12 Best Travel Agency for US Tourist Visa


Do you fancy yourself visiting the beautiful cities, natural sceneries and culturally rich regions of the United States of America? Traveling to the US is always an exciting idea for most people but this is usually accompanied with the challenge of getting a tourist visa.

What makes traveling and adventures fun is the ability to capture moments and events worth remembering and cherishing. Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a casual, happy-snaps tourist, travel agencies can be of help in capturing the essence of your adventures. With the help and advice of travel agencies for a US tourist visa, you can fulfill all your travel fantasies to the United States.

Travel Agency for US Tourist Visa

1. TravelDocs (Travisa Visa Service)

TravelDocs, which is also recognized as Travisa Visa Service Agency, is one of the leading agencies for US tourist visas and passports. The services they provide include an array of guidelines which help ease the process of applying for a visa.

TravelDocs is a company that offers complete services on the process of getting a US tourist visa, starting with the preparation of the documents, booking of the appointment and intensive preparation for the interview.

They help applicants go through each of them and check that all the papers are properly completed and filed. Intimate knowledge of the visa requirements by the agency and corresponding liaisons with the consulates and embassies make the application process easier.

Website: https://www.traveldocs.com/

Phone: +1 202-638-3800

Email: info@traveldocs.com

2. VisaHQ

VisaHQ is also another reputed agency that offers efficient visa processing services among travelers. They serve clients who are tourists, businesspersons, students and working people who need an easy way to get a US tourist visa.

The essential features of VisaHQ include document checklists and submission, as well as tracking of applications and consultation. They give clients an overview of the state of the application and confirm that all the documents are in order, severing the consulate. They provide easy means through their online platform whereby applicants can keep track of their visa status and easily contact their customer service.

Website: https://www.visahq.com/

Phone: +1 800-345-6541

Email: usa@visahq.com

3. CIBTvisas

CIBTvisas is well-known for its specialized knowledge of visa and passport services; this company provides services with the aim of satisfying the general needs of travelers. It helps clients with the preparation of the documents, the booking of appointments for interviews and guiding them through the process of getting a tourist visa to the USA.

They offer clear guidelines & assistance on any rules that have to be followed pertaining to visas. It allows minimizing the probability of negative outcomes, such as application rejection or prolonged preparation.

Website: https://cibtvisas.com/

Phone: +1 800-929-2428

Email: info@cibtvisas.com

4. TDS (Travel Document Systems)

The logistic travel solution company Travel Document Systems (TDS) provides trustworthy visa and passport services and assists people in obtaining a US tourist visa.

TDS offers its services in the form of helping with visa fees, legalization of documents, booking and express service. They perform services that meet individual requirements to offer proper and comprehensive documentation. Some of the services that this processing company offers are especially suitable for people who have limited time on their hands, such as travelers.

Website: https://www.traveldocs.com/

Phone: +1 202-638-3800

Email: info@traveldocs.com

5. Allied Passport & Visa

This service provider is a well-established agency called Allied Passport & Visa, which is appreciated for commitment to quality of services. Their list of services include visa and passport services such as visa support and productions, appointments and reservations, and fast-track services with the agency. They make sure that all the necessary documents are completed in the required format, which meets the consular procedural format.

Allied Passport & Visa is a reliable company which offers their services in a timely manner, which is why more people book trips with them.

Website: https://alliedpassport.com/

Phone: +1 202-223-8822

Email: info@alliedpassport.com

6. G3 Global Services

G3 is a leading company in visa and passport services which offers end-to-end solutions to its clients traveling globally. With G3, you can enjoy visa & passport services, document review services, fast-track services & Visa Consulting. When it comes to advisories, they assist in the disbursement of advice to ensure that every application is properly done and meets all the relevant qualifications.

With their focus on customer satisfaction and streamlined procedures, the agency contributes greatly in reducing stress as far as visa applications are concerned.

Website: G3 Global Services

Phone: +1 888-883-8472

Email: info@g3visas.com

7. Expedited Travel

What sets Expedited Travel apart is fast visa processing for people who require urgent help, in express mode, as it is. Some of the services that can be provided include fast-tracking for visas, physical assistance in compiling necessary documents, booking for appointments and accompanying visa applicants through the visa application process.

