9 Top Travel Agencies In Nigeria


Have you ever gone through the difficult process of obtaining a Nigerian visa only to have it denied in the end? Alternatively, perhaps you had to travel and spend hours online attempting to make bookings at a reputable hotel, only to find out when you arrived that your reservation had failed.

And for that reason, you should be able to name off the top of your head a few trustworthy travel companies. We provide you with a list of the best travel agencies in Nigeria in this post, ready to handle all the details and meet your trip requirements.

These agencies may negotiate far cheaper airfares, hotel rates and other charges for you than you could on your own because of the contacts they have developed over the years. They also make sure you don’t get lost when you arrive in a nation you have never visited.

While there are hundreds of travel agencies in Nigeria, only the best ones that fit the requirements were chosen for the list; Station reporter has no relationships with any of these companies. The agencies on this list have all established a solid reputation over the years and are registered with the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies, the Corporate Affairs Commission, and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. Additionally, everyone has a sizable portion of the Nigerian market to itself.

Travel Agencies In Nigeria

 1. Touchdowns Travels Limited

In Nigeria, Touchdown Travels Limited is GlobalStar’s agent. It was granted an IATA license in 1993 but it wasn’t until 2012 that it began to represent GlobalStar. The firm assists in planning tours and travel schedules, in addition to booking and reserving flights.

Mr. Dayo Adeola, the company’s CEO and Managing Director, founded it. A member of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), it began operations with just two employees and has since expanded to employ roughly fifty, solidifying its position as one of the leading agencies in the sector.

In terms of market share, Touchdown is one of the leading travel agencies in Nigeria and has received numerous accolades from industry associations and the majority of the nation’s operational airlines.

The agency, which has its headquarters in Lagos, has travel offices, or “out-posts,” inside a few prestigious businesses. It is present in Abuja as well.

2. Quantum Travels

As the third-largest travel management firm in the world, BCD Travel is represented in Nigeria by Quantum Travels, one of the best travel agents in the nation.

The agency’s ability to accommodate clients’ travel needs across 97 countries is made possible by its global presence.

Although its primary focus is corporate travel management, it also offers additional services, including booking flights and hotels, arranging passports and visas, and offering car rentals.

This agency is among the top five travel agencies in Nigeria in terms of monthly ticket sales and it holds a respectable portion of the Nigerian market.

3. Wakanow.com limited

In 2008, Wakanow became the first internet travel agency. Former professional basketball player Obinna Ekezie, the company’s creator, oversaw it until Adebayo Adedeji was named CEO in 2019.

The company quickly gained a sizable market share with its IATA code of 59-211806, NANTA code of ZTN/NANTA/LOS/08-821, and at one point, it was estimated that it had roughly 10% of the market. It currently has the nation’s third-highest number of flight reservations.

The company provides travel advice, hotel bookings, custom vacation packages, airfare bookings, help with visas, travel financing and more. Additionally, the business provides credit facilities with flexible travel payment plans, allowing customers to arrange the remaining payments after paying 25% upfront.

Regular discounts and incentive programs have also helped the business draw in more clients. A little incentive program was just unveiled, wherein patrons receive rewards for introducing new clients to the business.

Recently, the agency unveiled a new video-selling offering that allows customers to book a visual tour with a Wakanow agent of their intended destination.

4. FlinchGlow Travels

Mr. Bankole Bernard started FlinchGlow Travels in 2002. FlinchGlow provides some of the top services in the tourist sector as a partner with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), but it also caters to customers’ needs for both personal and corporate travel.

FlinchGlow also takes pride in its ability to arrange trips for its customers and negotiate favorable accommodation rates at desirable locations. It sells a significant number of tickets each month and is in the top five travel agencies in Nigeria in terms of market share.

5. Dees Travels and Tours Limited

In 2000, Dees Travels and Tour Limited was established and registered with the IATA. In addition to arranging for domestic and international travel, it also manages reservations for individual and group tours, international hotel bookings, travel insurance, visa processing, chauffeur/car rental and airport protocol services.

The agency ranks fifth in terms of market share and monthly ticket sales, per statistics from airline operators.

6. Business Travel Management Limited

This organization, which operates under the brands Emirates Holidays, Sky Logistics Ltd., Rwandair, and HRG Nigeria, is a part of the GHI Assets Ltd. group. It was recognized by IATA and incorporated in 1998. Its areas of expertise include corporate travel management, business travel logistics, corporate service and comprehensive travel management.

The organization is registered with different regulatory bodies and holds an IATA certification. BTM Limited has also asserted its position among the travel agencies in Nigeria with the names under the group.

7. Travelstart

Another well-known internet travel company, Travelstart, is based in Cape Town and operates all throughout Africa.

Customers can create their schedule for a business or holiday trip and book flights throughout all of Africa and other continents using the internet platform. In addition to booking flights, the business also takes care of budget-conscious hotel and vehicle rentals.

Travelstart also takes care of travel insurance and visa procedures. Stephan Ekbergh established it in Sweden, but since then, it has expanded its activities to include Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Egypt, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and even Turkey, where it operates under the Geziko brand.

Travelstart has successfully gained a portion of the Nigerian market by utilizing its global network and well-known brand throughout the continent.

8. Rewards Travels and Tours Limited

Over the past 20 years, Rewards Travels and Tours has established itself as a leader in the field. It offers travel advisory services, tourism, corporate trip planning, and itinerary management.

Having been started in 1999, it currently boasts a network of branches located in key cities around Nigeria, along with reputable partners in the international tourist sector. The company arranges auto rentals, cruises, hotels, and charters in several nations.

Because of its IATA accreditation, customers can fly with both domestic and international airlines.

9. City Travels and Tours

If the majority of your trip is for tourism, one travel agency you should think about is City Travels and Tours. The company provides bookings and reservations for travel, holidays, cruises, advice on destinations and lodging options, and tourism services.

The agency has an impressive network with important players in the tourism sector around the continent and is registered with both NANTA and IATA. Out of the more than 1500 licensed travel businesses in the country, City Travels and Tours is frequently rated in the top 10.

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