20 Types of Travel Agency


The essence of travel agencies remains valid due to the services they render all over the world. A travel agency is a private or public organization that deals with the rendering of travel services to customers who intend to go on a trip, get accommodation, do outdoor recreation, etc.

Furthermore, travel agencies also serve as sales agents for products such as car rentals. There are different types of travel agency, which include fit travel agencies, group agencies, fit and group agencies, business agencies, wholesalers, luxury agencies, etc.

As we proceed in this article, we will be informed on what the benefits of a travel agency are, and the types of travel agency

Types Of Travel Agency

There are different types of travel agencies, depending on which one you feel comfortable and convenient with. This travel agency includes:

1. FIT Travel Agency

This is one of the types of travel agency we have. It means foreign independent travel. They offer their services online and offline all over the world.

2. Group Travel

This is also a travel agency that focuses on traveling in groups. It is very good and advisable for people who are traveling as a group in the sense that they can bulk buy such a package even before the day of their travel.

3. FIT And Group Travel Agency

This type of travel agency is a combination of both people going as individuals and people going in groups. One of the good things about fit and group travel agencies is that they have diverse travel services available for all kinds of people.

4. Business Travel Agency

This travel agency focuses on rendering their services to people going on a business trip. Their main responsibility is to arrange for the traveling activities of people on a business mission.

5. Wholesaler Travel Agency

This is another unique type of travel agency. This travel agency renders their products or services through other travel agencies. This wholesale travel agency is of different kinds, depending on how you want it.

6. B2C Travel Agency

This is more like a retail service because it offers services directly to consumers. This type of package is being rendered based on the way a client wants it in terms of distribution, location, and price.

7. Luxury

This travel agency specializes in offering packages like hotel reservations and exclusive destinations. They ensure all clients are comfortable with every package they offer them.

8. Leisure Travel Agency

This travel agency is offered to those who wish to have fun or relaxation out of their house. The travel agency ensures all the customers going on a relaxation trip engage in one activity or another so as to enable them to have a pleasant trip.

9. Physically Offline Travel Agency

This type of travel agency deals with attending to their customers physically. One of the benefits of a physically offline travel agency is that it gives special and adequate attention to their physical clients. It seems more people use the Internet to access this agency.

10. Physically + Online Travel Agency

These types of travel agencies are a combination of both physical and online. They engage more in online activities but still have an office where they can attend to customers physically.

11. Direct Travel Agency

This type of travel agency offers services directly to their customers. They look for customers themselves; it seems there are numerous competitive travel agencies around.

12. Specialist Travel Agency

This is another traveling agency. It is a travel agency that has its own area of interest based on what their clients want. Those specialized places are adventure travel, tourism, luxury trips, etc.

13. Incentive Travel Agency

This agency has to do with arranging and organizing travel trips for organizations that intend to reward their workers by registering them on a trip, which can encourage them to remain loyal and effective in their duties.

14. Destination Management Company

This type of agency has a wide and good experience in numerous locations near and far away. They ensure that all their customers are taken to their exact destination.

15. Medical Tourism Agency

This type of travel agency renders different services to clients for the purpose of seeking medical attention. They make arrangements for people who intend to take good care of their health outside the country, and accommodation is also arranged to maintain an easy travel process.

16. Consolatory Travel Agency

As the name implies, it considers the bills of their customers by allowing them to negotiate the price they can avoid. The good aspect about this travel agency is that they take the customers into consideration when evaluating the service rendered to them.

17. Tour Operator Agency

The word tour means a visitation of a different place for the purpose of having a pleasure time from one destination to another. This agency engages in different activities while traveling so as to satisfy their customers, like going on an excursion during a travel trip.

18. OTA

This is an online travel agency that offers different types of packages, such as ticket packages, tours, air tickets, car rentals, etc.

19. Regular Service

This type of agency offers products or services on a regular basis so as to render quality service to their customers. The rate at which a travel agency operates is more consistent or regular.

20. Student Travel Agency

This type of agency offers travel services to students. The focus of this travel agency is to allow or give students the opportunity to experience the world in a unique way.

Benefits of a travel agency

A travel agency has functions and satisfies us in diverse ways so as to ensure a palatable traveling process. More so, there are common benefits to a travel agency, which include:

1. Time-saving

This is one of the benefits of a travel agency. As you know, money is time, which must be utilized accurately. To complete a travel procedure on time, one needs to go through a travel agency.

2. Affordable

This is another benefit of a travel agency. They ensure that their prices are affordable and suitable for their customers. This benefit is offered to all their customers so as to encourage them to keep using the travel agency.

3. Effective

Effective is a benefit of a traveling agency in the sense that their services are always accessible. They make sure all their customers are attended to.

4. Reduces Psychological Stress

It reduces the stress of thinking about how to make your trip successful. Instead, all the thinking and arrangements are the responsibility of a travel agency so as to avoid or reduce any form of psychological stress.

5. Expertise

A travel agency is well-experienced and expert in what they do. Despite having a lot of services to render at a time, they still maintained the ability to actualize their goals. This is a result of being experts in what they do.

6. Convenience

Your convenience is a priority to any travel agency; therefore, feel relaxed and enjoy every bit of it.

7. Destination Knowledge

This is another benefit of a travel agency. They have a wide knowledge of different locations nearby and far away. Therefore, to get to your exact destination as you go on a trip through a travel agency, just rest assured that you are covered.

8. Adequate Resources

There are adequate resources available to make your trip worthwhile. This is a benefit you will enjoy when going on a trip through a travel agency.

9. Create Relationships

A travel agency creates a cordial relationship between them and their customers. They also ensure that customers create a good relationship while going on a trip together.

10. Adequate Attention

The travel agency gives adequate attention to the needs of their customers. The level at which end clients are attended to is totally different from going on a trip through a body that is not a travel agency.

11. Problem Solving

As a travel agent, you are expected to be a solution to problems when any of them arise. To become a problem solver as an agent, you have to be able to think quickly about what to do so as to solve any problem associated with moving from one destination to another.

12. Plan Trips For Their Client

Another benefit of a travel agency is that they help in planning their client’s trip, which includes arranging means of transportation for their client, ensuring a suitable and convenient place to lodge their client, and setting up different activities to keep clients busy and help them have fun throughout their trips.

13. Guide Their Client

This is also a benefit of a travel agent. They guide their client on the decision to take regarding their travel plan. More so, they advise new clients on the necessary documents they are expected to have, like their passport, visa, vaccination, insurance, etc.

Final Word

Traveling around the world is one of the best things that can happen to you because it brings about exposure. To get into this life of traveling around, you need to choose your own type of travel agency, depending on the type of trip you want to embark on. For an accurate choice of a traveling agency, you need to read it all over again.



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