10 Top Travel Agencies in the US


Travel agencies in the US are among the young and growing industries that offer leisure travel, business travel and honeymoon packages as well. Since there are many specialized agencies, they offer different specialties aimed at meeting the various needs of clients.

The industry has emerged from conventional processes such as self-booking, utilizing tour guide books, travel clubs and recommendations.

However, in today’s technically advanced world, people can plan these trips on their own or avail themselves of the services of travel agencies online.

They share information and details, which are often categorized as personal and frequently offered at a lower price than the internet, through do-it-yourself marketing initiatives. It is proved by the fact that the market of travel agencies is still rather attractive in the US.

Let’s look at some of the travel agencies in the US.

Top Travel Agency Companies in the US

1. AAA Travel

This was a travel agency formed to help clients mainly from the American Automobile Association, which is a federation of nonprofit motor clubs. It was originally established in the early part of this century and initially offered members access to road maps and guidebooks.

They provide travel information, travel planning, discounts and membership opportunities. It is a preferred agency for traveling marketers seeking experienced marketing or roadside assistance services. They offer services to AAA members, including the TripTik travel planner.

This travel agency is uniquely positioned because it is preferred and has many members; in addition to providing car travel services to its members, it also has options for family travel with its own exclusive member’s app for a discount.

Website: www.aaa.com/travel

Email: travel@aaa.com

Phone Number: (800) 222-4357

2. American Express Travel

American Express Travel was created in 1915 to offer customers the best in organized travel and tourism. It is a branch of the American Express company, providing customers with unique travel services and products, membership points and an extraordinary level of client service.

The company gives customers the opportunity to place orders online or over the telephone. This means that customers can get specialized travel products and extra selling points. It can be widely agreed that American Express Travel is a leading travel service that provides privilege services and additional ways of selling to both corporate and affluent travel consumers. The company’s ability to plan for its clients’ travel makes it different from other travel companies as it aims to satisfy customers.

One of the key reasons that makes American Express Travel unique is that it seeks to take full advantage of the brand’s financial knowledge as well as its exquisite traveling network to provide the cardholders with traveling advantages that are unique to them.

Email: info@amttravel.com

Website: www.amttravel.com

Phone number: (800) 297-3276

3. Travel Leaders Group

Travel Leaders Group, established in 2008, aims to combine small and medium travel agencies to form a strong chain offering multiple services for travelers. It consists of over 6,000 agents and travel centers, offering services for leisure and corporate travel, luxury cruises and adventure tours.

Travel Leaders Group aims to avoid the system and provide tailored services for each contract. It has over 6,000 team members and has opened hundreds of strategic branches to cater to clients’ needs.

It differs from other travel companies because of the network of independent travel agencies it incorporates, but its individual focus on customer service and reasonable prices make it one of the market leaders in the segments of both leisure and business clients.

Email address: wecanhelp@tlcorporate.com

Website: www.travelleadersgroup.com

Phone Number: +1 844-485-2677

4. One Nation Travel

One Nation Travel, a well-established tour operator, specializes in providing unique and memorable travel experiences to destinations such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam. With a vast array of specialized individual tours and vacation offers, they cater to various preferences and costs, ensuring every guest can appreciate the enchanting appeal of these extraordinary locations. Their values include customization, anticipation and local relationships, ensuring a memorable and unforgettable travel experience for their guests.

It sets itself apart by offering specialized travel services for cultural and adventure tourism that will fit the customers’ needs and expectations, as most consumers desire more intensive experiences.

Website: www.onenationtravel.com

Email address: tour@onenationtravel.com

Phone Number: +90 (212) 458-2191

5. Flight Centre USA

Flight Centre USA is an organization that deals with traveling locally and internationally, including airline tickets and travel arrangements, accommodation, car rentals, cruises and holidays.

It is a travel agency that assists customers in planning their trips and provides the customers with the benefits of price drop protection in case they have purchased tickets or any related products from the site.

There is also information on the website and the hotline is available 24/7. The organizer also offers various travel services and promotional activities.

It stands out for various services and much emphasis is placed on offering travelers an individual approach, affordable rates and competitive services enhanced by the company’s international reputation.

Website: www.flightcentre.com

Email: us.customerservice@flightcentre.com

Phone Number: 1-877-967-5302

6. Travelink, American Express Travel

Travelink, a leading travel agency, is an affiliate of the American Express Travel network, offering customized travel solutions, premium services and travel advisory services. Established in 1996, it provides vacation planning, corporate travel management, and contract specialty travel. Travelink has developed over 665 airlines, 1,700,000+ hotels and 40,000 travel destinations globally, partnering with travelers to create dream vacations for clients.

