be easy to make proper, informed choices that won’t cost you severe consequences.

1. Genuine Visa Consult

Genuine visa consult is not as genuine as you would think or expect. This organization has a strong reputation of defrauding unsuspecting people. They have real social media accounts and phone numbers but that is their means of trapping sincere people. It is on the top of the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria.

2. Continental Travel And Tour

This organization is next on the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria. They are also on social media and have real phone numbers. One of the most suspicious trait they have is that they often change their phone numbers. Which serious organization changes their contact details very often? none to make matters worse, they don’t just change numbers; they change their locations as well.

3. Travelbetatour

This is yet another supposed travel agency that is on the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria. Formerly known as Thelight travel and tour, an individual under the name of Taiwo Hammed Adedapo has been duping people of their hard-earned money. Like the others before him, he has been changing the name of the travel agency, convincing people and defrauding them in the end.

4. AR Travels And Tours

This AR travel and tour is definitely on the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria. He is reportedly known for telling people to send money to an account that is not under his own name. Once, someone who nearly fell victim to his schemes took a screenshot of an article that exposed his tricks. He went ahead to send the screenshot to the man behind AR travel and tour. Guess what happened after that? He deleted the account number he sent and blocked the person! Please beware of them.

5. Zidora Travel And Tour

This is yet another travel agency on the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria. There are a lot of them out there and not all of them have been called out as much as the ones mentioned above.

They all share the same traits they change their phone numbers and names as often as they can and they also delete and block the comments of those who have fallen prey to them. If they find out that they are exposed, they will find ways to block you from interfering in their fraudulent business.

How To Identify A Fake Travel Agency

This is fairly simple; you just have to pay more attention to them and do your research properly. All fake travel agencies share the same traits; they all have the same tactics. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were all in cahoots with each other. Let’s find in details how to identify the fake from the real.

1. Too Good To Be True Offers

Do you hear an alarm ring in your head when you hear things that are just too good to be true? That is 90% correct, half of the time. Fake travel agencies will always showcase offers that are plainly outrageous.

They do this with the intention of swaying you and getting your attention, because who doesn’t like good things? truth is, good things don’t come very cheap and free things don’t always have much value.

To know what is real from the fake, please ensure to ask around first before concluding on anything. Most times, after you have asked real people who have toured the route you are headed, you will find out that their story is usually very different from the one that these fake agencies tell you.

2. Informal Communication Approach

Every real travel agency have protocols and will never use a communication approach that is informal. Only fake travel agencies do; they might chat you up privately or want to meet up with you at a location that is not their office.

Fake travel agencies don’t have permanent phone numbers; all their phone numbers change too often. Real travel agencies have official website and social media accounts that they use to carry out their business, not fake travel agencies. They don’t have anything that is official because it could make them traceable.

3. Inconsistent Provision Of Services

If you find out that the travel agency is not consistent, then you can be sure to discover that they are fake. The on-and-off irregularities of any travel agency shows that they shouldn’t be trusted. Their absence most of the time is because they’ve been discovered and banned so many times that they end up trying to find other ways of getting to you.

Real travel agencies are not inconsistent; they are always there to lend a helping hand anytime that you need it. They ensure to guide you, help you in case of emergencies and ensure your safety.

4. Incomplete Travel Packages

There are certain packages that real travel agencies provide; they include the following:

  • They offer travel advice that is consistent.
  • They help to sort out your itineraries and travel plans.
  • They help in Visa application.
  • They provide airlines ticket reservations.
  • They provide evidence of funds and travel intentions.
  • They provide hotel or accommodation reservations.
  • They provide up-to-date travel information and requirements.
  • They provide summer or vacation plans, even at certain discounts

Out of all the services provided by real travel agencies, fake travel agencies do not provide any of them.

5. They Have No Legal Certificates

Every real travel agency in Nigeria is certified by three (3) recognized organizations. They are certified by the following:

  • National Civil Aviation Authority
  • Registration With The Corporate Affairs Commission
  • International Air Transport Association

The list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria is not recognized positively by the organizations stated above. So ensure to check out any travel agency you come across on the websites of these organizations.

6. Influencing Illegal Travel Routes Options

The travel agencies on the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria may influence you negatively. They do that by encouraging you to embark on journeys through illegal travel routes. Not only them, but any travel agency that does the same is definitely not looking out for your safety. No real travel agency will jeopardize your safety by encouraging you, let alone allowing you to embark on such journeys.

7. Inadequate Travel Knowledge And Information

It is never ideal to have poor knowledge about decisions you want other people to take. How do you assure them that that decision is right for them? No real travel agency will give you incomplete or out-of-date information about travel details.

Those on the list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria and many of their likes do not have access to the right information. Not only that, they don’t have up-to-date knowledge about travel routes and other important details.

8. They Provide Offers That Contradict Real Facts

Even after carrying out researches, many still fall victim to those on the list of travel agency names in Nigeria. This is because when they get in contact with these so-called travel agents, they are thoroughly confused.

In a bid to convince you, they first of all confuse you by disregarding everything you have researched and trashing them out. Some use sentiments to get their way; others profess to be so called pastors in religious organizations to sway you.

Those of them who are not knowledgeable enough will instantly agree with whatever you say just to get you to pay. Real travel agents are not; they help you remove all your doubts and assure your safety.

9. Outrageous Requests Of Confidential Information And Passwords

No real travel agency will request for your confidential details, not even your passwords. Even banks will never do that, asking for your personal information is not ideal or professional. Real travel agencies will never ask for your bank account details or your email log in details.


The list of fake travel agency names in Nigeria highlights different people under the guise of real travel agencies. It is not limited to them; there are many others out there who are fraudulent. Please beware of such scammers, Before concluding, ensure to check out the websites of any travel agency. Thoroughly check out their information on the websites of the CAC, NCAA and IATA.




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