The Mind’s Eye Revealed: 15 Captivating Photos From The 2024 All About Photo Award Winners

The All About Photo Awards are a symbol of excellence, honoring photographers worldwide for their artistry and storytelling skills.

The 2024 edition, themed “The Mind’s Eye Revealed,” highlights photographers’ ability to capture meaningful moments that transcend language and culture.

This year’s competition received a large number of entries, with 48 winners from 22 different countries.

This year’s competition had a huge number of entries, with 48 winners from 22 different countries. Expert jurors like Clare Freestone and Ann Jastrab had the challenging job of selecting the most outstanding photos.

The winning photos are a mix of powerful and light-hearted images, showing the impact of photography.

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Here Are 15 Captivating Photos From The 2024 All About Photo Award Winners


1. The Right To Know – Zanzibar, October 2012 © Roberta Vagliani


Image Credit:

The winning photo by Italian photographer Roberta Vagliani is a strong example of this. It’s taken in a simple school in Zanzibar and shows a scene without the usual school things. Instead, a group of young girls is gathered around their teacher, all paying attention except for one girl looking at the camera. This image, titled “The Right to Know,” speaks volumes about the essence of learning and the importance of education for women. 

2.This Is My Eye © Ahmed El Hanjoul


Image Credit:


This Is My Eye by Ahmed El Hanjoul portrays a spirited 70-year-old woman who loves farming the land and raising pets, particularly poultry. Her wrinkled face and hands, clearly worn from a life of work, do not hide her hopeful smile. She carries her hen in such a way that it becomes a piece of her: through her eye, everything is beautiful.

3.His Majesty The Dragon Blood Tree © Guillaume Petermann


Image Credit:

“This image captures the majesty of the iconic dragon blood tree of Socotra. The photographer made beautiful use of natural light and painterly use of artificial light on the man. Running below his head, the horizon balances the heavy tree top and provides a good sense of scale and place. There’s a sense of awe in the landscape that comes through.” – SAMANTHA CLARK


4.The Little Shepherd © Ilaria Miani


Image Credit:

The Little Shepherd” is a photograph by Ilaria Miani that has gained recognition in the world of photography. It was featured as one of the captivating shots in the 2024 All About Photo Contest1, and it also won the WMPO TROPHY GOLD at the 3rd World Masters of Photography Award in 20242. The photo seems to capture the essence of pastoral life, possibly portraying a young shepherd in a moment that reflects the timeless relationship between humans and nature.

5. Resting After Hard Work From The Series Child Worker © Deba Presad Roy


Image Credit:

“Resting After Hard Work,” a photo by Deba Prasad Roy, shows a child taking a break in a dumping ground surrounded by plastic waste. Despite his tired hands, he finds a moment of peace in sleep—a quiet call for help in a world that often overlooks hardworking people like him.


6. Birds Of A Feather ©  Elaine Klein


Image Credit:

“Birds Of A Feather” by Elaine Klein is a photograph that has been recognized for its excellence in the world of photography. The title suggests a theme of unity or similarity, often used to convey the idea that individuals of similar character, background, or taste tend to congregate or associate with one another.


7. A Salaryman’s Night Out, From Unseen © Daniel Sackheim


Image Credit:

A Salaryman’s Night Out” is a photo by Daniel Sackheim, part of his series “Unseen.” The series, including this picture, is famous for showing Los Angeles in a unique way, capturing its gritty, noir style like the 1940s and ’50s. Sackheim’s photos explore the city’s dark sides and its busy streets, often lit by flickering streetlights.

In the brightly lit streets of Los Angeles, a salaryman steps out at night. His workday is over, but the city is still bustling. He hears the sounds of cars, distant laughter, and glasses clinking around him.

He walks, feeling the weight of the day’s decisions on his shoulders, his suit protecting him from the city’s rough edges. The streetlights make long shadows, creating a mix of light and dark that feels both scary and welcoming.

This is his time, his moment alone in the busy city. “A Salaryman’s Night Out” is not just a photograph; it’s a story of every person who finds themselves alone in the company of millions, seeking connection in the concrete wilderness.


