Memes for Moms, Dads, Sisters, and Brothers That’ll Have You in Stitches

This quote shows how our lives are influenced by connections. No matter how much we want to be on our own, we’re part of a bigger web of people and experiences.

1. It was all a dream

It was all a dream until I realized my dream job was being a professional sleeper.

2. You let them Shenan once, they’ll Shenanigan

Let them Shenan once, and they’ll Shenanigan for a lifetime—like a circus on caffeine

3. Yo who tf installed doom on the mcdonalds kiosk

Yo, who installed Doom on the McDonald’s kiosk? Next level Happy Meal, now with extra chaos

4. I live in constant fear of the western descent towards fascism

Living in fear of Western descent into fascism, but also the daily struggle of finding matching socks

5. Having a boyfriend summed up in one pc

Having a boyfriend summed up: waiting for updates, hoping for no bugs, and occasionally restarting

6. Gesturing to my roommate Dracula

Gesturing to my roommate Dracula: Fang-tastic roommate, just don’t ask about garlic

7. When a good man becomes tired of being mistreated, that’s when society should fear

When a good man is mistreated, memes go into hiding and society gets a meme-ltdown

8. Girlfriend; now don’t start weird conversations with my dad tonight

Girlfriend’s warning: ‘Don’t spark strange chats with Dad tonight

Challenge accepted—let the weirdness commence!”

9. Waw we have to go back to pound town I left my purse

Off to pound town for a lost purse? Hope there’s a treasure map in there!”

10. Life without picture jokes would be memeingless

Life without picture jokes? That’s like a day without laughter utterly memeingless

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