19 Memes That Bring Banter and Leave You Laughing

19 Memes That Bring Banter and Leave You Laughing

We debate the meaning of memes, but now it’s time for fun.

We present to you these hilarious memes that bring banter and leave you laughing. From relationship quirks to work struggles, these relatable and funny moments will have you nodding in agreement and sharing with friends.

1. Engineering before after

Memes That Bring Banter

Engineering before: optimistic blueprints. Engineering after: what the heck is this and where did all these extra parts come from?

2. When your girl is mad at you and you keep seeing the message pop up, disappear & then pop up again 17 different times

Memes That Bring Banter

When your girl is mad: the never-ending message loop—a modern-day digital version of ‘Groundhog Day’ starring your annoyed girlfriend

3. When she calls you daddy instead of Comrade

When she calls you ‘daddy’ instead of ‘comrade’: guess I’m guiding the working class in a new direction.

4. What are your plans for the weekend? “Sorry i’m busy”

Weekend plans: ‘Sorry, I’m busy’—avoiding adulthood one excuse at a time

5. Rappers today lookin like doodle bears

Rappers today look like doodle bears: someone pass the crayons and let’s make some music

6. Big open room no enemies this is a boss room

Big open room, no enemies: this screams ‘boss fight.’ Time to channel my inner gamer and find the loot

7. This creature has adapted to the crushing pressure and oppressive darkness

Memes That Bring Banter

This creature adapted to crushing pressure and darkness: ah, the office coworker during Monday morning meetings

8. Manager: Meet the new employee, tell him now that it is great to work here

Manager: Meet the new employee, tell him how ‘great’ it is to work here, and prepare for uncomfortable smiles and quiet prayers.

9. Me as a parent

Me as a parent: mastering the art of negotiating with miniature dictators

10. Describe the USA in one sentence

Describe the USA: land of the free, home of the supersized everything

11. When he plays with your hair & you didn’t even ask

When he plays with your hair unexpectedly: you’re a keeper, now keep going

12. When you wake up and check your phone to see how much longer you can sleep

Memes That Bring Banter

but it’s longer you can sleep, but it’s right before your alarm rings, checking your phone before the alarm: a cruel twist of fate for the sleep-deprived

13. So what do you like to do for fun?

So, what do you like to do for fun? Panic. I mean, watch Netflix

14. Me, getting ready to make the same bad choice but also being a little more prepared from the last time it backfired

Me, ready to make the same bad choice: this time with a dash of hope and a sprinkle of delusion

15. When you give him an opportunity to say something cut but he responds with some dumb

Giving him an opportunity for a cute response: and he delivers… crickets

16. When you ask him where he’s taking you for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day plans: asking where we’re going, hoping for something beyond the local fast-food joint

17. Me to myself in the back at work

Me at work: pretending to be productive while mentally composing my grocery list

18. When it’s ur day off and u can do anything u want but u just sit there like the —, that you are

Day off but doing nothing: a masterclass in the art of lazy relaxation

19. When you are constantly anxious but you don’t know why

Constantly anxious for no reason: welcome to the rollercoaster ride of my brain


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