One of the special features of the service is their fast processing of visas, which may be needed by people who need to travel abroad urgently due to work or other reasons.

Website: https://www.expeditedtravel.com/

Phone: +1 866-218-9820

Email: info@expeditedtravel.com

8. Passport Visas Express

Passport Visas Express is a company that deals in visa services for different countries and the services offered include rush visa services for U.S. They are involved in reviewing the documents as well as booking appointments in their offices and providing detailed information on the visa procedures.

With their practical experience and customer-oriented attitude, they help to avoid a great many problems when applying for a visa.


Phone: +1 888-596-6028

Email: support@passportvisasexpress.com

9. Swift Passport Services

A trusted agency named Swift Passport Services provides fast passports, without or with visas, depending on necessity, with an important emphasis on convenience. They deal with US tourist visas, offering services such as visa consultation & documentary services, as well as visa processing and interview services.

The ease of use of their online visa services and the professional attitude of the staff make the process very simple and convenient.

Website: https://www.swiftpassportservices.com/

Phone: +1 877-917-9438

Email: info@swiftpassportservices.com

10. Travisa

Travisa is another company with widespread experience in dealing with visa and passport-related services, particularly tourist visas to the US. It provides complete visa processing services, which include document collection and submission services, appointment bookings and interview preparation.

Leveraging on their networks of consulates and embassies, coupled with very strict understanding of the visa requirements, they guarantee efficient processing of the same.

Website: https://www.travisa.com/

Phone: +1 877-876-3266

Email: info@travisa.com

11. RapidVisa

RapidVisa is loaded with a friendly platform for travelers who need a visa to the US and is highly invested in visa services.

There are online services from RapidVisa for document preparation, submission, appointment booking and a clear briefing on how the visa application process will be.

Savings in customer support and application keeping In their online system, it is possible for applicants to view the status of the application and access customer support.

Website: https://rapidvisa.com/

Phone: +1 800-872-1458

Email: help@rapidvisa.com

12. Visa Place

This organization deals mainly with visa and immigration services, which include offering tourists’ visa services to individuals who wish to visit the USA. They help them with information and services regarding visa assistance, like Visa Document Review, Visa Document Submission, Visa Appointment Booking and Visa Interview Preparation.

This gives them a higher degree of success rate than their counterparts regarding visa applications since they work with well-experienced staff and follow well-defined procedures.

Website: https://www.visaplace.com/

Phone: +1 888-523-8472

Email: info@visaplace.com

Tips for a Smooth US Tourist Visa Application Process

For a seamless and successful visa application process, applicants should consider the following tips:

1. Start Early

Commence the visa application process early, as it might take several weeks, months or even two months to accomplish all the steps involved.

2. Be Honest and Truthful

Honesty and truthfulness are of paramount importance at every step of the visa process, from the beginning to the end, and misreporting or omission of facts can result in a visa denial or future inadmissibility.

3. Gather Comprehensive Documentation

Collect all needed documents and make sure they are correct, genuine, and translated (if necessary) properly.

4. Demonstrate Strong Ties

Let’s highlight your close relationship with your home country by showing that you have employment, property ownership, family commitments or other responsibilities that will drive you to come back home after visiting.

5. Prepare for the Interview

Prepare yourself to ask specific questions that the consular officers may ask you and explain what you propose to do there in the US.

6. Follow Instructions Carefully

Following all the directions from the US embassy or consulate, together with guidance from your travel agency, is crucial.


To apply for a US tourist visa, one has to undergo various formalities, which might take a long time. Though applicants may find it complicated and challenging to approach it on their own, with the help of professional travel agencies, it will not be a problem. Some of the companies include Travisa, G3 Visas & Passports, RapidVisa, US Visa Solutions, Fastport Passport, Travel Document Express, Visa Place, Rapid Visa and Travisa, which provide a general range of services that can be essential to assist the applicants in every step they take towards obtaining their visas.

Through faster service, clear documentation, or individual support, these travel agencies for US tourist visas are highly helpful in ensuring overseas trips and easing the visa-giving procedures. Therefore, it will be ‘a journey to dreamland.

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