Ready to LOL? 10 Silly Memes for the Goofball in You

In a serious world, being goofy is an art. Shedding our serious facades, check out these 10 silly memes compiled for you below. See what happens when we let go and just have fun.

1. I love your memes, you must be so fun to hang out with

Me in person: *awkwardly scrolls through phone, trying to remember if I’ve ever said anything funny.

2. I really hope Christ went back and rescued Hulk Hogan

Can you imagine? Jesus in a headlock, asking Hulk to say his prayers and eat his vitamins?

3. The dedication to this is unmatched

When you spend hours perfecting a meme about procrastination instead of actually doing the task at hand.

4. I think I found the problem

Looks at mess.* Oh, it’s me. I’m the problem.

5. How I feel when I switch the HDMI 2 to HDMI 1

Like a tech wizard, mastering the ancient art of remote control sorcery.

6. A weird guy got into my Uber this morning

Turns out, it was just my reflection in the window. Note to self: avoid morning mirrors.

7. If he ain’t grabbing your rolls like they’re the last piece of bread at Texas Roadhouse, he ain’t the one

Relationship advice: find someone who appreciates your curves like they’re a buffet line.

8. The RAT LORD cordially invites you to the SEWER for a TASTEFUL DINING EXPERIENCE

How do you ACCEPT this invitation? With a strong stomach and a lot of courage. Bon appétit!

9. I think the Eurovision needs an exorcist

When the performances are so wild, you’re not sure if it’s a music competition or a summoning ritual.

10. Weekly meal prep: can’t wait to eat this on Friday. Juice with crunchy burger

Ah, the classic meal prep fail. Nothing says “I’m an adult” like forgetting to pack actual food.

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