It is unique mainly because it offers special travel privileges for the users of the American Express card and it is exclusively a travel planning and travel services provider with an emphasis on luxury and premium travel.

Website: www.travelink.com

Email address: travelink.com

Phone Number: 800-821-4671

7. Online Vacation Center

Online Vacation Centre is a travel agency company that mainly focuses on package tourism, where it sells vacations and additional related services to ultimate tourist attractions globally. Founded in 1972, the firm mainly caters to affordable vacations, with special attention to cruises and escorted tours.

Their service portfolio includes hotel and accommodation services, airline tickets, transfers, ground transportation and shore and land arrangements. The Online Vacation Center was able to fix individual prices and some services that are not offered by conventional hotels.

They carry the cheapest prices for cruises, tours and other vacation packages and if there are any problems, they assure a low price guarantee. It also provides touring packages for any tourist who wishes to travel to various world destinations.

They deal with accommodation, hotels, air tickets, transportation, transfers, shores and land excursions. Online Vacation Center still has effective price offers, along with a low-price guarantee in case of any occurrences.

Online Vacation Center is ahead because it mainly caters to travel & cruise packages geared toward cost-sensitive travelers and good value for money, which are their two core services.

Website: www.onlinevacationcenter.com

Email address: customerservice@onlinevacationcenter.com

Phone Number: 800-787-2085

8. Cruises Inc.

Cruises Inc., now part of World Travel Holding, is the largest cruise agency in the world. Founded in 1982, its purpose is to help people achieve their goal of starting their own cruise-selling agencies. The deal mainly involves cruising holidays, along with several opportunities and types of cruising holidays. Such privileges consist of offering customers cruise deals and package deals that are cheap and affordable, among other privileges, to make Cruises Inc. popular for cruise vacations globally.

Cruises Inc. tops the list as it outperforms with its Independent Contractor Representatives offering traveler’s tailored cruise accommodations while supported by vast experience and amazing offers.

Website: www.cruisesinc.com

Email address: mailto:info@cruisesinc.com

Phone Number: 800 288 6006

9. Plaza Travel

Plaza Travel is a travel agency in the US that specializes in vacation planning. It provides clients important rights in hotels and resorts of different countries. At first, ALTA was established to offer tailored travel solutions, focusing on luxury and corporate travel. Originally established in the early 1980s, this company was initially established as a family business.

Under it are some specific services, which are: visa services, Hotel bookings, ticketing, Car rentals, Train tours, Airport transfers, cruise packages, staycations, Travel insurance, Tour packages, Business tours, etc.

Besides, some other services are holiday services, holiday packages, services for working people, training and education abroad. They address quality and accessible travel options and have a clear loyalty to effectiveness and strategic collaborations.

Specifically, Plaza Travel has high Intertouch services as it targets the luxury and corporate segment with the peculiarities of focusing on the customer’s satisfaction and offering unique products for their clients.

Email address: info@plazatravel.net

Website: www.plazatravel.net

Phone Number: +1- 518-785-3338

10. Travel Leaders

Travel Leaders is a conglomerate of independently owned and operated travel agencies that aim to provide customers with customized travel solutions. It sought to form well-connected clusters of affiliated travel agencies and offices. The EU agency was created in 2008, joining several other minor agencies with the aim of establishing a single entity.

They are travel agencies for leisure, business, group, and luxury travel needs. They provide individual attention on the part of local travel agents to special travel packages that are not available for other ordinary customers, especially for honeymoons and destination weddings.

It is different from other travel companies as it helps clients access a wide market of travel services through a network of independent agencies, which are famous for their individual approach to customers and close-knit connections.


Email: info@travelleaders.com

Phone Number: 1-800-335-8747

Choosing the Right Travel Agency

Choosing the right agency from the list of significant agencies in the US requires several factors, such as services, specialties, prices and reviews. The following considerations are intended to assist you in making a decision.

Another important service that has to be assessed is whether the agency provides extensive travel planning. Companies such as American Express Travel and Travel Leaders Group offer end-to-end solutions for flights, accommodations, car rentals and tours. Specialized services are also important; for instance, Expedia CruiseShipCenters targets cruise holidays, while One Nation Travel targets cultural and adventure travel.


Travel agencies in the US offer various services and benefits to cater to travelers’ needs. They assist in finding vacation packages, membership consultations, and the best deals to make travel enjoyable.

However, choosing the right agency can be challenging due to factors such as services offered, agency specialization, fees charged, and client recommendations. Each agency is unique and meets different travelers’ requirements.

Understanding the offerings and needs of each agency can help make traveling more enjoyable and less of a grind. By understanding the unique offerings of each agency, travelers can make their travel experience more enjoyable.

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