Once Seen, Forever Memed: 10 Images That Stick in Your Mind

Sometimes your eyes play tricks on you, and once you see something, you can’t unsee it. Discover hidden details in logos like FedEx and Amazon that will surprise you. Scroll down for memes that will make you look twice.

1. I just realized that the Americas sideways look like a duck…

You know you’re tired when you see the map of the Americas sideways and realize it looks exactly like a duck. Now I can’t unsee it and neither can you

2. My little niece asked me “Why is his body so little? Now I can never unsee it

My niece pointed out a cartoon character with a tiny body and a huge head. Thanks to her, I’ll never see it the same way again. Kids ruin everything

3. I can’t unsee “Captain Tiny Arm” and his baby sidekick “Mega Hand”

Saw a superhero comic with one character having a tiny arm and his sidekick with a massive hand. Now they’re forever “Captain Tiny Arm” and “Mega Hand” in my mind.

4. Guys help I can’t unsee it

Stared at a cloud and suddenly it looked like a dinosaur eating a taco. Now, every time I look up, I see prehistoric lunch breaks. Thanks, imagination.

5. Can’t unsee this

Noticed a face in the bathroom tiles, and now every shower is a staring contest with Tile Face. Why did I have to notice that? Showers are weird now.

6. A clownboy (half clown, half cowboy) says yeehonk

Imagine a rodeo with a clownboy shouting “yeehonk” as he lassos. Can’t get the image out of my head. It’s both terrifying and hilarious. Yeehaw meets honk honk!

7. Just try looking at your shoes the same way again

Ever notice that the laces on your shoes look like tiny tangled spaghetti? Now every time I tie my shoes, I’m craving pasta. Why, brain, why?

8. This chart makes so much sense

Found a chart comparing cats to tiny, furry overlords and now I understand why my cat rules the house. Bow down to our feline masters, everyone.

9. I used to be able to see the towel on her head

Used to see a towel on her head, but now it’s a swirled ice cream cone. Every time she steps out of the shower, I get a craving for dessert.

10. This is my life now

Discovered my favorite snack looks like little dinosaurs. Now every bite feels like I’m in Jurassic Park, munching on tiny T-Rexes. Snacking will never be the same.


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