Start Your Day with a Smile: 10 Best Work Memes to Brighten Your Inbox

Here are some funny workplace memes about everyday situations at work that many people can relate to, highlighting the humor and everyday struggles of adulting in the office jungle.

Let’s go

1. When your boss asks you to train your replacement

“Oh, I’ll ‘train’ my replacement all right. I’ll ‘train’ them really, really well. You won’t regret it.” (Proceeds to teach them everything incorrectly)

2. When your alarm go off in the morning and you start counting how many absences you got

I’ve done that before lol

3. Did you ever look at one of your co-workers and be like

Thought that for someone a long time ago. Way too lazy. He eventually got fired but sure took forever.

4.  Just installed a new sound system in  the whip

Been there

But why them vents so dusty?!? 😷

5. What’s your first thought when you see this steak?

Someone ruined that steak

7. That steak is so overcooked


8. When you drunk af and someone tells you you’re drunk

So mee 😂

9. Boss: you should’ve been here at 8

Emma Casey should been there at 7 but we all know that really means 7:02 every morning

10. Going to work and being an adult is hard

😂 I always tell manatee I have to go so I can get money for dog food 😂😂



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