Unaccompanied Minor on United Airlines


You may be in a different location, or your kids want to visit grandma for holidays or even come back. United Airlines understands that you may not be available to travel with your kids all the time.

That’s why they have special services for unaccompanied minors on United Airlines.

The truth is that letting your kids travel alone may look scary, but with unaccompanied minors on United Airlines, you don’t have to be worried.

In this article, we discuss unaccompanied minors on United Airlines and everything you need to know about this special service.

About the Unaccompanied Minor on United Airlines

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Unaccompanied minors are kids within the range of 5 to 14 years old, while there are also special considerations for kids between 15 and 17 who may be traveling alone.

The only thing you need to do as a parent or guardian is buy the tickets and bring them to the airport. United Airlines will take care of guiding them, making sure they are comfortable, and arriving at their destination.

How to Book Unaccompanied Minor tickets on United Airline

Below are some of the important steps to take in preparing your child for this solo trip. Make sure you follow step by step and do not miss out on anything.

1. Buy the tickets

The very first step you need to take is to buy the tickets. You can buy an unaccompanied minor ticket on United.com. Be sure to select the appropriate age range for your kid because it is very important to determine the level of service.

2. Share contact information

When booking the ticket, it is mandated that you call United Airlines and inform them of who is going to accompany the kid to the airport and who is going to fetch them at the airport when they reach their destination.

You can also make changes to this in case something comes up and another person will be accompanying them to the airport, and the new person will fetch them at the airport when they reach the destination.

3. They will pick a seat for your ward

You must book an unaccompanied minor ticket at least 72 hours before the departure date. Why? For your kids’ well-being on the plane and after, of course.

By doing so on time, they can help pick seats for your kids and make other preparations necessary.

Smart Travel Tip You Should Take Note

  • Whether your kids are flying alone for the first time or they have flown alone before, there are a few smart tips to make sure they’re well prepared.
  • Write down any address or phone number they may need, including yours and that of the adult coming to meet them on the other end of their flight.
  • Ensure your kids know to wait on the plane for a United agent to come pick them up.
  • If your kids have a mobile phone or tablet, ensure it is fully charged because it is possible there aren’t any charging outlets near where they are sitting.
  • For international flights, they will have to fill out a form before they go through customs. The form will be handed out during their flight, so pen down the details they may need.

At the airport

Checking in

United Airlines makes sure your kids are attended to at the terminal as fast as possible, ensures all contact information is correct, and gives them an elaborate and special wristband for their travel documents.

Security checks

For travels around the United States, you are given a secure pass and allowed to go with them to the departure gate. For international travel, an agent will come pick them up at the ticket counter.

On the plane

Whether you get a security pass or not, be sure to stay until their plane leaves. Kids are allowed to get onboard first, meet the pilot, and know where they are seated.

On the Plane

Checking up

While on United Airlines, the flights will check on your kid from time to time until they reach their location. Also, tell your kid beforehand to always call the attention of the attendants whenever they need something. They are just a call away.


United Airlines only provides one free snack; make sure to pack enough for your kids to eat while onboard.


United Airlines entertains both kids and adult passengers; what your kids will watch differs from what the other passengers onboard will watch. There are also lots of free kid shows your kid can watch on the United Airlines app.

At arrival

When the plane arrives at the airport, they will have to remain on the plane and wait for an agent to come pick them up and bring them to whoever is going to pick them up, either you or another person. It also depends on if they are flying locally or internationally.

For domestic flights

You have to get a security pass at the terminal if you want to pick them up at the gate, so they won’t have to go through customs.

For international flights

They will have to go through customs; once they are done, you can meet them at the arrival gate to pick them up. To pick them up, you are required to show your ID, sign, and fill out a release form.

How much does an unaccompanied minor on United Airlines cost?

The airfare for unaccompanied minors on United Airlines depends on the number of kids you are booking.

  • 1 kid, $150
  • 2 kids: $300
  • 3 kids: $450
  • 4 kids: $600
  • 6 kids: $900

Bottom line

With unaccompanied minors on United Airlines service, you don’t have to worry much about your kids traveling alone.

The airline understands that situations may arise where you are not available to travel with them every time.

Not only do they care for your kids on the plane, but also after reaching their destination, they ensure they are picked up by the right person as permitted by you.

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