9 Prominent US Nursing Travel Agencies


Explaining the given nursing shortage solution, it can be said that the US nursing industry is churning out competent as well as experienced nurses for healthcare facilities. This is particularly the case in the evolving health environment, where nursing is a vital arm in the healthcare system of the United States.

US nursing travel agencies supply the required workforce to health care organizations and can swap their workforce as frequently as the organization may require. It assists in the protection of patients and workers, handling the volume of unanticipated patients, vacancies and expression care patients.

This growing industry is becoming an area of concern for many health care facilities that have a strategic plan of developing a pool of well qualified registered nurses.

Our Top Picks of US Nursing Travel Agencies

The nurses practice at different nursing skills and in different areas of practice. The travel nurse agency can be chosen starting from the list of priorities, which can include the preferred location, reasonable pay or the position that the person wants to fill.

Nursing travel agencies offer temporary nursing staffing solutions for health care organizations in the US. They assist in sourcing qualified nurses for hospitals and clinics that may sometimes have deficits in their quotas for nursing staff. Here’s a list of our top picks:

1. American Mobile Healthcare

American Mobile Healthcare is one of the best-established travel nursing companies in the US. They particularly focus on the posting of travel nurses who provide healthcare services for some time in the US.

They are suitable for taking up short-term engagements that can be full-time, part-time or on-call engagements, as well as other conditions like licensing, travels and other paraphernalia.

AMH has aligned itself with many hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities across the US today. They assist them in gaining access to various categories of jobs available in the market.

It also has an effectively profiled and objective-oriented resume base which contains all the necessary information about the vacancies. Of these databases, some are available to recruiters, while in other instances, the nurses have web-based access to them.

The agency has employment opportunities for different positions in the job market, competitive wages which may be equal to or even better than what other agencies provide, health insurance, pension plans and house rents.

2. Aya Healthcare

Aya Healthcare is a healthcare staffing company in the United States with over 1,500 clients in healthcare facilities. The organization employs nurses and allied health staff within the country and from other countries to work through travel nursing or on a per diem basis.

Permanent nursing positions and per diem are lodged and meals and other expenses are over and above the norm throughout the US. On their website, they have information on their pay, which states that Aya Healthcare gives travel nurses an average of $2,100 weekly or as high as $3,000 per week in some instances.

Another great advantage of using a particular company like Aya is sick pay during an assignment. This type of accommodation is not really common, and this agency has it in case you fall sick. They also offer their Travel Nurses national contract, health insurance, housing, payment for overtime, and incentives.

3. Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA)

Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) is one of the leading travel nursing corporations through which travel RNs are hired for assignments throughout the various states in the US. This company provides a plethora of benefits, such as day-one health insurance and 401(k) matching, among other professions, including support from professional recruiters.

When the members of TNAA prefer to work as travel nurses, they are aided by the organization to find housing options, book flights, complete paperwork and provide other related services. Due to differences in environments, offers and schedules, this may be a plus among nurses, as are traveling opportunities and good pay.

4. Cross Country Nurses

Cross Country Nurse is an online company that is all about temporary and travel nursing employment for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Services provided include travel nursing assignments, per-diem shifts, and permanent placement.

They also give their employees an opportunity to earn competitive wages and attractive packages on health hazards, retirement schemes, and travel allowances, besides other packages they offer to their employees.

Cross Country Nurses contribute to improving the overall health of both patients and nurses, as well as connecting healthcare institutions in need of staff and employees.

5. FlexCare Medical Staffing

FlexCare Medical Staffing is recognized for its high satisfaction ratings and streamlined recruitment process. FlexCare specializes in providing temporary and travel nursing assignments that match nurses’ skills and preferences across the US, including registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

The agency offers a single point of contact for nurses, simplifying communication and support throughout the assignment.

Their services include various assignment lengths and comprehensive support throughout the placement process, including licensing assistance and benefit administration.

It provides competitive benefits such as pay rates, health insurance, and retirement plans, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for healthcare professionals.

6. RN Network

One of the leading travel nursing companies, RN Network, presents itself as a reliable employer, providing a highly flexible compensation plan targeted at the peculiarities of travel nurses’ occupation.

This agency was also established under the main policy of custom service. Actually, it belongs to the CHG Healthcare company and the latter is one of the biggest temporary staffing services in the USA.

Thus, RNnetwork can be considered a prominent travel nursing company as it offers private and furnished housing for each of the 13-week assignments all over the USA, together with tax-free compensation packages, stipends and bonuses for the nurses.

Their objectives focus on eliminating issues starting from accommodation, reimbursement for travel, license support and benefit programs. A significant focus on free, private hostel accommodation differentiates them.

7. Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing, a travel nursing company based in the US, provides employees with taxable and tax-free packages such as hourly wages, housing meal allowances,  other stipends, and completion bonuses as per their 13-week assignments with any specialty.

They have policies on ensuring full accommodations for their nurses by offering private, company-owned accommodations for the nurses on a contract basis. This benefit—free, furnished housing—is actually often worth a lot. Moreover, it offers health insurance, 401(k) plans, and help with license renewals, travel expenses for Triage, and CEU classes for free. Implemented by ensuring accommodation and other aspects, they believe that the traveling process is easy for their nurses.

8. Fastaff Travel Nursing

As one of the industry leaders for travel nurses, Fastaff Travel Nursing  is also highly recognized for providing travel nurses with the highest pay in Rapid Response® positions to increase nurses’ value and get compensated adequately for their services.

These positions require nurses to start as early as ten days from the day when the assignment was posted, have flexible-length assignments lasting at least two weeks, and work 48 hours a week with overtime included.

On their official website, Fastaff Travel Nursing boasts an average salary of $2400 weekly for travel nurses, though some jobs offer up to $5000 weekly. It goes further by offering private company housing or full stipends for housing for each completed 13-week assignment. This helps in avoiding the management of temporary accommodation. They also offer complete benefits, including health insurance, 401(k), license aid, travel expenses, and CEUs, for free.

9. GIFTED Healthcare

So, GIFTED Healthcare is a travel nurse agency with attractive pay that provides numerous benefits to its nurses. GIFTED Healthcare affirms on their website that they are willing to pay their nurses up to $2,500 each week.

It is, however, noteworthy that what makes Gifted stand out is that they have specific segments that are assigned to work on the recruitment of nurses, offering them contracts that would be suitable to their preferences and desired career paths. They focus on timely placement, being one call or click away, and personalizing a travel nurse’s journey at every stage.

Contacting a US Nursing Travel Agency

Nurses seeking travel assignments can find a suitable nursing travel agency through their online presence, referrals, career fairs and direct contact.

  • Online presence allows nurses to search for agencies, explore positions, and apply.
  • Recommendations from experienced travel nurses can also be helpful.
  • Career fairs and recruitment events provide exposure to agencies and opportunities for interviews.
  • Direct contact allows nurses to communicate with agencies directly, allowing for personalized communication and understanding of their needs.

Tips for working with US Nursing Travel Agencies

To succeed as a travel nurse, read reviews, understand the credentialing process, review contract terms, build relationships, be flexible, maintain open communication, keep nursing licenses up-to-date, network, manage finances wisely and embrace the adventure of travel nursing assignments.


US nursing travel agencies are vital in the US healthcare system, providing temporary staffing and employment opportunities for nurses. They help address the nursing shortage and economic constraints while also offering a platform for nurses to gain experience in other cities. These agencies advocate for nurse rights and provide a safe and enjoyable work experience.

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