Mancity vs Manutd memes roundup

Football fans make funny comments and jokes about teams and players. They tease them about their skills, hair, and games. It’s a fun way to enjoy the sport.

1. Levels to this man

It’s a pity garnacho is far better than glorified saka 😂😂😆

2. Omg this was once a debate

Antony was great…kyk nou

Antony from the red’s

3. Burnely getting paid for this is even crazier 😂😂😂

4. Mancity vs Man utd in Pep era

The only reason why it’s because man city always wins by a bigger score

5. Funny old game football

6. Josko Gvadiol vs United

Josko Gvardiol vs United: When you finally find a defender who can tackle, but still lose 2-1

7. Bruno strutting his struff

When your hair has more swag than your opponents’ entire team 

8. Ten hag winning the FA cup

When you’re so happy to lift the trophy, you remember the saga of getting sacked

9. Doku trying those dribbles on Wanbisaka

“Doku trying those dribbles on Wan-Bissaka: When you think you’re Ronaldinho, but you’re actually just a Netherlands version of Ronald McDonald

10. Rodri’s unbeaten streak…

Rodri’s unbeaten streak: When you’re on a 59-game winning streak, but then Manchester United comes along and says ‘Not on our watch, mate 😉😀






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