15 Sweet Memes That Will Sweeten Your Day (Funny New Pics)

In today’s episode we have compiled a series of funny and relatable memes that reflect everyday experiences.

These memes are all about stress eating, funny encounters, and deep thoughts. They’ll make you laugh and feel like you’re not alone in these everyday experiences.

1. I have to start eating healthier

Me feeling even the slightest amount of stress

When stress hits and I declare, ‘I must eat healthier!’ as I inhale a bag of chips. My attempt at healthiness lasted approximately 2.5 seconds.

Imagine not being able to control your intake of food due to stress, can’t relate

 2. I can’t, I already have plans

My plans: dissociate

I can’t, I already have plans. Cut to me RSVP’ing to a party hosted by my thoughts.

It’s an exclusive event called “Dissociation Central”—no cover charge, just existential crisis vibes.

3. Do you have any skill?

Me: I have the extraordinary ability to be alone

See me winning awards for watching lots of Netflix and chatting with my houseplants

4. Me opening up to people

Friend: What’s up?

Me: Get ready for this emotional release! I’m about to spill my feelings, like shaking a soda can

5. When you see someone you know in public

Like people that you talk to sometimes but wouldn’t really classify as friends. What do you do? I find such situations awkward, haha

6. I am so fascinated by people who don’t drink coffee

What is your morning vice to get your through the day? My morning fuel? Pure determination and a dash of denial

7. When you want to get in shape for summer but life is hard

This is my fitness routine as a full-time couch potato, part-time dreamer of abs

8. Me: I’m scared of the 15th, 9th and 3rd letter of the alphabet

Therapist: Oh, I see

That spells O-I-C—aka ‘Oh, I see!’ Sorry, I had to.

9. My 6-digit pin protecting, My 2-digit bank account

Ah, the epitome of security through obscurity. Now, where did I put that spare change?

Hahahaha, true life.

10. Dad: I don’t want a dog

Two weeks later: Dad and dog share an ice cream cone ‘Okay, maybe just this once

11. My playlist on Shuffle will be like

From classical to heavy metal in a single spin, my playlist is as indecisive as I am at a buffet

12. I’m like the opposite of machine learning

Human forgetting: The art of remembering everything you shouldn’t and forgetting everything you need

13. Me laughing at a joke I told myself in my head

When he introduces me to his dad and pulls the didn’t know you had

I don’t have conversations with myself out loud. I mainly do the talking inside of my head.

14. My patience with everyone

Me trying to stay calm with everyone’s antics—it’s like a crazy circus act

15. If you just won $30m and your mom’s left eye surgery cost $29m wyd?

Buying her a Lamborghini and an eyepatch. Let’s ride nick fury.

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