Memes That Make Self-Care Fun: 12 Ways to Reset and Recharge

Sometimes we need a fresh start, and a self-care day can help. Whether you prefer bubble baths or watching long YouTube videos while eating snacks, self-care is personal. Check out these self-care memes for some relatable and funny inspiration.

1. Me, waiting for everyone to calm down before I emerge

Emerging from the chaos like a calm conqueror. Waiting for the storm to pass before stepping into the fray.

2. When you successfully cut all the toxic people out of your life

You realize that there’s only person left causing problems

Cutting out toxic people, only to find one left causing trouble. The ultimate test of cleansing!

3. Me in the mirror after a mental breakdown

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, after a mental breakdown, I’m still standing tall!

4. When everybody keeps telling you that a little self care will make you feel better

but it’s been 4 hours, 5 bath bombs and a whole jar of coconut oil later and you still in a mood

Self-care overload: 5 bath bombs and a jar of coconut oil later, and the mood persists. Who knew relaxation could be so stubborn?

5. Get in loser were

Going to sleep

Get in, loser, we’re going to sleep.” The ultimate invitation to unwind and recharge.

6. One of the most relatable things my dog does is wake up

Just so she can eat breakfast and then go back to bed, a self-care icon

Dog’s self-care routine: wake up, eat, and back to bed. A furry icon of relaxation.

7. Someone after hurting my feelings

“What are you gonna do, cry about it?

Me, having a healthy relationship with my emotion

Brushing off hurt feelings with emotional resilience. “Cry about it? Nah, I’ve got a healthy relationship with my emotions.”

8. People: what do you do for fun

Me: When asked about fun activities, the answer is simple: self-care.

9. When the long shower didn’t fix all my problems

Showering away problems, only to find they’re still lurking. Sometimes, cleanliness isn’t quite next to godliness.

10. Cancelling plans is ok

Staying home to cook is ok. Disappearing for a bit to get your life together is ok. Resurfacing in

foreign country 10 years later with a new name is ok. It’s called self-care

Embracing the power of canceling plans and disappearing for self-care. A disappearing act in a foreign country? Totally acceptable.

11. When you tell your supervisor you’re feeling overwhelmed

It’s by your workload and they suggest you try more “self care”

Overwhelmed at work? Try more “self-care,” they say. As if that will magically reduce the workload

12. When the long shower didn’t fix all my problems

Another shower, another attempt to wash away problems. Sometimes, it takes more than hot water and soap to cleanse the mind.


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