People Share 11 Implausible Moments That Ruined A Movie For Them

We all love a good movie, don’t we? The fun, the excitement, the laughs, and the intense action—it’s all part of watching movies. But sometimes, even great movies have moments that don’t make sense and ruin the whole experience. Whether it’s a plot hole, a wild action scene, or a character doing something unexpected, these moments can pull us out of the story.

In this post, people on reddit share 20 times when an unbelievable moment spoiled a movie for them.

So grab your popcorn, settle into your comfiest chair, and let’s look at these scenes and see how a single unrealistic moment can mess up a film for viewers.

1. The jeep in Jurassic World 

Image source: BIGJPFAN


NickelAntonius: The jeep in Jurassic World still being in perfect operating condition, with viable fuel, after 20+ years in an abandoned garage.

Caught myself saying “That’s so unrealistic” out loud, watching a movie about man-eating genetically engineered dinosaurs.


2. When a guy with no job is living the high life

Image source: Alvin Mahmudov


lifeofmammals: get distracted when I don’t understand how a character is earning money, or they have a lifestyle that seems unaffordable with the job they’re supposed to have.


TrueLegateDamar added: In the Chris Pratt Tomorrow War, he laments being a mere highschool science teacher while having a huge-ass house, big TV and nice car, and was planning to leave his wife and kids over being a ‘loser’.

3. Getting shot with a shotgun

Image source:Torrey Wiley


Hagsnot: Hollywood’s insistence that getting shot with a shotgun will throw you back several feet.



4. When things are conveniently silent

Image source: Jack Sharp


cloud_watcher: When things are conveniently silent: Talk about someone in a normal voice when they’re three feet away. “Can I have a word with you for a minute?” Steps to the other end of the couch for a long conversation about something secret.

Or, sneaks into the back of a car when someone is right there. Car doors make a lot of noise.


5. Being flung hundreds of yards

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BringBackBoshi: Indiana Jones in a refrigerator being flung hundreds of yards by a nuclear explosion, fast enough to pass a car going full speed, and being unharmed.

In a movie with aliens, a teenager swinging from vines with monkeys fast enough to catch moving vehicles and alien ghosts.


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6. Women with make up on

Image source: movieclips


punkpearlspoetry: In The Queen‘s Gambit, when Anya Taylor-Joy’s character loses control of her life, and she’s sitting there in a satin nightgown with perfect hair and makeup. Sure. That’s what I look like when I lose control over my life too


Kimba added: Have you noticed how much makeup women are wearing on TV shows and movies when they go to bed? 😳


7. When Jeff Goldblum plugs the Apple into the alien ship

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KalayaMdsn: Independence Day, when Jeff Goldblum plugs the Apple into the alien ship and infects them with a virus.


8. Makeup done in wrong era

Image source: Rendy Novantino


Dull-Bid-7051: Makeup and hair done in unrealistic settings or wrong eras

You are in a post apocalyptic world trying to survive and somehow you have your hair done with a bit of cat eyeliner. 

Another one is historical movies with modern hair and makeup. Wank my eyes out.


9. Scene where person gets to hold the gun

Image source: Geoffrey Fairchild

harperfin: Any scene in a movie where an ordinary person gets hold of a gun of any sort and instantly knows how to hold, accurately aim, fire, and reload it.


10. 102 pound actresses dispatch a room full of dudes

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BurtReynoldsLives: When 102 pound actresses dispatch a room full of dudes that look like Dave Babtista without taking a single knock in the process. Same can be true with make actors too.


11. Mutt learns within minutes how to swing on vines from the monkeys

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crazysouthie: Okay The Kingdom of Crystal Skull has been discussed a lot but for me it wasn’t the scene where Indy gets into the refrigerator. That did cross a certain line of disbelief but I could live with it. For me, it was the scene where Mutt (an awful character) learns within minutes how to swing on vines from the monkeys, has enough arm strength to keep going at it and is so fast he can catch up with a speeding car.


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