10 Surprising Truths They Don’t Teach You in High School

High school prepares us for life, but it often misses teaching important lessons we need. Things like managing people, handling relationships, and dealing with failure are not covered enough.

We will talk about 12 things high school didn’t reveal about the real world.

1. How Do you describe college?

Paying to teach yourself while professors assume you’re sleeping. It’s like being the lead in an unplanned reality show, you’re the star whether you’re ready or not!

2. How do people find their soul mate in the first 2 months of college?

In college, new students search for their special someone, like hidden treasures. They use funny lines and confidence at parties and classes, hoping to find love.

3. I’m going to be 39 this month and I still have dreams

I’m in high school and I cant’ find my locker or that I’m back in college and won’t graduate because I completely forgot about one of my classes.

4. Some kid in the library is bragging loudly about a score he got

He got a 35 on the ACT well sir I signed up for the ACT but forgot I did and missed the test and we still ended up at the same school How does that make you feel. Everyone has unique journeys and strengths that contribute to their success in different ways. It’s interesting how paths can lead people to the same place in unexpected ways.

5. The girl next to me is talking on the phone

She said, “my first day of classes as a freshman is over, Isn’t it crazy that in just 4 years I’ll be working at my dream job?” should I tell her? As for whether you should tell her something, it depends on what you have in mind. If you have advice or insights based on your own experiences, sharing them in a friendly and supportive manner could be helpful.

6. From Tears to Tenders

From a tearful 68 to a disappointing 52, I treated myself to chicken tenders. Each test is part of my college journey, and I celebrate progress along the way.

7. Freshman Ends Up at Wrong School, Class Search Leads to Surprise

A confused freshman couldn’t find his class. We checked his schedule and realized he is at the wrong school!. We all had a good laugh, it’s a funny start to college life.

8. Sighting your Late-Night Study Buddies

When you notice a classmate also working on a Google Doc at 2 am, it’s relatable. Late-night studying shows shared commitment to school and creates a sense of connection in college.

9. Skipping Class Regret, Familiar Feelings for College Students

Ever skip class and then feel bad about it later? You think, “I should have gone.” It’s something a lot of college students can understand.

10. College Professors, from Reserved to Personal

In college, some professors keep things strictly professional, only sharing their name. Others are more open, sharing personal details like relationship woes. It’s a mix of personalities; some are formal, others are casual.


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