Need a Smile: 12 Memes to Lift Your Spirits in an Instant

Feeling the afternoon slump? We’ve all been there. Reach for a quick pick-me-up with these hilarious memes. Laughter is the ultimate cure for midday boredom. Let’s tackle the sleepy feeling after lunch together!

1. Doctor: Are you getting enough rest?

Me: Stares blankly. “Is ‘binge-watching Netflix’ considered rest?”

2. We were 3 parsecs out of Tatooine on the edge of the Kessel Run when the drugs began to take hold

Incoherent mumbling. Han Solo, eat your heart out.

3. Driving test

Instructor: Turn the car on

Awkwardly rubs dashboard. “Uh, you like that, car? Smooth ride ahead!”

4. For a better start in life: Start COLA earlier!

Sips cola. “Ah, the secret to success: caffeine at an early age.”

5. I got the words “jacuzzi” and “yakuza” confused

Accidentally booked a hot tub with the mafia. Awkward.

6.  My girl told me her car wasn’t driving smooth

Turns out, “driving smooth” isn’t a literal instruction. Who knew?

7. You ever sleep so hard… that when you wake up… you need another nap… just from sleeping so hard

The vicious cycle of napception strikes again.

8. Being a game developer

How I thought it would be vs. How it usually is

Imagines coding epic battles. Realizes it’s just fixing bugs for days.

9. How do I get my toddler back CPS took her? Can I adopt her back?

Frantic Google searches.* “Can you return a toddler like a faulty product?”

10. Listen to Gwen Stefani once

Starts singing “Hollaback Girl”* “This shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”

11. How am I driving? How does an engine even work?

Ponders life’s mysteries. “Does this steering wheel control my destiny?”

12. Hey sorry I didn’t text you back for 2 weeks.

I just became completely jaded with the entire human experience. Haha, anyways, what’s up? Nervously laughs. “Oops, existential crisis got in the way. So, how’s life?”

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