Security Guard That Scolded Kelly Rowland Under Fire Again For Stopping Actress’s Jesus Dress

A security guard at the Cannes Film Festival, who was involved in a verbal argument with Kelly Rowland, is now again under investigation after an altercation with actress Massiel Tavera.

The red-carpet drama at the prestigious French film festival went viral after footage of the heated moments surfaced.

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The footage shows a staff member pushing the Dominican actress up the steps as she attempted to show off her gown and long train to the venue’s flashing cameras.

The event occurred while the 39-year-old artist was attending the Matthieu Delaporte-directed French film The Count of Monte Cristo’s premiere.

The actor and television presenter wore a gown with a long white train that unfolded to reveal an image of Jesus Christ.

Massiel Taveras became entangled in some intense red-carpet drama at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

The security guy in issue was shown leading Massiel up the stairs in the now-viral videos, and at one point, the artist pushed the staff member aside, clearly agitated.

According to the Independent, Massiel later took to Instagram to describe the night as “unforgettable” and the “most powerful moment” occurred on the red carpet.

The same security guard had a similar incident with singer Kelly Rowland, who snapped at the woman during her appearance on the Cannes red carpet for the Marcello Mio premiere.

The Dominican actress was clothed in a gown with a long white train, which unfolded to reveal an image of Jesus Christ. See Instagram Post

Following the incident, a source told that the Motivation singer advocated for herself and doesn’t mind if she comes out as a “diva.”

“The people who are assigned to helping stars walk the red carpet were being aggressive and Kelly was trying to ignore it,” a source told the newspaper.

“By the time she got to the last woman she had had it because she scolded Kelly and told her to move when she was trying to wave to fans and help the paparazzi get their shot.”

While on the red carpet, a security officer was spotted pushing the 39-year-old artist up the stairs as she tried to pose for the cameras.

Security Guard That Scolded Kelly Rowland Under Fire Again For Stopping Actress’s Jesus Dress
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