8. Father’s Hug © Mahmoud Hams


Image Credit:

“Father’s Hug,” captured by Mahmoud Hams, is a powerful photograph that portrays the universal bond between a father and child amidst adversity. The image resonates with love, protection, and hope, even in the darkest times.


9. Slam On The Brakes © Zhenhuan Zhou


Zhenhuan Zhou’s thrilling photograph “Slam on the Brakes” impressed the judges. Reflecting on the story behind the image, Zhou explains, “Barrel racing is a competition where cowgirls ride quickly around barrels; the one that does this in the shortest time wins. Every time a horse reaches a barrel it needs to brake sharply, turn around the barrel and then race to the next one. The whole race is exciting, especially at the turns.”


10. She Is Bagheera © Francesco Junior Mura


Image Credit:

Francesco Junior Mura, an Italian photographer, skillfully captured a perfect moment featuring Border Collie Bagheera and handler Enrico Collini. The piece is titled “She is Bagheera.”

The photo was snapped right as they approached the first hurdle. According to the photographer, it is the moment when everything begins: “There, where it all begins, where the bond between Human and Dog is expressed in such a clear way by such a magnetic look, where you can see the power of dog’s muscles contracting and releasing energy at every handler’s node”.


11. The Performer – November 2019 At Pushkar Camel Fair, India © Victor Wong


Image Credit:

“The Performer” is a captivating photograph taken by Victor Wong during the November 2019 Pushkar Camel Fair in India. The image encapsulates the vibrant culture, rich traditions, and lively spirit of this annual event. It portrays a performer in action amidst the swirling dust and rustic backdrop of Pushkar. Victor Wong’s work beautifully captures the essence of Rajasthan’s colorful life and invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of cultural expression at one of India’s most iconic festivals.


12. Prince In The Making – Common Toad In The Lamalou River (Hérault Department) © Yannick Gouguenheim


Image Credit:

“Prince In The Making” by Yannick Gouguenheim is a captivating photograph that portrays the common toad in its natural habitat within the Lamalou River in the Hérault Department. The title hints at a fun idea about the toad changing, like in a fairy tale where a toad becomes a prince.


13. Sunrise Shepherdess © Emile Marie Watson


Image Credit:

Sunrise Shepherdess” is a captivating photograph by Emile Marie Watson, which was featured in the 2024 All About Photo Contest. This image stands out as a testament to Watson’s ability to capture the serene beauty of the early morning. The title itself evokes a sense of tranquility and the timeless practice of shepherding at dawn.

In this picture, one can imagine the gentle light of the sunrise bathing the landscape in a warm glow, highlighting the shepherdess as she begins her day. The composition likely balances the natural beauty of the sunrise with the pastoral figure, creating a harmonious blend of humanity and nature.


14. Landmine Survivor From The Series The Legacy Of The Perfect Soldier © Giovanni Diffidenti


Image Credit:

The photo called “Landmine Survivor From The Series The Legacy Of The Perfect Soldier” by Giovanni Diffidenti shows the strength of people who have faced the terrible effects of landmines. Diffidenti’s work is very personal and driven by a mission because he himself almost died from a landmine in Cambodia. 

This experience made him want to tell the stories of those who weren’t as lucky, who were hurt and disabled by these hidden “perfect soldiers” in places damaged by war. His photos aren’t just pictures; they tell stories of surviving, having hope, and the strong human spirit that keeps going even when things are tough.


15. Makoko © Mauro De Bettio


Image Credit:

Makoko, one of the world’s largest floating slums with over 300 thousand residents, faces severe challenges such as a lack of infrastructure and essential services. Located in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city and a significant economic hub, Makoko’s stilt houses serve as both homes and the sewage system for the city’s 20 million inhabitants. The community also struggles with poverty, limited education, and healthcare disparities, made worse by complex issues of land ownership and government recognition. Despite these obstacles, Makoko residents show remarkable unity, working together not only to survive but to thrive in their difficult environment, nurturing a deep sense of community.




The Mind’s Eye Revealed” is not just a celebration of photographic talent; it shows us the heart of humanity, reflecting the world we live in and urging us to pay more attention to what’s around us. The All About Photo Awards 2024 has indeed succeeded in its mission to reveal the unseen and tell the untold stories through the language of photography.


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